Can a Futon Be Used as a Permanent Bed?

Can a Futon Be Used as a Permanent Bed?

A futon was an original item in Japan where people still liked to sleep on the floor. However, the western futon is different from the Japanese one as it has a frame that can turn into a bed or a sofa.

Can a Futon Be Used as a Permanent Bed? You can use a futon as a permanent bed as it is space efficient and comfortable. In addition, it is affordable and lightweight as compared to the sofa bed.

It is essential to consider that the futon sofa bed should be strong as you do not want the mattress to sink. Furthermore, consider the choice of the mattress as well when you use it as a permanent bed.

How to use a futon as a permanent bed?

The futon is a convertible furniture item that you can use as a bed and a couch according to your requirement. 

It is efficient in that aspect as you can benefit from two separate items in one piece. 

Furthermore, it comes with a futon mattress which is a thin mattress filled with a cotton pad. It is different than the regular thick mattress you put on the base of the bed.

Moreover, you can fold it because it is soft and thin. 

Its mattress is also quite comfortable if you prefer to sleep on the back. However, it is not ideal if you sleep on your sides.

Therefore, you can use your preferred quality of mattress on the wooden structure. The wooden structure is just a base of slats that you put in the frame.

However, you should confirm that the wooden slat base is strong enough to bear the weight of the mattress.

You can add more slats in the gaps between the existing slats to ensure the safety and strength of the futon. 

It is essential because its slats have more space than regular slat bases. As a result, the mattress can sink between them and cause damage.

Moreover, you will not be able to enjoy the night’s sleep.

Why would you use a futon as a permanent bed?

The concept of the futon is divided into two items as it is considered as a sofa that you can shift to a bed form. 

It is a western type that many people use in their houses as both a couch and a sleeping surface.

Space efficient

The most beneficial aspect of a futon is that you can use it even in a small room. You can utilize it as a sleeping surface and sofa whenever you need to shift. 

Furthermore, it is best for small apartments and lounges as it does not occupy much space. It is also possible to turn it into a permanent bed.

People who live in studio apartments prefer to use a piece like this which can save them space. In addition, it comes in sizes such as twin, double, queen, and king sizes.

Moreover, they need wall space for balance and support so that you can place them only on one side of a room.

They do not have a headboard, which allows you to fill the wall behind it as you want. Instead, you can use a storage headboard, which is also space efficient.


They are more comfortable as the body sinks into the mattress in case you use its mattress. 

However, you can change its mattress for the same type but thicker than the existing one. In addition, it is your personal choice of comfort you decide to choose for yourself.

Its slat base can work as a base for a standard bed, and you will not be disappointed. 

You can put a regular foam polyester mattress on if you do not want to use it as a sofa anymore.

I do not recommend using any other mattress if you have plans of using it as a bed and couch from time to time.

Moreover, the regular mattress will not fold like a futon one. Therefore, you only have to change the mattress for your ease and do not worry about whether it will be comfortable or not.


These are highly affordable in comparison to sofa beds. However, they both serve the same purpose, so why not choose an inexpensive and durable one?

In addition, you will have to change the foam of the sofa if it goes bad and lose its firmness. It is to be noted that the sofa has foam fixed in it, whereas the futon does not have a sewn mattress.

Furthermore, its mattress is not expensive either, and you can replace it whenever you want and think that the old enough has gone bad.

Moreover, it is perfect for you if you live alone in a small apartment.

In addition, no one will be able to guess if it is the bed or a futon. Finally, you can put a cover sheet with beautiful prints on it and place side tables on both sides.

You can also put it in the guest room if you are running on a budget and want a place for your guest to sleep and rest.


They are the most preferable product to get, in case you want something lightweight. It is thoughtful of the manufacturers that made it lightweight.

In addition, everyone can put it back into bed or a sofa in a single movement, whether he is an older adult or a kid.

Moreover, you can move it from one place to another with ease. Finally, the frame is light in weight because its purpose is to shift from bed to sofa.

The heavy frame will require energy and strength. Not everyone can put in such force, and you cannot wait for a strong person to come and change it.

What are the things to consider when using a futon as a permanent bed?

It is a little lower than a sofa which can be difficult for an older person with joint pain. Furthermore, the disabled person whose immobility is affected cannot utilize it.

Moreover, it takes time to get used to the futon mattress as it does not feel like a regular mattress.

It is essential that you check the stability and strength before getting a new futon. You should also confirm the stiffness of the slats because you cannot waste money on something that will not serve you for long.

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