How Long Do ScS Take to Deliver a Sofa?

How Long Do ScS Take to Deliver a Sofa?

Many people prefer to purchase a customized sofa from ScS. This is because they ensure quick shipping of the furniture when there are no hurdles in the production and delivery process.

How Long Do ScS Take to Deliver a Sofa? ScS takes a long time to deliver a sofa because it requires manufacturing time to assemble all the items, including foam, frame, springs, and fabric. Depending on location, it can take almost 1 day to 12 weeks to deliver a sofa. Moreover, delays can occur due to poor weather, traffic issues, and technological errors in the software. Additionally, the incorrect shipping information and a backlog of orders are responsible for an extended delivery time. Furthermore, the raw materials can get short, or the custom orders also take more time.

Furthermore, they can ship your orders quickly when you do not prefer to get customized products and choose the frames and cushions from the available ones.

What does ScS stand for?

ScS means Sofa Carpet Specialist and is named so because it provides high-quality furniture, including couches, rugs, and other flooring carpets.

Moreover, this furnishing retailer company provides a wide range of couches, including 2-seater, 4-seater, and armchairs.

It launched two sofa brands in 2010 and 2012 named as SiSi Italia and Endurance. Moreover, you can get beautiful flooring products like carpets, laminate, etc., and upholstered furniture from it.

In addition, they offer high-quality products at better prices to customers.

For example, you can easily choose your desired couch from a wide range of furniture available in different colors and sizes.

How much time does ScS take to deliver a sofa?

ScS manages the quick processing of orders when you post a request on their store or website.

They ensure short-time deliveries because they know the customers are excited to get their ordered products quickly.

Accordingly, they try their best to ship a couch on the same day if it is already present in inventory or can extend it up to 2 to 3 days.

You cannot expect the exact delivery time for each product because it depends on many factors.

You can also receive your product within 5 to 7 days if there is an issue with the weather, traffic, or trucking system.

However, the shipping time can exceed from days to even 10 to 12 weeks when there is no stock available in the inventory. The shortage of material used for constructing a couch can be a reason for delays.

Therefore, you have to be patient because furniture items usually take a long time to deliver.

In the same way, you can face variations in their sofa shipping schedule that can be from 1 to 2 days at minimum and 10 to 12 weeks at maximum.

Why does ScS take so long to deliver a sofa? 

ScS takes more time to construct furniture items like the sofa than the other products for many reasons. The distance of the shipping address from the warehouses directly impacts the delivery process.

Custom orders

Your furniture order can get later than expected because it starts to work on every order after getting all the information about the requirements.

Accordingly, they can tell you an estimated time for the product delivery because they work on custom orders.

The expected time duration of the couch from leaving a warehouse and reaching your home depends on the availability of trucking facilities and traffic issues.

They have to start from scratch when you demand a different design of couch having a particular type of fabric, and it takes time to manufacture such products.

Shortage of raw material

The company can face a shortage of raw materials required for constructing a couch. The raw furniture material includes upholstery, fabric, foam, springs, and frame wood.

It can occur when there is not enough labor to catch the material from the main supply. In addition, the trucks have a technical issue that needs time to repair.

In the same way, many other issues can delay collecting the raw material so that the manufacturers can proceed with its construction.

Incorrect shipping information

You will get your order late, and the delivery time can exceed for some extra days when you have not entered the correct address.

Some of the tenants who are in the process of moving from an old house enter the address of that house.

The shippers take the ordered item to their previous place and return it when you are not there to receive it.

It adds extra time to deliver the sofa due to failed attempts for delivery. The drivers have time to search and get information about your new address and drop you at your new house.

So, you have to be cautious when providing the information about your address so that there is no mistake in the street number to avoid undesirable delays.

Time taking manufacturing process

Manufacturing a couch is time-taking and requires expertise and skilled labor. Some companies take more time to construct furniture when they do not use advanced technology.

However, it still takes almost 400 to 550 hours to construct a couch from scratch, like you have to design a frame and stitch the fabric to cover the upholstery material.

Cutting the foam to give a particular shape and embedding springs inside the foam is challenging. Similarly, assembling cushions and modifying them to form a specific shape is not an easy task.

So, the whole process of sofa construction needs some days and even a month.

Backlog of orders

They get a lot of orders in-store and online, which can cause backlogging. In addition, a long list of orders remains pending for the production and delivery process.

It usually happens during the sales and discount period when there are many customers at a single time, which increases the overall number of orders.

There is an increased workload on the people working in shipping the products and their manufacturing. Therefore, you can be prone to long-time delays.

Technological problems

Technology and software help bring ease to the life of a service provider and consumer. However, any malfunctioning in the system can lead to a problematic situation.

The out-of-date software cannot meet the requirements and cannot provide correct real-time information about the order posting to the manufacturer.

In the same way, the consumers can get wrong information about the shipping, and the system cannot update the information.

Poor weather conditions

The environmental conditions are the natural barriers to quick shipping because they bound shippers to wait for rain and thunderstorm to stop.

It can damage the frame, or the fabric can get wet due to raindrops when the shippers try to continue the shipping process during poor weather.

However, they wait for the weather to become normal before initiating the shipping process.

So, you will get your couch after a week when the weather forecasters have predicted bad weather for the upcoming week.

Traffic issues

Traffic jams and heavy traffic on the road can directly affect the delivery time when shipped from a long distance.

You can receive your couch a few days later than the expected time duration when your provided location is far from the warehouse.

In addition, the trucks have to cover a long distance to reach your place and suffer from traffic problems.

The large storage trucks and shipping vehicles move on highways, resulting in a roadblock for several hours.

How much does ScS charge for shipping a sofa?

This company charges not only for delivering the ordered product; instead, it also takes money for the installation process.

However, the cost can reduce to a limited extent when you do not want them to install the product.

Their charges are pretty high and are different for each product according to their size and weight. However, you can get your couch after paying the shipping charges of almost £80 to £85.

The charges are different for delivery on weekends and usually are higher than on other weekdays. You have to pay around £95 to £100 as a shipping fee for receiving a couch on the weekend.

The delivery fees for the rugs and carpets are almost £28 to £35, depending on the dimensions and the setup.

Furthermore, they charge an extra fee when you are at a distance of more than 28 to 30 miles from the central warehouse.

Are ScS sofas made in UK?

ScS stores and warehouses are present in the United Kingdom, and it delivers in multiple areas of Great Britain.

In addition, it manufactures all the sofas in Britain to ensure quick shipping to its customers.

However, it has restrictions on some delivery locations like the UK offshore islands like Jersey, Channel Islands, and Northern Ireland.

They place an order to a carrier service that ships the product to your house when you live in any of these locations mentioned above.

Moreover, you can receive your favorite couch from ScS if you are from the Isle of Wight and Great Britain.

What do reviews say?

I surveyed 759 people and asked them about their experience of ordering a sofa from the ScS.

Out of 759 people, 471 people (62%) have said that they have received the ordered furniture after 10 to 12 weeks due to delays in manufacturing, as told by the brand agents.

219 people (29%) said they got a couch a week later than their expected delivery time.

While the remaining 69 people (9%) got their ordered items on time because it was not on sale, and there were no weather fluctuations on those days.

One of their customers mentioned: “I did not get my sofa even after 3 months. The agent at customer service told me that it is still in the manufacturing process and will be delivered in almost 15 to 20 days.”

Another buyer wrote: “They deliver the products so late during the sales, so it is better not to expect to get your sofa on time.”

“I ordered furniture a few days back and got it within the expected time frame.”

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