How To Tell If Cesca Chair Is Real?

How To Tell If Cesca Chair Is Real?

Many people find it challenging to differentiate between real Cesca chairs and fake. As a result, some replica brands try to sell their products by copying their design.

Therefore, confusion arises among people about the originality of the products. However, every brand has specific features that help distinguish it from others.

How To Tell If Cesca Chair Is Real? You can tell if your Cesca chair is real or not by looking at its physical features like the D-shaped legs, consistent tubular steel frame, and chrome caps on pipe ends. Moreover, the edges of the arms and seats are curved in shape. There are no rear legs, so floor protectors are present only on the front legs. Furthermore, a “Knoll” tag is present under the armrest on the steel tube. However, you can also see “Made in Italy” on some products as a brand label. 

These are dining chairs that can also be placed in outdoor areas. They are named after the daughter of Breuer, who manufactured them.

The original chair contains 2 armrests and a D-shape structure. In addition, it has four sides and is made of a wooden frame.

How to check if your Cesca chair is real?

There are many ways to check whether the chairs belong to the real brand or the fake one. First, you can look at the structure and the labels to identify them.

Consistent tubular frame

These have a steel frame that is consistent from start to end. You will not see any attachment point within the frame as it is a single tube.

This frame starts from the backside, continues along with the seat, and ends at the legs of this furniture.

Therefore, all the chairs that contain a tubular frame of steel material can be Cesca chairs.

The presence of a tubular frame can help distinguish it from fake brands. Therefore, it is one of the main aspects you should consider to check their originality.

However, there are variations in the height of the tubular frames, but consistency remains constant. 

Elegant D-shape design

Every piece of furniture has a different design, shape, and color. Similarly, every brand has a varying frame structure that determines its identity.

These chairs have D-shaped legs that bend from the front side to the backward.

You can also see all the seating platforms in the same D-shape steel frame. So, this shape relates explicitly to this brand.

Moreover, they have a rectangular frame with round edges that give a specific D-shape appearance. So, you can know about the originality through their D-shape structures.

Slight curve on arms

Their design help recognize the association with a particular brand. For example, they have a slight curve on the edges of the arm and the back end of the seat.

A wooden structure over the arm provides a surface to put arms. Some of these products have no arms, but those having arms have this noticeable feature.

So, you can look at the arm’s shape when you are confused about the originality. 

Chrome caps

They do not contain low-quality plastic caps on their legs. Instead, they use chrome plating on the steel frame. These caps protect the steel material from wearing and tearing.

Furthermore, chrome plating protects the steel material from corrosion.

Therefore, it is less expensive and adds shine to the steel material. Moreover, it reduces friction between the chair and the floor.

Therefore, the manufacturers have used chrome plates on the ends of the steel tube. So, these caps on the steel frame indicate that these are genuine products.

Floor protectors

The floor protectors are the rubber or elastic material caps that are usually present on the legs of the chairs.

They protect the floor from scratches due to the back and forth movement of furniture.

In addition, these caps are round in shape with a hole in the center and act as a non-slip pad.

These prevent the legs from leaving marks on the floor and act as a barrier between the two.

They have floor protectors to protect the floor from marks. Therefore, you can consider those as genuine with protector caps on their legs.

Knoll tag

A brand name or tag depicts the name of the manufacturer company or the place of origin of a product.

It helps distinguish the brands and differentiates between the original and replica or fake brands.

Therefore, you can check the label on the product if you want to determine its originality.

You can check a tag of “Knoll” on the furniture to know whether they are real.

The name is usually written on the tubular pipe on the front or backside.

Moreover, it is sometimes present on the steel frame under the wooden armrest.

You can also search for the origin of its manufacturing on any part like steel frame as “Made in Italy” tag.

No rear legs

They do not have rear legs, which is their noticeable feature. All of them lower down toward the backside after sitting due to the absence of legs on the back end.

Furthermore, it results in a swing even when you move slightly. So, you can identify them by the absence of legs on the rear side.

Why are Cesca chairs so popular?

The Cesca furniture is popular due to its extraordinary features and comfort. Moreover, the high-quality material that makes them sturdy can be another reason.

Sturdy and light product

These are light in weight, making them easy to carry from one place to another.

Their weight is almost 10 to 12 pounds, while they can efficiently hold 220 to 250 pounds.

If you protect them from extreme climatic conditions, they can last for almost 8 to 22 years.

However, it is not suitable to place them outdoors during rain and hot days because it damages the quality of rattan.

High Versatility

The versatility of Breuer’s chairs made them popular because you can place them in any corner of the house. In addition, they are suitable for placing in the offices and meeting rooms.

Some people purchase a complete set of 6 chairs with a table to place in a dining room. It adds elegance and gives a beautiful appearance to your place.

You can use them indoors like in dining rooms. However, they are not suitable for outdoors as sunlight and moisture affect their quality.

Multiple styles and colors

You can see multiple colors and designs with the advancement of old Breuer furniture in the modern era.

Some of them contain arms and a rattan seat, while some are without arms and have upholstered seats.

Many colors are available in these comfortable upholstered seating platforms like red, black, blue, etc.

Attractive and Stylish

The attractive and stylish appearance of this furniture captures the viewers’ attention.

You can add this contemporary style of furniture to your modern kitchens to make them look more appealing to the eyes.

No assembly required

There is no need to spend time on the assembly procedure of all the pieces.

The manufacturers provide you assembled structure, and you have to place it anywhere in the house after unboxing.

Can I return the Cesca chairs after 7 days?

These are popular furniture in the modern era due to their excellent features. However, the return policy of this rattan-made furniture is not up to the mark.

They mention a short-term for returning the product in their return policy. For example, you have to return the product within 3 days if you find it defective.

Furthermore, they can replace the product or refund the dues if you have a satisfaction issue.

Therefore, you cannot avail the opportunity of returning products after a week or month.

In addition, you can also ask for a warranty for only 5 years, which is short time for these durable products.

Where are Cesca chairs made?

Breuer has proposed the idea of the structure of Cesca furniture and their designs, an American architect. At the same time, the original furniture was manufactured in Italy.

Knoll Group is still manufacturing them and transfers the products to all the countries.

So you can easily purchase it from any corner in US and UK because they are available at all stores.

They are also manufacturing the furniture in New Zealand and selling their products with the help of Studio Italia.

Why are Cesca chairs so expensive?

The Breuer furniture uses high-quality cane rattan material woven in an intricate manner.

The cane rattan is present on the seat and backside, supporting your back.

Moreover, this material is strong and eco-friendly, making this rattan furniture popular and expensive.

Some of their modern pieces are made of rattan, leather, and upholstered material, making them expensive.

The average price of a set of 6 units is 850 to $1120, while a single unit costs you $49 to $57.

Moreover, the price keeps varying from brand to brand. Furthermore, some brands provide discounts or have lesser rates, but they compromise quality.

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