How to Attach Divan Bed Linking Bars?

How to Attach Divan Bed Linking Bars?

Unlike other traditional beds, divan beds come in two portions known as linking bars. The connecting procedure of these two portions is simple and less time taking. When you purchase the new one from the market, it is split into two halves.

How to Attach Divan Bed Linking Bars? You can attach the divan beds linking bars using nickel plates, external link bars, and U-clip. You can also use the center clip, mess bolts, wing bolts, and universal interlocking plates to connect them to place the mattress properly.

It is necessary to assemble them correctly to protect the mattress from lumping and sagging from the center. The little gap between these two sections also increases the risk of wear and tear in the mattress, and you feel tired when you get up in the morning.

Nickel plates

Nickle plates are available in different sizes to secure wooden furniture. You can use them on upholstered items because of their unique and attractive design.

It does not give your bed a bad or unattractive appearance when you add them outside. First, you have to select the appropriate lengths from the market.

These have variable lengths, and people select them according to their use. These are plated with chrome or brass material that gives a decorative appearance.

These are longer plates that can easily grasp the two parts, and you can secure them with screws. You can interconnect the linking bars by moving two sections closer.

It is also essential to keep both portions in the same direction and meet them perfectly to avoid any challenging situation.

The proper connection is necessary because poor adjustment looks bad and disturbs the mattress’s placement.

Check from the rear or front sides that both parts are equal. Again, the chances of slipping occur due to the presence of casters under the legs of the bed.

Secure the two ends of the nickel bars with screws from each side. First, move the screws with your hands and then take a wrench to tighten them.

The holes for adding screws are already present in the upholstered material.

External link bar

You also need to secure the linking bars externally with the external link bar. These are available in chrome or brass material, and you have to add them on both sides of the bed.

You need the four screws and two external link bars to secure the two portions of the divan beds. These types of furniture have already drilled a hole in the upholstery for the use of external bars.

These are also longer in size and secure the two parts perfectly. I prefer to use large bolts that are easy to remove and add.

Take the two bolts and tighten the front end carefully. Then, use the other two holes to secure the two halves from the rear end.

Move towards the front and rear sides to check that they are correctly aligned at the same position.

Tighten the screws with a wrench after ensuring their exact position. The fastening is essential to hold the two parts together and decrease the chances of slippage.

U clip

It is a U-shaped material made up of plastic or metal, and you have to attach them on the internal sides of the divan bed linking bars.

Many people prefer to select metal ones because of their durability. The plastic types are less costly and easy to install but less durable.

These can also break when children jump and play in bed due to excessive pressure. It cannot bear the weight of the mattress and sudden jerks during the children’s jumping.

Attach the casters on the lower side for movement of two ends. Meet the divan linking bars so they can come closer to each other.

Move their two upper parts to the upright position to secure them with U-clips. Next, you have to attach them from the inner side.

Meet the two flat ends, and then hold them perfectly with these clips. These contain two holes for placing screws to fasten the wooden and upholstered furniture.

It is also necessary to lower the platform base so it cannot damage or displace the metal or plastic clips.

Center clip

The center clips are pre-installed on the divan bed base so you can connect the linking bars correctly. You do not have to invest in screws and bolts separately to interconnect them.

The central clips are pre-screwed into the upholstered material with small bolts. These are present on the inner side, and you can find them by slightly displacing the two ends.

Move the two portions away from each other, and you can see two clips on each side.

According to the manufacturing company, these are made of metal, chrome, or brass material. First, you have to slot one side into the other to secure and hold the two halves of the base together.

In this method, you need the help of your friends to hold one part and protect it from slippage. Then, you can slightly move the other part upward to slot it into the opposite end.

It is a reliable method because you can disassemble them while shifting furniture.

Use of bolts

You can use the simple mess and wing bolts to secure the linking bars of divan beds together. Wing bolts have a large surface area that can hold the two halves properly.

You also have to attach these two bolts from the inner side. Finally, you need the four wing or mess bolts to join the two portions together.

You have to add two on each side so they cannot slip when you add weight to them.

Drill the holes from the inner side, fasten the two bolts at one side that are opposite in direction, and repeat the procedure with the opposite side.

Universal interlocking plates

The universal interlocking plates are made of high-quality material, which is useful for interconnecting heavy parts.

It is mostly used in upholstered and wooden furniture to hold their different joining ends. You can also use them for divan beds linking bars.

These provide firm support because of their high-strength material. In addition, these are robust and can firmly hold the two halves.

You have to attach these universal plates to the outer side of the beds. Then, you have to put the pressure on two halves so they can come closer and reduce the distance between them.

Attach the interlocking metal plates and tighten the screws with a wrench to decrease the risk of displacement.

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