Is Restoration Hardware Worth It?

Is Restoration Hardware Worth It?

Restoration hardware is a famous luxury furniture brand in America; its products are expensive but stylish and modern. 

Is Restoration Hardware Worth It? Restoration hardware is worth buying because its furniture is modern with unique designs. In addition, you can also order customized sofas and sectionals from them. They also offer different things for decoration of your interior. Moreover, their online stores are also available, which deliver your item quickly. They also use real wood, including timber and oak, to manufacture their furniture, so they are more expensive than other brands. The quality of the fabric used for upholstery is also good; it is stain resistant, and its color remains the same.

They not only offer a variety of furniture to their customers, but they also have various types of carpets, lighting, rugs, and many other products.

Why is restoration hardware worth it?

The furniture is the basic need of people in homes for sitting and sleeping purposes. Therefore, you should always purchase from a well-known brand for the longevity of your sofas. 

Modern furniture

It is a famous company, and their furniture is also of good quality. Moreover, when you buy different products from this brand, it adds value to your money.

Modern furniture is the demand of every person in this modern era. Everyone wants to decorate their home by placing various latest products that give a luxurious touch to their homes.

It is a famous brand that provides the modern and latest variety of sofas, chairs, and tables to their customers for decorating their homes.

Order customized sofas

It is worth buying from this company because you can also order customized sofas. Every person wants to place sofas in their rooms according to their choice.

You can send a picture to this company, and they make the exact copy of that picture. Moreover, you can also visit their outlet and explain what you want from them.

Moreover, you can also make customizable sofas according to your required length, width, and fabric.

The main concern of this brand is to satisfy its customers and their needs. Therefore, they always respect the consumer’s opinions and listen to them.

Beneficial for home decor

It is worth visiting this brand for home decor because they offer a variety of products that can give a luxurious and modern appearance to your home.

For home decor, they offer a variety of lights that you can attach to your ceiling for decoration purposes.

They have a variety of ceiling lights, wall sconces, and string lights that you can attach to different walls to enlighten them at nighttime.

In addition, you can also purchase floor lamps, table lamps, and chandeliers from them.

You can also buy picture lights for artwork and matching bulbs with your interior paint to make it brighten.

Return policy

The return policy of this brand makes them reliable and famous in the furniture market. 

They give a return policy system for non-furniture items that you can exchange from the outlets.

If you dislike the product and are not satisfied with using it, you can return or exchange it from your nearby stores.

In addition return policy is only available for 30 days right after purchase. Moreover, for exchanging non-furniture items, you also have to take the purchase proof like the bill.

Early shipment

Their different products are also available in online stores, and they never compromise on quality.

The customers also purchase the products from the online market because it will save their time and fuel cost.

They have different shipment methods; usually, you can receive your order within 4 to 7 working days.

When you want to take your order early, you have to pay an extra $45 to $50 to deliver an item in 1 to 3 working days.

If you want to take your order in 1 to 2 days, you have to pay an extra $70 to $75.

Membership program

The people who are regular customers of restoration hardware furniture brands can get a membership card or credit cards.

You have to sign in different packages on this card for a discount on various products. The products of this brand are costly without a credit card from the company.

You have to pay a $100 annual fee on the card to avail of discounts on furniture and other products. In this package, you will receive 20% to 25% off on all the items.

Available in different fabrics

Most of their chairs, tables, sofas, and sectionals have upholstery on their surface. The upholstery is available in different varieties and has different price ranges according to its fabric.

Mainly they offer linen and cotton upholstery for their dining chairs, sofas, and sectionals. The quality of these fabrics is good, and they also last for a longer time.

Due to this fabric, it is worth buying the furniture from this brand. Classic linen weaves are the best fabric for indoor and outdoor because of their high durability.

Stain-resistant fabric

In addition, the fabric they use for upholstery of sofas, chairs, and tables is also of good quality. The stains come on couches and chairs while eating food.

The spillage commonly occurs while drinking juices and hot and cold beverages. The stains of the food material and drinks remain on the upholstery.

The presence of these stains is challenging to remove, and they also give a bad appearance to your whole room.

 They use stain-resistant fabric, and the spots cannot come on the surface.

Long-lasting color

In addition, the color of the upholstered fabric also matters a lot for furnishing and classical appearance.

The faded color of the fabric of the furniture does not look good, and it overall dulls the appearance of the sofas.

The restoration hardwood uses good quality fabric for upholstery, and its color remains safe after many years.

Moreover, it is also available in various colors, which gives a broad range of people for selection criteria.

Usually, the fabric’s color can fade and become dull when you use them for a longer time and place the sofas in outdoor settings.

Soft and comfortable

Nowadays people require soft and comfortable beds for sleeping at night time. The sofas and beds are where people can sit for relaxing purposes after getting tired from their work routine.

They always want soft and comfortable beds for relaxing purposes. Their beds are relaxing and smooth because of their high-quality mattress.

In addition, their market value and sale also increase due to their soft and comfortable features.

Physical stores

Physical stores are the primary demand of people in this modern era. Moreover, the physical stores are also available at different places, and you can purchase from your nearby ones.

People want to buy products from physical stores because of quality issues. Therefore, purchasing from physical stores is better compared to online ones.

You can see and check the material of the products and purchase according to your choice. 

Why some people do not like the restoration hardware furniture?

People always try different brands when they want to change the sofas or chairs of their homes to see the company’s worth. Some people do not like this furniture brand. 


Some people do not want to purchase expensive furniture because it becomes out of their budget. Some of them also change the sofas and chairs of their homes after every year.

They want to add the new and latest ones after some time to give the change look to your home. The expensive ones do not perfectly fit the budget in this situation.

In this situation, people buy from the less costly outlets and offer a variety of everyday things.

Poor quality

Many people who use the products of the restoration hardware brand complain that their products are not long-lasting.

The upholstery starts to damage after some time, and it looks terrible to use these couches in your living room. In addition, their products’ durability is less, and they cannot last for a longer time.

Many of my friends also complain that there is a huge difference between the price range and the quality they give to their customers.

Does restoration hardware use real wood?

Wood is the primary material for the manufacturing of furniture. Therefore, their quality also depends on the quality of the wood used for their manufacturing.

When the company uses low-quality wooden material, it can decrease the life of furniture and sofas and also increase the risk of cracks.

The restoration hardware uses real wood to manufacture their product, making them long-lasting and reducing the risk of cracks.

It is worth buying from this brand because they use oak, different varieties of timber, and hardwood silver trunks.

They also use real hardwood to manufacture pottery barn furniture, including desks and press boards.

Is restoration hardware made in the USA?

Restoration hardware is a well-known and famous luxury furniture company in the United States.

It is a California-based company, but its manufacturing plants are available in different countries.

Most of their products are manufactured in China because of their large plant.

Who is the owner of restoration hardware?

Gary Friedman is the owner of the restoration hardware furniture company, and he is a billionaire person.

It is a famous company worldwide, especially in America, for its luxury and modern furniture.

In addition, these are famous among people because they also provide interior design consultations to their customers with the help of experienced employees.

Types of furniture at restoration hardware

This brand makes outdoor and indoor furniture, lighting, decorative products, cleans, and rugs.

Most of their famous products are listed below.

  • Sofas
  • Sectionals
  • Fountains
  • Planters
  • Chandeliers
  • Duvets
  • Bedsheets
  • Comforters
  • Dining chairs and tables
  • Counter stools
  • Cabinets
  • Shelves
  • Sideboards
  • Rugs
  • Drapes and curtains
  • Baby furniture
  • Office furniture

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