Can You Put a Sofa In Front of Patio Doors?

Can You Put a Sofa In Front of Patio Doors?

Patio doors are sliding doors that are present in your living room and opened in the patio area. Many people find it challenging to place sofas in front of these doors.

Can You Put a Sofa In Front of Patio Doors? You can put the sofa in front of the patio doors, but it depends on the method of placement, height of the backrest, and the time of the day. You can arrange them like you are facing the doors and also in perpendicular directions. Do not add them like their headrest is on the side of patio doors because it can block the light, moving area, natural view, and fresh air.

You can make the patio doors the focal point in your living room and decorate them for a stunning appearance. It can make your living room modern by enhancing its style, and you can easily access the outdoor areas.

Is it ok to put a sofa in front of the patio doors? 

You can put the couches in front of the patio doors of your living room, but it depends on different factors. For example, many people use their living room at night to sleep.

Moreover, people also arrange parties and gatherings at night. In this situation, you can put the couch in front of these glass doors.

You cannot see any natural view when there is dark outside instead of morning. The arrangement of furniture also depends on the type of doors.

There are two main types of markets sliding and hinged. The sliding ones do not need space for movement, and you can put anything near them.

The hinged type needs space for their opening and closing, and you cannot put the furniture near them.

The placement also depends on the type of sofas and the height of their backrest. You can add the single-seater sofas because they do not block the view as sectional because of their larger size.

In addition, many of these have long backrests for luxurious design. Adding your sectional sofa with an extended backrest on the side of these doors is not good.

How to put a sofa in front of the patio doors?

Avoid placing the couches against the patio doors because these can block the outside view. Instead, you can adopt different methods for their arrangement.

Add them to your living room like you are facing these doors, and enjoy the outside view and plants you have placed in the patio area.

It becomes a calming point when you get tired from busy routines. In addition, you can also add your sectional sofa in a perpendicular direction because it cannot cause any hindrance.

Moreover, you can arrange them in a central area to make these doors a focal area.

Add the sectional couch on the front side facing the window and two single-seater ones on both sides.

Place the coffee table between them to enjoy the evening tea with a gorgeous outside view.

How far should a couch be from the patio doors?

It is necessary to leave some distance between the couches and patio doors to protect them from damage.

The distance is also necessary to make cleaning easy, and you can clean the glass material easily.

In addition, it becomes easy for people to move through these spaces. The distance is necessary so you can easily remove the curtains to change them.

The distance protects the wall paints from damage by ensuring proper air circulation. The average distance between these two accessories should be 25 inches to 30 inches.

Why you should not put the sofa in front of the patio door?

You cannot put the couches in front of the patio doors like they are against the windows. It also looks unattractive when you add that their backrest is on the side of these sliding windows.

Block outside view

The sofas with large and extended backs block the outside view and disturb your focal point. People often consider this door the focal point instead of the TV and other accessories.

In addition, you can also decorate your patio area with colorful plants that provide a fantastic outside view from your living room.

It becomes calming and soothing for you to see them for a longer time and appreciate the beauty of nature.

Many people love to sit in their living rooms in the evening or morning to enjoy the natural views.

You cannot see outside due to this large backrest that covers almost half of the glass windows. Therefore, you cannot see the plants or greenery that you add in this area.

Scratches on wooden couches

The other type of these doors is the hinged type that needs space for their opening and closing. You cannot add furniture near these types because it can cause a problem.

You have to maintain a distance between them to protect the wood from damage. It is an issue for people with small living rooms because they cannot leave extra space for furniture adjustment.

The smart arrangement works there that can minimize the space and also provide an appealing look.

Block moving area

Placing couches in front of patio doors also takes up more space. In addition, you cannot freely move from their sides when their back is on the side of sliding windows.

It obstructs and limits your movement because of the bent backrest. Avoid this arrangement to move freely in the living room without hindrance.

You can fix the issue by selecting furniture with no extended backrests.

Moreover, adjust them in a specific style so that their back faces the window.

Block natural light

It blocks the entry of natural light and fresh air into the room, and you cannot get enough light. In this situation, people install daylight bulbs in their living rooms to mimic the action of natural sunlight.

The large backrests of the couches cover the glass windows up to the middle area, and you cannot get enough light in the room.

It becomes problematic for old people who need daylight to read the newspaper in the morning and enjoy their tea.

It also causes hindrances in air crossing, and you cannot get fresh air from the outside environment.

Hide the design of curtains

Many people add a variety of curtains on the patio doors for decoration. These curtains are of various designs and colors to make the living room attractive.

The backrest of the couches hides their designs and color when you add them in front of this door. The issue is more common when the curtains have a specific focal design.

You can fix the issue by selecting the curtains with one color and all-over print so it cannot hide the focal point.

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