Best Sofa Material For Hot Weather

Best Sofa Material For Hot Weather

The sofas are used more than other furniture in the house. This is because kids spend most of their time on them and sometimes sleep on them.

Best Sofa Material for hot weather includes leather, cotton, linen, and rayon. Moreover, you can go for polyester, silk, velvet, and suede sofas to avoid heat and sweat.

However, you must take care of them to prevent them from heating up. Put them away from the sunlight as the heat from the sun can cause them to become warm.


There are some misunderstandings about leather in terms of providing comfort in hot weather. But it is not the case, and the fact is the opposite.

In addition, leather is a type of sofa covering which porous. Moreover, it is breathable as the source of it is animals, and they can adapt according to the weather around them.

Leather reflects the opposite of what it gets. It is better to warm you in cold temperatures and cool you in hot weather.

Moreover, there is a common myth that leather promotes sweating, but the truth is you are already sweating due to hot weather, or your body is warmed up if you are coming from the walk.

Furthermore, leather is shiny and soft, which gives a sense of comfort. However, you should avoid putting it in direct sunlight or in front of the windows.

It is for the sofas, which are made up of faux leather. Many people have this misconception of leather warming up because of the car seats.

The cars have faux leather seats as people park them in open spaces. 


Cotton is a fabric you use for your clothing as well. Imagine the comfort you get when you wear it, and your skin breathes as air passes through this fabric on a breezy summer day.

Moreover, it is considered a better choice of fabric for hot weather. Therefore, you should go for it if you live in a place where summers are the longest season of the year.

In addition, cotton is a durable and breathable fabric. It depends on the type of weaving because it has a role to play in the aspect of comfort in the summer.

However, mostly cotton material sofas are weaved tightly and are dense. Therefore, it can loosen up with time and more usage.

The loose weaving allows the air to pass through it and makes it breathable. As a result, you will not feel the heat coming from it when you sit and lie on it.

You can trust it to provide you comfort and cooling during hot weather. Furthermore, you will not feel it rough on your skin because our body cannot withstand rough and itchy surfaces.


Linen is the most durable fabric you can ever choose for your sofa. In addition, it is quite a breathable fabric as it is also used in clothing as cotton.

Furthermore, its touch is soft, and it feels good on the skin of our body. You can spend money on it if your only purpose is to avoid sweating and heating when you sit on the sofa.

In addition, it is a less expensive fabric for a sofa, and its durability is highly appreciated. However, you can tell linen is cold when you touch it.

Moreover, it is also the best choice for sofa material in summer as its weaves are loose and not tight like cotton. It is a lightweight material, and you do not have to worry about cleaning it often.


Rayon is a kind of fabric that gives the illusion of silk, but it is more affordable than silk. The interesting fact about rayon is that it is a plant-based fabric.

In addition, wood fibers are present in its manufacturing, and they can blend with other fabrics. It is also durable and long-lasting material for sofa fabric.

Furthermore, it is soothing and relaxing to the touch. Rayon is a light and breezy fabric that will not stick to your skin as some fabric does when the temperature rises.

It is slippery in touch, which is a good indication that it will let the air pass and not stick. It is trustable and worthy of spending money on it.


Polyester is a synthetic fabric often mixed with natural organic fibers to increase its durability and efficiency.

It is, however, yet to be determined if polyester is a fabric to cancel the effect of heat. It is said that it is effective in reducing heat and preventing sweating.

Moreover, it is weather-resistant and a suitable fabric for outdoor and indoor furniture items.

It is effective in drying quickly if moisture gets inside it. So, it can help dry the sweat and not induce it in hot weather.


Silk is a luxury fabric that gives the appearance of luxurious furniture. It is soft and cold to the touch, which feels nice on the skin.

Silk can be your best option for summer if you avoid keeping it in a room that is directly in front of the sun.

The walls can absorb heat and promote more heat in the room. However, the rooms are suitable for silk sofas whose walls are covered from every side and have less interaction with sunlight.

It is not weather resistant like other fabrics but can imitate the weather around it. Therefore, keeping in a balanced environment can serve you well in the summer.


Velvet is a breathable fabric and soft to the touch. However, like silk, it needs to stay away from direct heat and sunlight.

In addition, it will not cause your body to heat up and produce sweat. So it can be trusted in hot weather, but there are things to consider.

You can add a velvet sofa because it gives a luxurious look to the lounge and can add value to your décor.

However, what you need to consider is that try to use a lighter color of velvet for your summer house. The light colors feel good to the eyes and instantly make your mind think it is cool and refreshing.

Moreover, dark colors can absorb heat more than light colors, so you can have a win-win situation and get both comfort and décor out of it.

Suede sofa

Suede is also a fabric gained from animal skin, like leather. Therefore, it is a durable and preferable choice for warm weather as compared to cold weather.

You can think about using this material for your couch and enjoy the luxurious but subtle look of your lounge.

However, it can be challenging to maintain and clean it. It depends on your use and your caring habits as it is more expensive.

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