Should I Put Glass Over My Wood Dining Table?

Should I Put Glass Over My Wood Dining Table?

Many people place a thick sheet of glass over the surface of their wooden dining table to make it attractive. Glass tops increase the durability of the wooden table by protecting it from damage.

Should I Put Glass Over My Wood Dining Table? You can put the glass over the wood dining table to protect it from water or heat damage, make cleanliness easy, enhance the decoration, and easily maintain the surface. It is beneficial because it protects against staining, fire hazards, and wood warping and resists UV lights.

Measure the size of the tempered glass while adding them to the table. The extended sides cause an issue in walking and also cause injury.

Protect from water damage

Water spillages are common on wooden dining tables, which can ruin their texture. The water entraps in the inner side and produces white color spots.

These spots give a cloudy white appearance to your table because of entrapped moisture. You can see the tiny bubbles on the top surface.

The cloudiness comes on the top when you place something really cold directly on the table. The water seeps into the inner layer and causes swelling.

These marks also come when you do not clean the water after its spillage. This is because the top surface absorbs moisture when you do not clean them quickly.

Using thick glass over these tables protects from water-related damages and cloudy white spots that are hard to remove.

Reduce heat marks

Heat marks on the surface of the wooden tables also come in the form of cloudy white spots. The white heat marks come due to the expansion of pores.

The pores expand when you put hot things on their surface, and the moisture or steam penetrates their inner side and leaves white spots.

The issue comes when you directly serve the hot food from the kitchen. The direct placement of hot pans and foodstuff causes this problem.

You can use the iron or hair dryer to absorb the penetrated moisture. In addition, using a thick glass top reduces direct exposure to hot food on the table.

Easy to clean

The use of glass sheets over the wooden table makes cleaning easy. In addition, it reduces the cleaning effort and time that you need for this purpose.

The cleaning becomes easy due to its smooth and plain texture. Therefore, you do not need any harsh cleaners for their cleaning purpose.

Moreover, you can simply wipe off the spillage using a dry cloth. You can use any type of cloth for their cleaning without having scratches on the surface.

The germs are also easy to remove from these surfaces because they are non-porous. However, you cannot completely clean the wooden tables because bacteria penetrate their porous material.

Enhance decoration

Many people place the glass over the wooden dining table to increase the room’s beauty. It becomes the center of attraction in the interior because of its unique design.

Moreover, it gives a sense of illusion and makes the room look bigger than its original size. It reflects the light when you turn on the lamp or light in the room.

The reflection of light from their surface creates the illusion and makes them look bigger. In addition, it can make the dining area more prominent because of the shiny material.

In addition, it also makes the base prominent to grab the attention of the guests.

Prevent scratches

Wood is a soft and porous material susceptible to scratches when harsh objects come in contact with their surfaces.

You can see the scratched area because of the unfinished surface from the inner side. The scratches come when you move the hard utensils on their surface.

Scratches also come due to the furniture aging when it becomes old and less durable. You can prevent scratches and hide the preexisting markings by using colored glass over the table.

Transparent ones do not hide the preexisting lines but make them more prominent.

Less maintenance

The glass-covered wooden tables need less maintenance because their shine cannot get dull or fade. Instead, these always become new and fresh because of their durable material.

The wooden surface needs regular maintenance and finishing to keep its original look and protect them from fading.

You do not have to spend extra money to refinish its surface. However, refinishing is a time-consuming and costly procedure because you also have to coat the paint again.

You can only make the glass look new by cleaning it with alcohol swabs or wet newspaper.

Prevent staining

The stain on the wooden material comes easily when these are exposed to food materials or liquid beverages.

The stains of tea and coffee also become prominent, and you can only remove them by repainting the surface.

These stains look bad and embrace you in front of guests because of poor cleaning practices.

Oil stains are also hard to remove because of their grease nature that penetrates the inner layer. However, you can prevent oil-based spots with these glass sheets.

Resist UV lights

The wooden dining table becomes dull regarding exposure to UV radiation. This is because the UV radiation comes in contact with their surface when these are present in the open area.

Sunlight from the windows comes on their top surface, making them dull and old. You can resist UV radiation exposure by putting on a glass sheet.

The wooden material is highly photosensitive, and long-term exposure to UV lights makes them dull and causes irreversible changes in its original shade.

UV lights damage the varnish and make it look old and less attractive.

Protection from fire hazards

Wooden material is highly exposed to fire-related hazards and causes irreversible damage. Therefore, it is hazardous to put heaters near this furniture.

These can easily catch fire due to heat and the presence of cellulose in them. The fire becomes drastic and damages the other furniture in the nearby location.

Many people also become worried when they put a candle on these tables because a little spark can cause a fire explosion.

You can reduce fire-related hazards by protecting its surface with a glass top. The table top cannot catch fire due to the placement of candles or lights when these are covered with glass material.

The wax of the candles is easy to clean from the glass material because of its smooth and brittle texture.

Reduces cracking and warping of wood

The cracking and warping issue in wooden dining tables comes from changes in shape. The difference in shape occurs due to fluctuations in temperature.

Exposure to a humid environment causes their expansion and cracks. Moreover, the seasonal changes increase the moisture in the room and lead to warping issues.

The swollen parts do not look good, and it is also challenging for you to put things on them. In addition, wood loses its original shape and texture because of warping.

Expansion is common in winter seasons because of low temperatures and humid conditions. You can put the glass sheet on the top to prevent the surface from weather-related changes.

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