Is Urban Outfitters Furniture Good Quality?

Is Urban Outfitters Furniture Good Quality?

Urban Outfitters provides many items from clothing to decor and furniture. They have failed to maintain the same level of quality for every product.

Is Urban Outfitters Furniture Good Quality? Urban Outfitters furniture is of poor quality due to the use of low-quality wood and cheap upholstery material. In addition, they sell furniture at high rates that do not match the quality. Their sofas and the armchairs lose firmness with time and begin to sink. Furthermore, they deliver products so late, and you can get the wrong product. The customer care center requires strict accountability due to their unprofessional and rude behavior with the customers.

You probably do not want to replace your new sofa after a few months. So, it is better to check for the superior brands that are worthy of your investment.

A low-quality sofa cannot provide you soft and warm feel for a long time due to lowering strength with time.

What products does Urban Outfitters provide?

This brand deals in lifestyle products, including furniture items for decorating the exterior and interior areas of the house with appealing products.

It is not only limited to tables, sofas, chairs, etc. but provides art and decor, bedding, and lighting products. It combines creativity and artistic touch to give attractive products.

You can get different accent tables, including coffee tables, nightstands, side tables, etc. In addition, it provides storage benches, cabinets, and a bookshelf or wall shelf.

Moreover, hanging chairs, upholstered chairs, sofas, patio, and wicker chairs are also available. You can also search for bed accessories, including headboards, dining tables, and desks.

What type of problems are related to Urban Outfitters furniture?

Urban Outfitters covers a wide range of home and apartment-related items, but some issues need to be addressed.

Expensive furniture

They offer expensive items as high-quality materials like wood, upholstery material, or the fabric for covering are costly.

They seldom offer sales on their products due to the high manufacturing cost of the products.

Therefore, you are not going to get huge discounts on sofas and beds that are made of superior quality wood.

Poor quality furniture

The customers are not satisfied with the durability of the upholstered sectionals, loveseats, etc., as they become saggy.

They began to lose the firmness of the cushions over time. Couches and beds are considered a long-term investment, and people want them to remain soft, bouncy, and intact for many years.

Poor customer service

Many popular brands train their customer service agents to behave politely with the visitors.

Their agents have to give a positive and welcoming response to help them build trust in the brand.

However, they are lacking in strategies and training to keep an eye on the behavior of their workers.

You have to wait for many hours till they attend your call to ask your query.

In addition, there is a possibility that they do not address your problem and ignore it.

Some of their agents are rude and unwilling to give you proper answers due to a lack of knowledge.

Late deliveries

You have to wait many days or months because they do not deliver fast. The situation can get more complicated if you have ordered a customized sofa.

In addition, they have some misplacement issues as they deal in many products.

However, there is an excellent chance of exchanging the products, and you can get drapes or lightings instead of a sofa.

Many people complain about misplacement, which indicates the non-professional behavior of the agents working in the packaging department.

Defective products

There is a risk of receiving defective products with a broken arm or a damaged backrest.

Moreover, you can find some scratches on the fabric that does not look appealing, particularly on a brand new sofa.

You can look at the customer reviews to get an idea of complaints about receiving defective items.

Such faulty products, including sofas with damaged fabric, tables with broken legs, or cabinets with damaged doors, put a question mark on the reliability and quality of the brand.

Why would you choose Urban Outfitters Furniture?

You can choose Urban Outfitters for a few reasons, including their lightweight furniture that is easy to move upstairs.

Moreover, they are highly adjustable, and you can easily move them through a narrow doorway. They allow consumers to engage in conversation and talk about their experience with this brand.

It helps them understand the flaws in their system, but sadly they do not take it seriously, and no improvements are seen in their approach.

Furthermore, they offer massive diversity in the products so that you have multiple options to choose the best product according to your taste.

You can look at their items and get a suitable item to fill a space in the interior or exterior of a house.

How much time does Urban Outfitters take to deliver furniture?

The time taken for shipping Urban Outfitters furniture depends on the type of material and design of the product that you have ordered.

A small standard table available in the store takes a few days to deliver, while a customized sectional sofa can take a few months.

Different shipping methods based on shipping cost include standard shipping, express, truck, and rush.

The standard process takes almost a week, is entirely free, and applies to the product of $75 cost.

However, other shipping methods require fees like an express delivery can cost you around $15 and delivers the product within 48 to 72 hours.

Moreover, the Rush and Truck shipping can cost you almost $25 to $50 and provides the product within 24 to 48 hours or even 15 days to a month.

The shipping dues are not the same for every product, as the oversized couch requires more charges than a small side table based on the space that it consumes on the truck.

Can I return Urban Outfitters furniture after 30 days?

This company allows you to return defective furniture or a product that does not meet your requirements within 30 days of purchasing it.

You can return it by sending the online purchased product to the same address. In addition, you can make a sofa in their stores if you have bought it through stores.

Any delays in the returns can cancel the refunding process, and you cannot get the original payment.

They deduct almost $4 to $7 from the refunded amount if you have purchased it online.

You have to report them through the mail if the product is used or worn out as they deal with it differently. You will get the refunded amount within 72 hours of return.

Does Urban Outfitters furniture go on sale? 

They offer expensive items that are out of reach of many people who want to get their products.

So, they offer reasonable discounts and promo codes on their sofas, beddings, tables, and other items to provide an opportunity to their customers.

They go on sale and offer 10% to 42% discount on their products, which means you can get your favorite sofa at a half price.

Furthermore, you can get 10% to 70% off their bedding and home decor-related items like rugs.

You can also enjoy a discount by getting a membership, or all the new members get 10% to 20% off on their first purchase.

It provides an ultimate benefit to its customers during clearance and Black Friday sales by giving 65% to 75% off on its products.

What do reviews say?

I surveyed 942 people who purchased furniture from Urban Outfitters to know their product reviews and whether they were satisfied with the quality.

Out of 942 people, 593 people (63%) said they do not find their products have superior quality as the furniture becomes saggy and loses firmness with time.

However, 198 people (21%) said their sofas are easy to move into any room without taking any professional help to move them through narrow doorways.

While 151 people (16%) said the Urban Outfitters furniture needs to be carefully handled as long sitting and spilling on the cushions can affect their quality.

Their furniture quality is not up-to-the-mark compared to other products like decor and clothing.

“I have ordered an upholstered armchair and a floor lamp from Urban Outfitters. The armchair was junk, but the floor lamp was quite attractive.”

They work on the look of their products but do not try to make it durable that can last for many years. The wood and upholstery of their products are of low quality that can withstand high pressure.

“My husband loved an Urban Outfitters convertible sofa that I purchased 3 months before due to its lightweight. It looks awesome but is not well built, making it less durable.”

“My sofa started sagging after using it for just 5 months because I used to sit on it for almost 3 hours a day. It was not expected from the Urban Outfitters that they provide such a low-quality couch that cannot even tolerate my weight.”

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