Can You Put a Full Size Comforter on a Twin XL Bed?

Can You Put a Full Size Comforter on a Twin XL Bed?

People love to place full comforters on the foot side of the bed so they can take them when it is cold. You can enjoy a comfortable sleep because of its soft and fluffy stuff.

Can You Put a Full Size Comforter on a Twin XL Bed? You can put a full size comforter on a twin xl bed, and there is a difference between their widths. The dimensions of the twin XL beds range from 35 to 38 inches x 75 to 80 inches. Moreover, the full comforter size is 80 to 84 inches x 85 to 88 inches. You can use this comforter by adding bed risers which can increase height, resizing them, and placing the beds against walls.

You must match the size of the comforter with your bed to get rid of a challenging situation. It is better to match their sizes when you are selecting their colors and designs.

What are the dimensions of a full size comforter?

These are blanket-like accessories that people put on the foot side of the bed for decoration and a luxurious appearance.

These are pouches that are filled with polyester and wool. These provide a warm and cozy feeling when you take them in winter.

These come in the market with a variety of designs and dimensions. People select the correct measurements according to the height and sizes of their beds.

The classification based on its measurement includes queen, king, crib, and full-size comforter. The full type is suitable for large beds because of its markable length and width.

The width of the full-size comforter ranges from 80 inches to 84 inches and 203 cm to 213 cm. The length in inches ranges from 85 to 88 inches, and in centimeters, it is 214cm to 223cm.

What is the Size of a Twin XL Bed?

The beds have different dimensions so that people can select them according to their needs and the room’s space.

Many people who have large and luxurious home prefer to add twin xl beds because these are larger and gives a royal look to your room.

The width of this furniture ranges from 35 inches to 38 inches and 88 cm to 96 cm. In addition, these are 75 inches to 80 inches and 190cm to 203cm wider.

The slight difference in dimensions comes due to different brands or manufacturing companies. Therefore, you need larger sheets and comforters to cover them.

Can you use a full-size comforter on a twin xl bed?

You can easily put the full size comforter on the foot side of your twin xl bed. It provides a warm and cozy appearance and becomes a soft and comfortable place for sleeping.

Its width is different, but people are still using them. The comforters are wider than your bed and cover its lower end, giving a luxurious appearance.

It makes your furniture more appealing by giving modern touch. In addition, it protects the lower end from dust and dirt.

Moreover, you can also hide scratch marks on your furniture with this arrangement.

What are the disadvantages of adding a full-size comforter on a twin XL bed?

Many people do not like to add a full size comforter to twin beds. These are present closer to the floor and become dirty easily.

The dirt from the floor get absorbs in its soft fabric, and it becomes dirty. In this situation, you have to wash them frequently, which can damage the original fabric.

Moreover, it is constantly slipping from the mattresses due to their width, irritating people to put on the bed repeatedly.

It becomes challenging for people to set their bedsheets because of their wider dimensions.

How to select the correct size comforter for a Twin XL Bed?

The correct size selection is necessary, so you do not have to resize or fold them for their perfect look and placement on the beds.

It is essential to take the correct dimension of the bed when you are going to purchase them. Measure the size of your mattress and its frame.

In addition, it is also suitable to check its width because it can affect the width when you put them in the horizontal direction.

Measure the height of the frame and mattress from the floor. It means you have to take the distance between the base and the mattress.

How do you fit a full-size comforter on a Twin XL Bed?

I have added 4 different and easy methods to perfectly fit your full size comforter on twin xl beds without any effort. 

Add bed risers

Bed risers are added under the legs of the furniture to increase their height from the ground.

These are available in the market with various designs, colors, and manufacturing materials like wood, plastic, and cement.

You can select them according to the weight of your furniture so they cannot break when you load them.

Comforters are wider than your twin xl beds, but you can use them by adding risers.

The risers increase the height, and you can put them accurately. In this way, they become higher from the ground, and dust cannot catch them easily.

Locate in center

You can also change its placement method on your bed, so they are not flipping on the sides. Instead, you can wrap them so they can fit in the center location.

You can fold them, so their focal point becomes prominent and put them in the center as a box.

The extra fold can decrease their length and width, and these are not flipping on the sides, which seems unattractive in your room.

Arrange the bed against the wall

Many people complain that the extra comforter on the sides of their beds makes them look unattractive.

You can fix the issue by adding them against the walls so no one can see the extra layers on the side.

Fold the extra layers on the side of the walls to hide them and give a perfect look to your room. You can only do this when there is no focal point on your blanket.

It becomes an issue for you to add the extra side on the side of the wall when there is a focal point in them. However, you can do this method for the does that have an all-over print with the same design and shade.


Resizing or folding is the technique to modify the full-size mattress according to your twin xl bed. It depends on your sewing skills that how neat they are, and how you can perform this.

Many people do not want to invest in separate blankets when selecting new furniture. You can resize your old ones for the correct adjustment on new beds.

You can fold them from the corners if they are wider. Use the same thread color while sewing its corner so they cannot become visible during daylight.

You can also cut the extra corners and then sew the corners again for more perfection.

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