Why is the Cloud Couch So Expensive?

Why is the Cloud Couch So Expensive?

Many people like to buy expensive furniture if it is luxurious, comfortable, and made of high-quality material. Cloud couches gained popularity due to their extreme softness and floating look.

Why is the Cloud Couch So Expensive? Cloud Couch is so expensive due to its unique design and incredible depth, providing extreme softness as it feels like sitting on a cloud. It has a modern and sleek silhouette, no hard edges, and is high-performance furniture by Restoration Hardware. Furthermore, it provides custom upholstery options and is easier to clean and maintain. 

Many furniture brands are introducing expensive and attractive cloud couches with different names, but their design is similar to the original ones introduced by Restoration Hardware.

Is Cloud Couch expensive?

Cloud couch by Restoration Hardware (RH) is expensive due to its distinctive design and fluffy cushions. However, its cost varies according to the fabric type, size, color, and seat depth.

A large sectional couch costs $10,000 to $15,000, having 6 to 8 seats and 1 or 2 ottomans. You can add or remove seats according to the requirement, as these are available separately.

Moreover, the cost of each armless and corner seating platform is around $1700 to $2200.

Their average cost is almost $11,500 to $13,000 when you are getting a 3-seat sofa or a 4-seat sectional without any end-of-sectional ottomans.

Furthermore, the Cloud modular sectionals can cost you higher when additional seats and ottomans are added to the furniture.

Example of Cloud Couches with their cost, dimension, weight, and size

Types of cloud couches Cost Dimensions (WxDxH) in inches Weight Manufacturing material
3-seat cloud sofa (classic) $6700 117x38x29 163 pounds Textured linen
3-seat Cloud sofa chaise (Luxe) $6850 133x44x44 174 pounds Textured linen
4-seat modular cloud couch +  1 ottoman (classic) $8500 157x39x78 262 pounds Cotton and linen
4-seat modular sofa + 1 ottoman (luxe) $8720 176x44x90 270 pounds Textured linen
4-seat leather modular sectional + 2 ottoman  (classic) $9500 157x39x78 302 pounds Grain leather
5-seat cloud L-sectional (classic) $10,250 140x34x106 274 pounds Textured linen
5-seat modular L-sectional (luxe) $11,130 176x44x132 283 pounds Cotton and linen
6-seat Cloud modular U-chaise + 2 ottomans (classic) $15,800 156x39x118 400 pounds Textured linen

What makes Cloud Sofa expensive?

High-quality furniture with attractive designs is usually expensive as they elegantly fill the space and give the place a modern and luxurious look.

Unique design

They have unique designs with a sleek silhouette designed by an American designer, Timothy Oulton.

He designed a sofa based on three components: corner seats, armless seats, and ottomans. These couches have functional or modern designs and are the favorite furniture in every living room.

One of the most distinguishing features of this type of living room furniture is the low frame that keeps them close to the ground. As a result, it feels like floating in the room while sitting close to the floor.

Moreover, their wooden legs are invisible due to their small size and hidden under fluffy seat cushions as the upper body of the couches catches attention.

Incredible depth

They have the ideal depth that supports the back and provides a suitable platform to sit and lay down straight. In addition, it allows you to put your feet easily on the floor as the seats are close to the floor.

Moreover, their seat depth varies according to the classic or luxe style of couches, and these two types are introduced to choose the desired depth of seats.

The classic couch seats are almost 38 to 40 inches deep, which is considered the ideal depth for a fluffy and comfortable sofa.

In contrast, luxe sofas are deeper than classic, and their seats are almost 40 to 44 inches deep, providing more comfort to the legs and back.

Easier cleaning

They are easier to clean as their slipcovers are made of washable fabric that can be easily cleaned after getting stains accidentally.

Moreover, it is common to spill drinks on the sofa or leave grease stains while eating food. These are high-performance furniture items that are made to be resistant to stains.

The seats and cushions can be removed easily, making it easy to take their slipcovers off and put them in a washer for cleaning.

Furthermore, you can also use a lint roller to keep the sectional clean, as it can remove human and pet hair. So, it is easier to clean but requires extra maintenance to keep cushions fluffy.

Ultimate comfort

They are known for comfort and fluffiness, as it feels like a randomly floating cloud on the floor when you sit on deep seats with soft cushions.

Extra large cushions on the bigger seats make their edges soft, and you cannot feel any hard wooden frame beneath.

Moreover, the cushions are filled with feathers or stuffed with goose down, with no foaming material that adds to its softness and does not only look like a cloud, but you can also feel it.

Furthermore, it was introduced by RH in 2015 and got two names, soft sofa and cloud couch, due to its comfy feel and dreamy appearance.

Custom upholstery

You can choose desired upholstery material and color that have a direct impact on the cost of cloud couches. Most commonly, you will find them in white color that gives a feel like a cloud.

However, it is not easy to maintain a white-colored sofa, particularly when you have children at home. So, RH provides almost 140 plus fabrics for customization for easier maintenance.

Moreover, it provides a variety of colors for slipcovers to make them look similar to the interior decor of the room so that they will complement each other.

Beautiful colors look attractive, but the white appearance makes the furniture luxurious and dreamy.

High performance

Cloud couches are high-performance furniture items due to durable and resistant upholstery fabrics. Most commonly, you will see their white sofas in linen fabric that is easier to clean.

You do not have to worry about damage to fabric due to excessive usage as it is made to perform better. You can wash and dry the covers in the washing machine and dryer.

Moreover, linen is resistant to moisture and absorbs 10 to 20% water without getting wet.

It is considered an excellent choice for furniture upholstery due to its strength and resistance to shrinkage.

Furthermore, high-quality fabric, solid wood, and down feathers make it high-performance and expensive furniture.

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