How Should a Box Spring Fit on a Bed Frame?

How Should a Box Spring Fit on a Bed Frame?

A bed needs a foundation or support to provide extra comfort and support to your body. Box spring is a type of base that acts as a shock absorber for the bedding.

How Should a Box Spring Fit on a Bed Frame? You can fit the box spring in the bed frame by getting the exact size of the support. Take the dimensions of the outer frame and mattress and get the exact height of the coil support. Place the bed slats equally and place the box spring on them. Then place the mattress on the support and cover it. It is required to support the mattress and absorb shock. Memory and latex foam mattresses do not require such support. When it does not fit the frame, fill the gap between them using plywood.

A comfortable and sturdy bed frame and mattress are essential to enjoy a sound sleep.

How to fit a box spring on a bed frame?

These types of foundations are available in assembled form. You do not attach many pieces to assemble them. It is an easy task to fit it into the framework.

Measure the dimension of the bed frame and mattress

It is essential to measure the size of the frame and bedding. The box spring should match the size of the outer frame. Otherwise, it will not fit on the edges of the bed.

To do this, you will need a measuring tape. First, remove the pillows and cover them from the bed. Then take away the foam to measure the dimensions of the frame.

Measure the length by taking the size of the side walls of the mattress. Place the measuring tape on the front end and extend it to the frame’s rear end. Width is the distance between the opposite walls.

Measure both values and note them in a notebook for future use. Measure the length and width of the mattress in the same way. Place it on an even surface and take its accurate size.

Choose the exact height of the box spring

They vary significantly in their height and have different types depending upon their height. On average, the box spring height varies from 6 to 8 inches. Therefore, consider various factors before selecting the height of the base support.

First, consider the height of the mattress and how much lift you need in a bed. Then consider the height of the frame from the floor. Finally, consider the height difference between a headboard and other furniture like nightstands.

The age and weight of the person can also affect the choice of height. When you want to increase the bed height by 3 to 5 inches, use low-profile springs. When you want to increase the size to 7 inches, use a standard box spring.

Measure the spacing between slats

Some boxes are placed on the slats of the bed frame. For such type of foundation, check the spacing between the slats. The slats should have an equal distance between them.

On average, the spacing between the slats is 2 inches in a wooden bed. The gap between slats can be different for other types of furniture. Measure the gap between all the slats to check if they are equally spaced.

If they are not equally spaced, place them in the correct order. It also helps in maximizing the airflow toward the bedding.

You can add or remove the slats to make an even surface for the foundation and bed. The length and width of the new slat should be equal to the existing bars.

Place the box spring on the frame

For this step, you will need the assistance of a friend. Just hold it horizontally from both ends. Place it on the top of the frame and fit it there. It does not require nuts and bolts to fix the edges and walls. If the size is accurate, it will fit between the edges of the frame.

Place the thicker material side of the base in the up position. Just press it slightly to prevent it from sliding.

You have to take precautions when placing it on a metal bed framework. The sharp metal corners and screws can tear the fabric apart. Sometimes it consists of two pieces.

You have to place each piece one by one. When the furniture does not have slats fit the base on the side edges of the bed.

Place the mattress

Place the bottom side of the foam on the box spring. Place it in a way that the front and rear sides of both should match.

Do not leave any gap between the edges of the bedding and the base. It will cause the mattress to slip from the frame.

 You can also use rubber mats or nonslip pads between them to prevent the mattress from sliding. Now check the overall height of the mattress and sit on any side of the bedding to check the comfort level.

Why would you use a box spring on a bed frame?

It is a wooden frame that encloses metal coils or wooden grids. The wooden frame is enclosed in a cotton fabric. It serves to support and increase the height of the mattress. They are placed beneath the mattress on a footboard.

It helps in increasing the lifespan of the furniture. Reducing stress helps in minimizing the wear and tear of the mattress and frame.

They have many advantages over other bases or foundations of furniture. They are more durable, and the metal coils serve as shock absorbers to provide relief to the human body.

They are not strongly firm as a platform foundation. The bouncy qualities of these bases do not hurt our backs.

Increasing the mattress height helps in enhancing the airflow towards the upper side and reduces the growth of mildew and fungus.

How do I know if I need a mattress on a box spring?

Due to advancements and innovations in the world of furniture and upholstery use of box springs is diminished. But there are certain conditions under which you should have it.

The sagging mattress foam becomes thinner with time. The thinner mattress is uncomfortable and does not provide the necessary support to the back.

Its height also decreases due to the sagging of foam inside the covering. The foundation helps in uplifting the foam and leveling the height of the frame with other furniture.

Sometimes it is essential to use it because of the warranty of the mattress. You can check the tag to see if it is advised by the manufacturer to use it.

Can you place a new mattress on an old box spring?

These foundations are used for thin foams and bedding. They do not have any purpose alone. Ideally, you should change them simultaneously to get the best results.

You can use it as far as the coils and frame are functional. The outer wooden framework should have an intact surface to provide the necessary support. You should change it after every 10 to 12 years.

But it has some drawbacks. The older and worn-out foundation is unable to support the new bedding. The metal coils or wooden grids of the foundation get damaged over time.

You will face difficulty in claiming the warranty of the bedding. Some manufacturers advise using a mattress without foundation or with new support.

What type of mattress should not have a box spring?

This foundation goes well with traditional old bed frames and bedding. It is suitable for bedding with inner springs.

Sometimes the manufacturers specify the use of a box spring for bedding. Metal furniture with metallic rails should have these types of bases.

For example, memory foam and latex mattresses do not require coil springs for better support.

These are already firm and intact to provide rigidity and durability to the bedding.

Using spring coils support on this mattress will cause damage to the foam material. Furniture with wooden slats also does not require it. it will create an extra burden on the wooden slats and can harm the support.

What to do if the box spring does not fit on a bed frame?

Negligence in getting the exact dimension of the furniture will cause this problem. The difference in the box and frame size can create a big issue.

When the support is wider than the frame, replace it with a new one. When the frame is wide, then you can fill the gap between the frame wall and the foundation.

First, place the coil support on the frame and measure the gap between them. Then take a piece of plywood.

Cut the exact size piece of the wood and place it between the walls and the edges of the box spring. It will fit the support in the bed frame and prevent it from sliding.

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