How to Keep Kitchen Trash Can from Sliding on Floor?

How to Keep Kitchen Trash Can from Sliding on Floor?

The trash can is a must for every kitchen because it helps keep your place neat and clean, but sometimes it’s sliding on the floor can create a problem.

Its presence reflects personal hygiene because it is helpful to store all the garbage created during cooking.

How to Keep Kitchen Trash Can from Sliding on Floor? You can keep the kitchen trash can from sliding on the floor by placing it appropriately with minimum foot traffic. For example, it is better to place the trash can in a corner, in a cabinet, beneath the sink, and between two electronic items. In addition, you can use silicone mats and furniture grippers, offering a sufficient attachment of the trash can to the floor. Furthermore, you can attach it to the door using a magnet and hooks.

The garbage-free area looks attractive, and a person feels a sense of relaxation during work when there is no mess all around.

The sizes and quality of trash can vary, but the functionality remains the same, and you should use a better quality product that you can disinfect regularly.

Use a good quality trash can

Various dustbins in the market are made of wood, metal, plastic, stainless steel, and composites.

Stainless steel is the most suitable product because it is more hygienic due to its easy disinfection.

Stainless steel trash can easily stay in its position due to its weight and quality and helps you fix the problem of falling off the garbage.

A wooden garbage bin is also a better option because it stays in a specific place, but you cannot put wet garbage in it.

Place the trash can in a Corner

You can adjust it in your kitchen corner but keep in mind there should be no exposure to water because moisture collects insects.

Many people love to keep it near the cooking corner because it is easy to put the garbage in it during cooking but try to cover it with the lid.

This product is helpful to decorate an empty corner and it will prevent kitchen trash cans from sliding on the floor.

You should avoid placing it at the entrance because it should be in a corner that remains out of sight from the dining area.

Keep the trash can under the kitchen sink

Since there is no frequent foot traffic under the sink, keeping these under the sink is a common practice.

It is less likely to slide on the floor under the sink but close its lid to avoid contamination by the water.

I have this installation at my place, and it is easy to put the wasted food in the dustbin at the time of washing, and then you can give this food to the animals.

Put the trash can in the kitchen cabinet

By placing the trash can in the cabinet, you can make it out of sight by creating a more neat and clean look for your place.

Commonly, sometimes peels of vegetables and fruits fall on the floor during their disposing of, but by keeping in the cabinet, you can manage this falling lately if you are not free.

Its placement in the cabinet avoids the risk of sliding on the floor because it is not in your way, and it is safe from sudden kicks.

You have to make it empty regularly because a foul smell may arise from the closed cabinet.

Free-standing cupboard

A free-standing cupboard containing the kitchen trash can is suitable to avoid this problem of falling on the floor.

You can place it in the cupboard by keeping it in a corner or near the cooking area to have easy access.

You can decorate it by placing the flower vase, decoration piece, and a standing quartz clock on the top of this cabinet.

It demands a proper space for its installment, and it is not feasible for small kitchens of an apartment-type home to have this separate cabinet for garbage.

Fix the trash can with the door

You can fix a metallic product with the door by placing a magnet on the backside of the door as it mostly remains open.

Door stoppers are also helpful in this regard, and the magnet will make it bound with the door.

It will keep it safe from sliding on the floor, and it will be out of sight due to the presence of a door in front of it.

When you need to clean the garbage, you can detach it from the magnet.

The presence of plastic bags inside brings more easy disposal of the garbage.

Installation of a stand

You can put a trash can on a wooden or steel stand, but you must put it in a proper spot or corner.

The stand will keep it at a side, and children and animals are not likely to touch it present at a suitable height.

It requires some money to expand, but it can eliminate the chance of sliding off the dustbin on the floor.

Hanging trash cans

Small kitchens are more likely to have hanging products because this helps save space for other stuff.

Hanging trash cans are items of modern homes because an interior designer fixes them by giving a style statement.

A simple man finds it difficult to mix and match it with the interior, but it will surely help you reduce the chance of falling on the ground.

You have to carry firm support for its hanging because weak support does not bear the heavy-weighted stainless steel material.

Silicone mats

Place rubber mats below the kitchen trash can to keep it fixed with the ground making it unable to move on the floor.

These are silicone mats consisting of anti-slip agents, and many people find them perfect for their kitchen area.

I have these silicone mats, and it is difficult to move them because of the sticking ability of this material.

Keep it between two types of equipment

You can keep the trash basket from falling on the floor by placing it between two types of electronic items.

You can place it between the water dispenser and refrigerator but at a suitable distance from both of them.

It will save the corner space, where you can keep some other things or keep it free to make your area look big.

You have to be careful about your children going and throwing the garbage at this place because electronic items are not safe for children.

Fix it with the worktop

A worktop is a place where you perform many tasks while cooking the food, and many people find it easy to have a trash basket right after it.

It helps to provide a quick way to dispose of waste and is suitable for every kitchen, big or small.

You can fix it with silicone mats with hooks in the wall adjacent to the countertop, and by placing the plastic bags inside, you can easily clean it without removing the product from the support.

Furniture gripper pads

Furniture gripper pads consist of adhesive material allowing the efficient fixing of the products with the ground.

These are easy to use, and by peeling and sticking to the floor, you can eliminate the risk of sliding off the trash can.

You have to clean the surface to make it dirt-free for a significant attachment with the ground that lasts for a long time.

Do not allow pets in the kitchen

Many people love to have pets like dogs and cats at their place and usually do not restrict them to outside.

These pets are free to move in the home, even in the kitchen, where their main target is always the trash basket.

By restricting them, you can reduce the risk of sliding off the dustbin on the floor because once they enter, you can see a mess in just a few seconds.

Avoid overflowing

You have to clean your kitchen trash can regularly and make it free from the garbage making it less free to move on the floor.

Before it starts to overflow, dispose of the garbage to a landfill or any other place away from society because its disposal in the streets can bring health hazards.

It is best to recycle your garbage, which is good for the environment and you. Burning the waste is not an appropriate and precise option.

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