Should Curtains and Bedding Match?

Should Curtains and Bedding Match?

Curtains provide decorative purposes and practical benefits as well. However, they are mainly used to provide privacy and to stop unnecessary sunlight.

Should Curtains and Bedding Match? You can match curtains and bedding to give a harmonized and more unified look. Furthermore, it depends on your personal preference and the overall style of the room.

In addition, you should consider that matching curtains with bedding every time can be a lot of work. It can also be expensive as you have to get the curtains according to your design.

Why should the curtains match the bedding?

Curtains are part of the entire home, unlike other things specific to separate rooms. 

They play a part in decoration and styling like other items that are focal points of any space.

As much as matching curtains with bedding look very interesting style to décor your room, it can be a lot of work to do. 

Furthermore, you will be bound to the matching colors between them and the bedding because those drapes cannot go with every bedding.

However, you will have to change them when you change your bedding, and you will have to get the extra fabric to coordinate it with the bed.

Harmonize look

Matching curtains to the bedding give a harmonizing look to a bedroom. It will work out well if you are into a more harmonized and calm look.

You can match drapes to any part of the bedding to tie a place together. However, it is better to provide a visual of a more united and correlated area. 

Furthermore, it will provide a consistency of theme in a room and exhibit your personality. Some people do not care about harmonizing the décor in their bedroom.

It is your opportunity to show your creative side and your inner interior designer. Moreover, a harmonized look is more peaceful to the eyes.

More Unified

You can achieve a unified look when you add a hint of your signature color, pattern, or fabric to a room. You should focus on every item in a room to achieve a unified and cohesive look. 

You can only approach it when you engage everything with each other. In addition, you should try a more go-to look instead of a matching look.

Furthermore, try to add those colors which fantasize you and make you happy. Then, you can convert your room into a place that belongs to you.

It is better to match the curtains with the bedding because the windows are usually near the bed.

The similar factors in both make them one unit that belongs to each other.

Personal preference

There is no general rule to match everything in a room, so it can look more cluttered. However, you do not want more focal points in a room that can confuse your eyes. 

However, it is your personal choice if you want to have matching drapes and bedding.

Moreover, your place should represent you and your personality more than a standard example of interior design.

Furthermore, you are free to introduce any combination of colors you like and be confident with your choice. Your room is your place so you can match your curtains with the color or prints of your choice.

Overall style

The matching depends on the overall style of your room. You can go with the style of your room if you want your curtains to be part of this style. 

You can add whites, beiges, and grays together if you are more into contemporary style. These colors represent a minimalistic style and a more subtle look.

You should follow one type of style instead of introducing a mix of every style in the room. However, the overall décor can be affected if you try to make this mistake.

You can go for the modern style if you are more into monochromatic because it is a simple, sleek, and easy-to-follow design.

How to match curtains with bedding?

Matching curtains with bedding are not a challenging thing to do. However, there is no specific element to match them with other accessories.

You can match any part of the bedding, such as pillows, cushions, duvets, and sheets. 

Moreover, you can match them with the upholstered bed frame as it is covered with fabric.

Coordinate with pillows

This is the easiest way to add colors in drapes to your room that are less visible and less in an amount of space. In addition, you can coordinate the colors or patterns of your pillows with the curtains.

Moreover, the room will not look overwhelming and loud if you match these two items together. You can also introduce a different pattern if you wish to add more life to the room.

Furthermore, the patterns and colors do not have to be the same. You can hang those with contrasting prints.

The shades from the same family of colors are an excellent way to match them with your bedding. 

Matching prints

Some people like to add curtains of the same pattern as their bedsheets or duvets. It is your personal preference if you want to add some prints to your room.

You can get that bedsheet fabric in large amounts so that you use a part of it as your curtains. There is nothing wrong with matching prints with the sheets.

You can match the print of the cushions to the drapes if you think the bedsheet is already showing more print of one type. 

It is better to choose a print of a smaller item to match the drapes. 

The drapes are also a focal point, and if they are hung higher, they attract the attention of the eyes. You should not showcase only one type of print all over because there can be more than one window.

You cannot hang the same prints on all those windows and have a bedding of the same print.

Contrasting colors 

It is an essential aspect of designing and should not be ignored. The color contrast uplifts the decor and enhances the detailing of the interior design.

Moreover, the right choice of colors can elevate the aesthetics and vibe of the place. For example, you can use contrasting light-to-dark or dark-to-dark colors to tie up the place together.

For example, you can match the blue-colored bedding with the white or pink curtains. The interesting aspect of contrasting the colors is that they are different yet look excellent together.

In addition, nothing can go wrong when you include contrasting colors in a décor. I prefer to use contrast instead of using the same colors in a room.

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