Is Tempered Glass Good For Dining Table?

Is Tempered Glass Good For Dining Table?

Tables are the focal point in the house; I am using a tempered glass dining table to add a minimalistic appearance.

Is Tempered Glass Good For Dining Table? Tempered glass is good for the dining table because it is thick and strong, looks modern and stylish, can resist heat and water, is easy to clean, is available in various colors and shapes, and is shatter-proof. Some people avoid having this glass top because it is expensive, requires more maintenance, is less sturdy than wood, and requires beautiful flooring.

Tempered glass is used for dining and coffee tables because of its unique and attractive look. In addition, these glass furniture items can match other furniture in this place, adding a bright and clear vision. 

Why is tempered glass good for a dining table?

Tempered glass is suitable for dining tables because of the following properties.

Thick and strong

A thick and strong glass object can last longer and support heavy objects placed on its surface. Tempered glass is available in variable thicknesses, and you can select it depending on the base and size of the table. I have added glass to my wooden table.

For example, you can select a thickness of 3/16 inches if you want to cover the top with a protective glass layer. The thickness of ½ and 3/8 inch is perfect for dining tables with stands or pedestal design because they are more durable, can bear heavy objects, and looks attractive.

People opt for a thickness of ¼ inch if they have small tables 24-25 inches in diameter. The thick glass can allow more support to the top, and you can place heavyweight utensils on the top without worrying about damage.

Look modern and stylish

They look more modern and stylish than traditional wooden tables because of their sleek and luxurious appearance. They add more beauty to the house decoration and reflect the new fashion sense.

They add brightness and a lighter vibe to the room because of the transparent surface. For example, you can add tempered glass dining tables for small spaces because it makes the place look brighter.

It will highlight the base material, such as the wooden or metal pedestal stand and enhance the décor. In addition, you can select a matching chair with this dining table to increase the beauty of this place and add a sense of coordination. 

Heat and water-resistant

Tempered glass is heat and water-resistant, as it does not allow heat to penetrate and cause cracks on the surface. You can place the hot food utensils on the top without worrying about the stains on their surface.

The wooden surfaces can get stains from the hot utensils and look unpleasing. Therefore, tempered glass is the best option for dining tables.

Wood can get warp if you accidentally drop water on it, as it can absorb the water or any liquid product spilled on its surface. However, the glass tables are not prone to water damage, as they do not allow water to penetrate, and you can clean them with a cloth.

It is better to get these dining tables if you have large family members in the house, and they can accidentally spill water on their surfaces. The chances of mold accumulation are less than the wooden tables due to water and dust grime on their surface.

Easy to clean

They are easy to clean; I usually use a liquid cleaner on their surface to remove the food and oil stains, as the cleaner will not penetrate the glass surface.

Removing the oil, coffee, and ketchup stains from the wooden surfaces becomes difficult, and they look old over time.

You can use ordinary dishwashing soap to clean it, as the surface is a string and o not damaged with mild cleaners. However, cleaning it regularly after every meal is better to keep it new and the surface shiny.

Less prone to scratches

They do not scratch easily but need special care to keep them away from harsh cleaning materials and maintain the gloss with time. The heating and annealing process makes the surface strong and resistant to marks and scratches.

You can put placemats on its surface to prevent scratches. Although they are scratch-resistant, but are not scratch-proof, as the use of ammonia cleaners can affect the polished surface.

Standard glass can get scratched if you slide a sharp object on its surface, while tempered glass is not affected by a sharp object on its surface. Therefore, I have selected this material for my dining table because kids often slide plates and spoons on it.

Variety of colors and shapes

You can select round, rectangular, and square shapes with different light color shades for the dining table. Make sure to choose the shape that can accommodate your place.

Different base materials are also available that go well with the glass tops. In addition, you can choose various designs for the base that can enhance its overall appearance. 


The tempered glass dining tables are shatter-proof as they do not break into small pieces like the traditional annealed glass.

They are less prone to breakage and less harmful if you accidentally drop something heavy on their surface. They are three to six times stronger than the traditional annealed glasses and do not shatter into small pieces.

People opt to put these tabletops in their dining rooms because they are less likely to provide harm the kids and other family members. In addition, the high-temperature tempering makes it less prone to breakage and shattering into small pieces.

Why do some people avoid having tempered glass dining tables?

Tempered glass dining tables are a good choice, but some people do not like them in their houses for different reasons. They are more expensive because of the high-quality manufacturing and the material used in the formation.

The manufacturing process takes more time and hard work than other materials, which causes an increase in their prices. In addition, the thermally and chemically formulated high-quality design makes it less susceptible to breakage and more expensive.

They are less prone to scratches and breakage but are not sturdy as wood. No matter how strong tempered glass is, it will remain glass, which can break soon compared to wood.

Therefore, people opt for wooden tables because they can last many years if maintained properly. In addition, the transparent surface of tempered glass requires attractive flooring because the floor will be visible from the transparent glass surface.

It is better to go with other materials if you do not have attractive flooring under the table or matching chairs to have coordination.

Some people do not want to place tempered glass if kids are in the house because they can hit their heads on the edges. Moreover, there is always a risk of breakage, as glass materials are not rigid like wood. 

Glass is more prone to fingerprints, and the food crumbs are more visible on its surface. Therefore, they need more maintenance and regular cleaning.

Things to consider when selecting tempered glass dining tables

They are available in various sizes; therefore, it is essential to go with the size, shape, and design that matches the interior. 

Some people like transitional and rustic designs, while others like retro.

Some glasses come with a polished layer and glossy texture to add shine to the surface.

Select the polished and high-quality material which is less prone to damage. Check the weight and size of the base before selecting the glass size. 

The weight and size of the base should match the weight and size of the tabletop because a heavy top will be less flexible and difficult to adjust on the base. The light base cannot support the heavy top, and the chances of damage to the glass increase. 

Check your budget before selecting the material for the dining table. The expensive material can disturb your monthly budget, and you may regret investing all your money in a single furniture item.

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