Should Curtains Cover The Whole Wall?

Should Curtains Cover The Whole Wall?

Curtains are an essential part of a room to fill colors and give privacy to homeowners. They play a significant role in providing the place with decorative enhancement.

Should Curtains Cover The Whole Wall? Curtains should cover the whole wall to hide the ugly marks and give the illusion of a wider window. Furthermore, they look aesthetically pleasing and protect you from weather changes.

It is better to measure the width you want to keep for curtains. In addition, the aesthetics depend on the choice of colors and fabric. 

Why should curtains cover the whole wall?

The curtains were used to cover the window so that people could have some privacy from their surroundings. It is because people are eager to peek through the windows into the houses. 

Moreover, they have also become a part of the decoration and are not only limited to practical uses. 

To cover the ugly marks

It is also essential to know that you can use them in places other than windows. For example, you can use them as a room divider and cover the wardrobes. 

In addition, you can cover the whole wall with them if there are some ugly marks on your wall. The marks you are embarrassed to show, and you cannot afford to hide them with paint immediately.

However, you will not need to fix the ugly marks if you have curtains to cover them up, and it will look better than spending money to hide them.

It is normal to have walls with ugly marks, especially if there are kids with colored pencils in their hands. They see the wall as their canvas and can do whatever they want.

Furthermore, the water can make its way into the walls of our house and causes the walls to crack and shed paint.

The drapes are a smart and convenient way to hide the marks which can affect the look of your room.

The illusion of a wider window 

The curtains wider the windows give the illusion of a wider wall and thus make the room big. 

In addition, you can apply a similar technique by installing longer drapes than the actual length to give the appearance of a tall ceiling.

However, you can apply this technique to cover the wall areas on either side of the windows to make them look wider.

You should choose this option if your room is small, and you want to have more drapes to cover the wall of your room.

Moreover, it also helps to control the unnecessary light coming into the room from the window. 

In addition, it helps you to sleep well because the drapes will not move on their own and give any space for light to come.

Aesthetically pleasing

They can look aesthetically pleasing as they add style to a place. Their rich colors and fabric can uplift the décor of a room instantly. 

Moreover, you can hang curtains wider than the window to increase the amount of that color in your room. Sometimes, the plain white walls make the room look dull and lifeless.

In addition, you can avoid that dullness with the help of the drapes, which will work as a painted wall when they cover it whole.

Furthermore, you can change them whenever you want to have a change of colors in your room. Finally, it is affordable as you do not have to spend money and do hard work on the painting.

It is also exciting to change your room’s decor and style whenever you desire.

Prevent weather changes

The curtains help protect us from weather changes. There is no need to worry, as you cover the windows with them in cold and breezy weather. 

Furthermore, you can also utilize them to cover the windows in extremely hot and warm weather. They have become an essential item in a house.

Sometimes, drapes are equal in width to windows, and the light finds its way through the sides.

In addition, the cold wind can enter your house in freezing and breezy weather.

Moreover, it is beneficial if the window has holes in its glass for the cold wind to come inside.

They will help you by covering the wall as the wind will not find any way to come inside and make you feel cold.

How to cover the whole wall with curtains?

The rods of the curtains should be at least 2 to 4 inches wider than the frame of the window. This is the minimum requirement, but you can also increase the width to five inches. 

In addition, it is a required standard for their installation as they should cover the window frame adequately.

Furthermore, you can increase the width as much as you want according to your need. There is no need to use the same colored curtain for the whole wall.

You can use a combination of colors to enhance the style and add aesthetics to the place. You can go for the accent colors already present in your room and match the drapes with them.

Moreover, you can have printed curtains to add more drama and patterns to your room. The prints and patterns will look balanced in a plain-looking room.

This can act as your savior to hide the ugly marks on the wall and add beauty to the room.

In addition, you can install different types and colors of new rods if you cannot find the same ones as the old ones.

You should not hesitate to experience new ways to style and décor your home.

Things to consider when covering the whole wall with curtains

Do not use curtains that are either higher than the floor or lying on the floor instead of touching it. 

Curtains should touch the floor to give a fuller and appropriately balanced appearance. However, they should not cover the sill of the window if there are short drapes for short windows.

You should use two sets of curtains which can be different in color and fabric. It is essential to add balance, so the room does not have a monotonous look.

Moreover, you can use sheer fabric with heavy drapes for style and decorative purposes for covering the whole wall.

You should use one light or one dark color as the combination, or you can use neutral shades as you prefer.

It is better to avoid weird colors, which can affect the look of your place. 

You should consider that the fabric is going to be in large amounts and will have a significant contribution in the aspect of color.

Choose the color which soothes and calms your mind and eyes. They should be loud and make your room feel crowded and dark.

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