How to Keep Kitchen Floor Clean While Cooking?

How to Keep Kitchen Floor Clean While Cooking?

The kitchen floors are the places that are more susceptible to spillages and stains. In your kitchen, during cooking, spices, sugars, and food crumbs fall on them and give them a bad appearance. You can keep the mop in your kitchen for their early clearing.

How to Keep Kitchen Floor Clean While Cooking? You can keep the kitchen floor clean during cooking by putting all the shredded waste materials and peels in the dust bins. You can use rugs under cutting boards so they cannot slip from the marble shelves and produce a mess. It is better to clean the spillage and stains as early as possible. You can also use rugs on the sides of the stove and near your refrigerator to keep your floors clear. After preparing food, you should mop the floor and place the dish rack near the sink. You should clean the countertops and place the spatula on the plates. In addition, use the measuring cups for spices and other cooking materials to keep the floor clean.

You must also deep clean them after cooking a large amount of food. You can use any commercial cleaner or home-based materials for cleaning, including vinegar and baking soda.

Use dust bin

During cooking, you have to place different items in a dust bin to reduce the mess on the floor.

Sometimes, people do not use a dust bin near them, making the surroundings dirty and giving a bad look to the interior.

You can put the peels of the vegetables and waste pieces of the fruits in it. In addition, you can also waste the bones of the meat in it during the washing process.

You can also use small bowls on the countertops during the cutting and shredding process to put the waste material.

Place rug under cutting boards

The cutting board is primarily used in the cooking area to cut vegetables and other food products into small pieces.

They are beneficial to use because they can make the cutting of the vegetables quick and easy. In addition, they also reduce the chance of injury during the shredding process.

When you place these cutting boards on the marble shelves, they start to slip from this material. Their continuous slippage will cause small pieces to fall on the floor.

When your foot accidentally comes on these pieces, it will make the kitchen messy.

However, you can keep them clean by placing the rugs under your cutting boards to prevent slippage, which in return makes the surroundings clean.

Dry the spillages

The accidental spillage of drinks, including hot and cold beverages, will also occur during serving to family members and guests.

It is necessary to soak up the watery residues by dry mop. You can also make them dry by soaking the water and other drinks with a dry towel.

In addition, when you put water in some dishes, including soups, vegetables, and meat products, there is also the chance of their spillage.

You can reduce their spillage by using measurement cups, so you do not need to put water directly. This is an ideal method to keep the floor clean, and you do not have to worry about it.

Pick up the items from the kitchen floor

Sometimes, food items spill on the floor during cooking, and people think they will collect them after food preparation.

During the preparation of food, the feet of the incoming person will press this material and create a mess in the kitchen.

In addition, if water spills on their surface, it will also make the interior dirty and look bad.

It will be beneficial to pick up the food items from the floor with your hands and put them in dustbins; otherwise, kitchen floor tiles can crack.

Sometimes the bread crumbs also fall during the preparation of different food products.

Use rug on the sides of the stove

The stoves are the more vulnerable places during food preparation during the movement of a spoon in the cooking utensils.

The splashes from your cooking utensils come near the stove when you move the spatula in it. These liquid splashes directly come on the kitchen floor if you do not put something near the stove.

You can keep them clean and clear by placing rugs or mats near the stove. Moreover, you should use fabric rugs near the stove because the plastic ones will melt due to the stove’s heat.

The placement of rugs decreases the mess and reduces the risk of slipping utensils from marble shelves.

Use pre-cut ingredients

Most of the time, the kitchen floor gets dirty during cleaning, washing, peeling, and shredding of the food products.

You can resolve this problem by cutting and peeling near the waste bins to put the waste materials in them.

In addition, pre-cut canned ingredients, including fruits and vegetables, are also available in the market at reasonable prices.

These pre-cut food items reduce the mess and save your time and effort during food cooking.

Moreover, pieces of meat products also come in a can, and you have to put them in your cooking utensils for preparation directly.

Most of my friends who have hectic routines and do jobs buy these ingredients in their homes to reduce the workload and mess during cooking.

Mop the kitchen floor after washing dishes

When washing utensils during cooking, use them again to serve your family members and friends.

The water comes on their surface during washing dishes and other utensils. Therefore, it is necessary to mop the floor after dishwashing to soak water.

Most kitchen floors are made up of vinyl or wooden material, so it is necessary to soak up the water from their surface to reduce the risk of damage.

Some of them are also made up of marble materials which can increase the risk of slippage, so you can dry it by using a clean towel, and it will also give them a clear appearance.

Clean the kitchen countertop 

The countertops are the most affected sides during the cooking and preparation of foodstuffs. For example, the splashes from the cooking utensils during the boiling of vegetables and soups come on these countertops.

You can place the rugs or plastic sheets on their surface so you can clean them after cooking.

After food preparation, it will take much effort to clear the countertops and the floor.

You can decrease your workload by using mats or sheets on the countertops, and it will also make the kitchen floor clean.

In addition, you can also use the kitchen cleaners to wash them so debris and dirt from their surface cannot come downward.

Place dish rack near the sink

During food preparation, people place the dishes and other utensils in the dish racks. These utensils present in these racks also contain food remaining, and some of them also have water.

When you put these racks away from the sink, it will increase the chances of the floors getting dirty.

So instead, you can place this dish rack near the sink so waste materials come in it and you can collect them.

It is also beneficial because the dripping water will come down when you wash the dishes and put them in racks.

You can resolve this issue by setting them near the sink so water cannot come down and seep into the sink bowl.

Put rug near the fridge

The fridge or freezer is where people put their frozen items, fruits, and vegetables to prevent them from spoilage.

When you take these items from the fridge to the stove, there is a chance of their accidental spillage.

You have to wash them using a specific cleaner and then wait for their surface to dry. You can fix this problem by placing rugs near the fridge.

The placement of mats will keep the floor clean, and you can wash them if they get dirty.

Use plates for putting a spatula

During the preparation of different food materials, many people place spatulas directly on the shelves. The splash of the different residues also makes the kitchen dirty and look bad.

You can reduce the splashing by putting the spatula on plates after stirring it in cooking utensils. This idea will prevent your floors from stains of different foodstuffs.

After cooking, you only have to wash the plate, not all the surfaces, which takes more time and effort.

Clean the stains

Sometimes people serve different beverages to their guests before lunch and dinner. There is so much mess in the kitchen during cooking, so there is a chance that beverages accidentally spills on the floors.

You should quickly clean these stains by using different stain removal cleaners. In addition, you can also use a mixture of baking soda with white vinegar to remove the stains and keep the kitchen floor clean.

When you do not remove it early, they will get stuck with the surface and cause problems afterward.

Cook slowly and with care

Some people do cooking in a short time they do the work as early as possible. 

In addition, the chances of spillage also increase during quick cooking. Therefore, it is necessary to prepare food slowly and clean up all the mess side by side in your spare time.

You can keep it clean during food preparation by doing all the home chores slowly and with special care.

Use specific measuring cups

The different measuring cups are available in the market with measuring scales. These measuring cups are beneficial to use in the kitchens.

They are helpful, so you can easily take the things like spices out from their packets one time, and you do not have to put them back.

You can measure the specific quantity in these cups and use them for cooking your favorite food.

Put old bedsheets on the floor while cooking

Old bed sheets are present in every home; you can utilize them in your kitchen to keep the floor clean during food cooking.

You can place the old bedsheets near the stove area or refrigerator area. These places are more susceptible to spillage so you can set the bedsheets in these areas.

It is a cost-effective method to keep your kitchen floor clean and prevent them from spillage of food items.

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