How to Fix a Futon That Won't Stay Up?

How to Fix a Futon That Won’t Stay Up?

The futon is a type of sofa bed in a western style of furniture, but it is only a mattress in Japanese culture. However, the western style has made a mix of both, which is a convertible sofa with a futon mattress.

How to Fix a Futon That Won’t Stay Up? You can fix a futon that won’t stay up by using the thin mattress, removing the pin, tightening the loose bolts, and rearranging the rollers. Furthermore, repair its damaged wooden frame, replace the metallic part and add wooden sticks.

You should prioritize the above-mentioned factors as they are not challenging to fix once you diagnose the issue. These last for years if you treat them with care and maintenance.

Use thinner mattress

The wooden structure of the futon is not strong and strengthens like a sofa bed. The mattress is its essential feature because the weight of the mattress counts. 

The futon mattress is a mandatory part and comes with it already. It is up to you to want to change it and put on the new thick or thin mattress.

However, the structure highly depends on the weight of the mattress, which ensures that its back stay put and does not keep falling flat.

Therefore, it is essential that you check for this issue if you are facing the back of the futon is not staying up. A heavy mattress can be the culprit behind this problem.

It is recommended that you should not change the mattress with which it comes. It is placed on it according to the size and weight-bearing capacity of the wooden structure. 

Remove the pin

There are two types of pins that are present in the center of the two-seat and back frames on the futon. These pins help in folding up and flatting down the futon into a couch and bed. 

However, these pins help roll the wooden joints to move between two states, like a bed and a couch.

Sometimes, these pins can cause trouble and get stuck. The stuck pins, which are clevis and cotter pins, will not perform their function properly.

Furthermore, the pins will not let the back of the futon stay in the upright position. Instead, it will keep falling back into a flat position.

You should look and inspect them, whether they are the issue causing factor behind this. Then, it is better to remove the pins and fix them again.

It will solve your issue to some extent, and you can put it back in the couch form.

Moreover, there is a possibility that you put them wrong if you did the assembly of parts yourself. Mistakes like this can happen, and you can fix them.

Tighten the loose bolts

The whole wooden structure of the futon is highly dependent on the nuts and bolts. Therefore, there is a high possibility that these bolts have gone bad. 

In addition, they have become a victim of rusting and corrosion or have become loose. 

However, they can become loose due to the excessive use of the futon. Moreover, it can happen if you put more pressure and force when changing it to a bed or sofa.

It is better not to put excessive pressure on them when trying to change them into either position. Battling with it can cause the nuts to lose and weaken the joints.

Furthermore, it is the apparent reaction of the futon in response to extra force on it. You do not know how many nuts or bolts are loose and affect the joints.

However, you should inspect the nuts when you experience this issue. Replace the bolts if the rusting has caused damage.

You can remove them and put them back. 

Re-arrange the rollers

The rollers are present beneath the frame of the seat of the futon. Therefore, there can be more than two rollers to adjust them in the upright position. 

In addition, some people put the seat at a straight 90-degree angle, and some prefer it in a reclining position.

However, there are at least two rollers beneath the seat. These rollers slide on the main frame of the futon.

The main frame is like the one in beds. These frames support the slats to stay balanced.

Moreover, these rollers are present in the direction of the slat of the seat, which is a vertical angle. So they have a small space between the two, so you can adjust them when they touch the frame.

The seat then stops at this position, but you want to put in the upright angel. You should hear the sound of rollers sliding over two times.

It means the rollers are alright, and the back of the futon can stay up. However, the problem arises when you do not hear the sound for the second time.

Well, it is not a thing to worry about and panic about it. You only need to put it back in the flat position and again push it back into the seating position.

Rearranging the slat frame and rollers will work whenever you face this issue. These are some minor issues, but people are not aware of them.

Repair its wooden frame

There is a high chance that the wooden frame can get damaged due to any reason. For example, it can be because of kids jumping on it. This also happens when you use it as a permanent bed.

It can happen due to excessive weight on it when too many people are sitting on it at the same time.

These cannot bear excessive weight, which is why they come with light and thin mattresses. 

You should be careful about putting weight on it beyond its capacity. It is better to check the frame from time to time.

It can help you to identify the issue early before you sit and it falls back. It can cause you injury, or you can hit your head on the wall.

You can repair the wooden frame if there is any crack or a broken slat. You can fix the broken and cracked wooden parts with wood glue.

Replace metallic part

They have metal frames, and the metal is more prone to rusting and corrosion. In addition, the water can cause the metal to rust.

Furthermore, it can happen when you clean it with water mixed with bleach. It is the enemy of the metal, and the joints are affected in this process.

However, you should consider replacing the damaged metallic part of the futon if the rust is not repairable.

You can try to clean the rust with lemon, salt, and vinegar. However, it will be best if your problem is solved with this hack.

Otherwise, you can replace it with new parts, and these should be equal to the previous one’s size.

Add wooden sticks

This is the last solution if none of the above works and you cannot find any reason. It is tricky, but you can ask your carpenter to make a wooden stick.

I can give you an example to understand my concept of dealing with this issue. You can consider the example of a photo frame that stays put due to the back support.

The thin wooden sheet behind the photo frame helps it to stand in a vertical position. You can fold it when you want to put it aside in the drawer.

It is the same with the back of the futon. It is better to add a small wooden slat with zigzag edges on the surface facing the ceiling.

The edges will help them stick to adjust, and the back will stay up.

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