Is West Mirrors Legit?

Is West Mirrors Legit?

West Mirrors is an online brand dealing in stylish and luxurious mirrors that helps decorate the walls and floors without serious effort.

Many people doubt the brand’s reliability due to the absence of stores and consider it a fake brand.

Is West Mirrors Legit? West Mirrors is not legit due to the use of poor-quality frames and glass for constructing their exclusive mirrors. In addition, they have poor customer service, their product status remains pending for many months, they do not refund the money, and have no physical stores. Furthermore, the customers are not satisfied with their product quality and leave negative feedback. 

Many customers add negative reviews which do not appear on their website. It gives a fake feel to the brand as they only show positive feedback to improve their sales and do not care about the customers.

What products does West Mirrors provide?

West Mirrors provides beautiful reflecting glasses having intricate designs of wood or metal frames. Their contemporary styles and shapes give an appealing look to the walls when decorating them for formal events.

Large standing mirrors

These are versatile and add a statement to the room wall. Moreover, it helps decorate an empty wall with these statement pieces having stunning and stylish frames.

Their frames are made of gold and wood that attract visitors’ attention. You can hang them with the help of hooks or put them in a leaned position against the wall.

The use of sleek material and thick frames provide excellent support to the glass.

Many people display the large pieces on the entryway so that the visitors can look at themselves while coming inside the house.

Metallic frames mirrors

Adding unique mirrors of varying shapes by molding the metal frames in different dimensions gives an appealing look.

You can fill a space on the walls with these irregular-shaped pieces to make it classy. Many people use it to decorate around the baseboard heaters.

You have endless options to choose the one according to your wall and design without compromising on any aspect.

These metal frames offer higher adaptability and get small multiple rounded shapes to a single large piece present on the floor against a wall.

Metal frames are the choice of interior designers as they reduce the overall weight of an object and add an aesthetic value.

French mirrors

You can search for the modern and rustic styles on West mirrors that provide you with a wide collection of traditional and contemporary pieces.

The French reflecting glasses add a classic effect to the living room or hallway as they have fascinating frames embossed with beautiful designs.

You can add them to give a royal Victorian era effect which offers a sense of drama. It captures the attention and acts as a captivating decoration item in the house.

You can select any rich or mild color from a wide variety of these products by choosing gold, black, or a mixture of two.

Rattan Boho mirrors

You can also get handmade pieces that have a boundary of rattan material. These woven boundaries appear in different shapes like circular, wavy, or long straight structures.

Mount them on the walls and upgrade the interiors of your room. These antique pieces give a fine finishing touch to the décor.

Wood mirrors 

The wood mirrors have wooden frames around the glass, which is a traditional way of adding style to the reflected glasses.

It adds an instant aesthetic value to the place due to the wood grain and the natural color.

In addition, there is no specific frame shape, and you can find any shape and design within these frames.

In addition, the wooden frames are more durable and provide classic to wild as it has a wide range of options for you.

Why is West mirrors not legit?

The quality of services, brand reputation, and customer feedback are the reasons to consider West Mirrors a non-legit brand.

Poor quality

The use of material for glass and frames is not good, which makes their products less durable.

You can like their looks and styles, but they cannot remain intact for a long time.

The glass sheets are not pure and flat in structure. Moreover, they do not have a suitable thickness and poor quality reflecting coating on the glass.

Additionally, the glass begins to rattle, or you can see the presence of glue that joins the frame to the glass, which looks awful.

In the same way, they do not focus on fine welding, making them a flop brand in the industry.

Not secure shipping

These are delicate objects that need to be packed inside the cardboard and placed securely inside the delivery vehicle to avoid damage.

They do not pay attention to the proper packaging of the product, which can lead to breakage until they reach your doorstep.

Many people complain about their poor shipping, which can cause damage to the product that can even make them not suitable for use.

Poor customer service

Their customer service is unprofessional and rude. They do not respond to the queries appropriately and make the same statements every time.

There is no accountability and check on these agents and it proves that it is not to a legit brand.

Many people ask for a refund when they do not receive a satisfactory response for the late deliveries, negatively affecting the brand’s reputation and economics.

Late deliveries

They have no persistent delivery time as it varies according to the type of orders and shipping distance.

However, the delivery process can be affected when the raw material is not available at their warehouse.

They usually get late, which is frustrating for the customers as every one of them keenly waits for their desired products.

Less common refunding

They respond to returns and cancellations of the products, but their refunding process is pretty slow. As a result, most customers do not get a refund for the products even if they return them.

Therefore, their customers are losing interest in purchasing from this brand due to this kind of behavior and shift to other famous brands.

Negative feedback from customers

Customer reviews are not satisfactory, which makes them fake and not a reliable brand. In addition, they are not pleased with their quality and delivery time.

They provide better designs but are broken until they reach the shipping address. In addition, these are often defective, like the frames have missing hooks to hang on the wall.

It makes them useless when you can hang the frames that are meant to be present on the wall.

No physical stores

The brands with no physical stores and a proper warehouse location lose their credibility. Many people prefer to purchase from the stores by looking into each product.

So, these online brands with negative reviews have a terrible impact and are not the first preference of buyers.

Why would you buy from West Mirrors?

West Mirrors have not worked on developing brand identity in the customers by providing high-quality products and responding to their queries.

However, some people purchase their products due to the elegant designs.

Their large size and intricate designs make them appealing and captivating for new buyers who have not experienced purchasing from them.

In addition, they provide multiple shapes and colors in their designs that look attractive.

They give exclusive discount offers to the interior designers who purchase products from this brand while designing a house.

Moreover, they offer fair prices and inspiring French mirrors, which can be the reason for their sales.

So, you can also try their products as it is like a hit or miss whether you get a defective or perfect piece.

What do reviews say?

I surveyed 853 people who have purchased products from West Mirrors to know about their experiences.

Out of 853 people, 579 (68%) said this brand is useless as they never pay attention to their customer queries and give them the same remarks whenever they ask about the delivery process.

However, 198 people (23%) said they had products in perfect condition, but they delivered late and took an extra 2 to 4 months.

While the remaining 76 people (9%) said they got their mirrors on time, the defective pieces could not be used.

They need to pay attention to their customer service as their agents cannot handle customers’ queries and deal with them badly.

“I called the customer service center of West Mirrors after waiting 2 months to ask about the delivery process. Their agents’ response was the same every time that it will be shipped soon when I called them three times consecutively.”

They offer exclusive designs and shapes in their products that look beautiful, but they miss some essential components while packaging.

“I ordered a round black mirror with three gold accents for $170 that were appealing, but I am not going to give them a five-star rating because they have missed sending the hooks.”

The handmade products do not look like professional work as it has no finished look. They have to work on the quality of their products to grab more sales.

“I received a rattan Boho mirror yesterday that looked so great on their page, but it sucks me when I look at the gaps between the glass and metal, which shows it to be crafted item by a child.”

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