How Long Do Herman Miller Chairs Last?

How Long Do Herman Miller Chairs Last?

Office chairs like Herman Miller tend to be highly durable and sturdy, providing a comfortable seat to work constructively.

How Long Do Herman Miller Chairs Last? Herman Miller chairs can last for 10 to 15 years, depending on proper maintenance and better handling. The easy replacement of the defective components is responsible for increasing their longevity. In addition, the use of high-quality material for frames and the sturdy designs avoids quick damage. Furthermore, you can make these chairs last longer by regular cleaning, inspecting faults, removing stains immediately, and preventing exposure to sunlight and moisture. 

It provides environment-friendly chairs dominating the modern era due to their adjustable features. They are expensive but offer high durability.

Are Herman Miller chairs durable?

These chairs are sturdy in structure and remain intact for an extended time. You can use them for 10 to 15 years, but only with proper maintenance.

The Herman Miller Aeron chair is one of the most durable and extraordinary products that can remain sturdy for many years.

Moreover, they can last more than 15 years after proper cleaning and care.

While poor handling and infrequent cleaning practices can make them damaged in a few years.

So, the improvement or reduction in durability depends on the handling practices.

Why do Herman Miller chairs last long?

These chairs last for a long time due to the use of high-quality material and easy replacements.

There are many more reasons for their better durability and excellent warranty opportunities.

Sturdy frame

The manufacturers use recyclable materials for the production of their furniture. In addition, glass-filled PET is used for designing the frames of the back and seat area.

More than 60% of the glass-filled PET (polyethylene terephthalate) material contains post-recycled material. This material has better strength and stiffness.

Furthermore, it can perform better under high temperatures and maintains stability. It can be recycled further and replace the frames.

Excellent quality

These are outstanding in their build quality, and their design is also impressive. It provides better quality products to consumers, which results in higher prices.

It is better to spend extra money on furniture that remains for a lifetime than the less expensive one that needs quick replacement.

Replaceable parts

Every part of these chairs is replaceable, which helps change the only defective component. Therefore, there is no need to purchase the new furniture again.

You can get quick replacements for the gas cylinders, arm pad, and seat.

In addition, they also provide back, caster, and lumbar support replacements, which improves the chair’s longevity.

Long time warranty

The long-time warranty of their furniture makes them last longer. You can ask to replace the tilt mechanism, caster, and cylinders.

In addition, they offer a warranty on many other features, so you do not have to worry about the replacement. They can replace any part of the chair for almost 10 to 12 years.

How to make Herman Miller chairs last long?

You can improve the durability of any furniture by considering the factors which affect its structure, quality, and performance.

Usage frequency

The frequency of using the seat determines the longevity of the product. Excessive use of any product can affect its properties, while infrequent usage can make them stay for a long time.

You can increase the lifespan of these chairs by using them for 7 to 9 hours in a day.

Furthermore, it can lose its structure within 3 to 5 years when you use it for more than 10 or 15 hours per day.

Avoid stacking heavy objects

Every piece of furniture has a specific capacity to hold weight. You can damage its structure by adding heavyweight on the seat beyond its holding limit.

It is better to avoid stacking heavy objects to improve their durability. At the same time, you can place lightweight objects on it.

Environmental conditions

The environmental conditions also play a crucial role in increasing the longevity of the chairs. Cool and dry weather is favorable for them.

High temperature and humid conditions can affect the material quality, and their degradation starts earlier than the pre-determined time.

So, you have to place these at room temperature or in the cool area. In addition, do not expose it to moisture.

Avoid spilling

Spilling of juices and drinks is a common problem on the seats. Therefore, you have to remove the stains immediately to prevent permanent staining of the seat covers.

It can affect the quality of seat covers, and you have to replace your seat with a new one. Therefore, you can avoid spilling to improve the lifespan or clean the stains using a wet cloth.

Sitting position

Many people sit on a particular spot on the seat in their usual body posture. It can result in compression of foam and wear and tear of the chair.

So, you have to change the sitting position or the spot frequently. This way, you can prevent it from damage due to pressure exerted at a single position.

Regular inspection

A regular furniture assessment can help prevent damage because you can tackle it before it aggravates. It is better to check the quality of the foam and the working of features frequently.

This regular inspection helps recognize problems like seat compression or non-functional levers.

It allows you to fix the problem at the right time by replacing the seat and levers.

Frequent cleaning

Poor cleaning methods and infrequent removal of dirt from the surface of chairs can reduce their lifespan. You can use a soft cloth that is not too harsh for the seat to remove dust.

In addition, use detergents to wipe out the accumulated dust from them. I often use a vacuum cleaner to keep these clean.

Avoid using harsh chemicals for cleaning that can affect the quality of fabric and steel material. Instead, use home detergents to clean them twice a week.

Sunlight exposure

High-intensity sun rays can be damaging to the fabric. You can prevent premature aging by avoiding the direct exposure of sunlight to them.

The sunlight can fade the fabric’s color and make them look awful. So, keep this furniture in the rooms where sun rays cannot reach them.

How to tell a Herman Miller chair is real?

Confusion can occur when you order a basic version of a chair without a back adjustment and expect it to have all the adjustable features present in the modern version.

You can identify a real Herman Miller chair by checking the presence of a logo above the backrest. In addition, you can find a manufacturing label, which is usually present under the seat.

Furthermore, the easiest way of determining their originality is to match the specifications. Look at the height of the armrest, backrest, seat, and the whole product.

You can also look at the certificate of authenticity or a medal usually present in the packaging. All these factors can help identify the original products by this famous brand.

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