Common Problems with Recliners

Common Problems with Recliners

It is challenging for several people to fix the problem of their recliners. You can fix some of these issues with the help of a user manual but get professional assistance where necessary. 

Common problems with recliners include a loose footrest, knocking sounds, uncomfortable padded seat, poor connection of power cords, tight footrest, broken frame, and faulty leveler.

A recliner is a padded sofa or chair which provides additional comfort to your body. It has an adjustable headrest which is helpful to comfort the body. You can also adjust its footrest to provide extra space to stretch your body. 

Problems with recliners Solutions
Poor connection of power cords Inspect motor connections
Broken frame Use it according to given instructions
A loose footrest Replace old and worn-out springs
Faulty leveler Reinstall the leveler
Parts are hard to find Ensure warranty
A tight footrest Lubrication
Uncomfortable chair Replace foam
A knocking sound Lubricate nuts and bolts

Poor connection of power cords 

Some people consider manual recliners out of trend. The modern ones are battery-operated or operate with electricity.

They have power cords that receive the power supply and direct it to the sofa to start functioning. Sometimes the problem occurs in these cords, which becomes the cause of an uncomfortable situation.

You can notice its poor connection with the power supply line, which creates this problem. It can lead to difficulty in adjusting the headrest.

You need to check its connecting point because of the loosely attached wire. You can support its wire with the help of tape when you find some crack at any point. It is better to check whether the motor connections are working fine. 

Broken frame

You face this problem when you do not consider the recommended precautions while using your recliner. Sometimes you put extra weight on its seat, which becomes over its tolerable limit.

It affects its inner structure when you continue to do this for a long time. It also happens when you do not gently sit but jump on its surface in a hurry.

It damages its sprigs which are a key component to providing support and cushioning properties to this furniture. You can use it for about 5 to 20 years when you properly take care of it.

You should get professional assistance to fix this issue because he has the experience and a variety of related equipment to solve it. 

A loose footrest

It happens when the footrest does not move upward when you try to do this with a handler.

Pets play all around the house and love to jump over this footrest. Their continuous jumping makes it unable to move upward and makes it loose.

It also happens when you do not adopt moderation and use it excessively. As a result, its springs become out of order and do not allow it to move.

Therefore, it is better to replace its old springs with good quality ones and prevent them from pets when possible. 

Faulty leveler

A leveler or handle is significant for the proper functioning of your recliner chair. You take every step for its proper functioning, but the problem occurs when the leveler stops working.

It happens due to one or more missing screws on its surface. You should find it near and under the sofa because these are the most relevant spots you can find it.

It can also happen when there is some crack or broken part in the wire connecting it to the power supply. You can support it with the help of tape; otherwise, you have to replace it with the new one. Get it in good quality and ensure the size is appropriate to the hole in the chair.

Open its bottom and front side nuts with the help of a screwdriver and gently remove the wire barrel.

Put the new one in this place and tighten all nuts. Insert the barrel of its wire and move its latch to check its functioning. 

Parts are hard to find

A common problem I faced using my recliner was its parts were hard to find. You will not find any specific store for these parts.

Many people consider it a waste of money when they cannot find these parts easily. Ultimately, you have to contact its manufacturer to replace the faulty parts.

It will again create an unfavorable situation when the manufacturer is not local and based far away. It is essential to ensure the warranty and availability of its parts in case of any fault in its functioning.

It is essential to get this guarantee to increase its longevity and to use it for a longer time. 

A tight footrest 

You can face the tight footrest, which is irritating and needs immediate attention. It happens when the footrest does not move upward or backward, even when you apply the force.

Avoid extra pressure on it because you can break it while fixing the problem. The most important cause of this tightness is stiffness and lack of lubrication.

You need to readjust the spring connection to solve the problem. In addition, it is better to lubricate the joints on the lower back side of the footrest to reduce the increased tension. 

Uncomfortable seat

Sometimes you feel its foam is not providing you the desired comfort level, so it is time to check its padded seat. It is due to the sagging of its foam, which becomes unable to relax your body.

It is better to assess the foam inside it and check its condition. You need to replace its padded foam with high-quality, durable foam. You can also change its springs to increase its cushioning abilities and get the desired comfort level. 

Knocking sounds

You hear a continuous knocking noise from your recliner every time you sit on it. It sounds like you adjust the handler to move the footrest upward or downward.

It affects its real purpose because these seats relax your body for some time, but these irritating sounds continuously disturb you.

It mostly happens when its internal parts continuously rub together and produce this squeaking sound. Another significant cause is to move the handler in a hurry.

You need to lubricate its nuts and bolts to get rid of this uncomfortable situation. Try to move the handler gently to prevent it from making this noise. 

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