Where Do Sofology Make Their Sofas?

Where Do Sofology Make Their Sofas?

Sofology is a famous brand in the UK, and they prefer to make their own furniture to maintain its quality and value, ultimately attracting more customers and increasing sales.

Where Do Sofology Make Their Sofas? Sofology sofas are made in the UK, and they manufactured their own items before 2002, but now they have found other manufacturers in Europe. It was known as CSL and Sofaworks before getting the name Sofology, and now it is owned by DFS, a UK-based furnishing retailer acting as a parent company. Furthermore, it provides a wide range of sofas with varying materials, colors, and sizes. You can get couches at reasonable prices or in monthly installments.

Furthermore, it has been supplying furniture in the cities of the UK for a long time and ensures the satisfaction of its customers through superior services and product quality.

What type of furniture does Sofology provide?

Sofology is a British furnishing brand that provides a wide range of sofas, bed frames, bedding material, and related accessories.

It provides furniture at cost-effective rates and offers monthly installments to consumers to easily purchase their favorite couch from the store.


As the name indicates, it deals in durable, stylish, and appealing furniture of different designs, colors, and sizes.

You can purchase a 4-seater couch to accommodate many people, while a 3-seater is also trending to decorate a living room.

In addition, they provide a single armchair to adjust only one person that can be placed in the library zone with a floor lamp near it.

Similarly, you can check their in-store collection of couches made of different materials like leather and fabric.

In addition, there are almost 25 to 40 shades of color available in each item in the furniture category.

Beds and frames

You can find various types of beds that can add a luxurious feel to the room. It involves the traditional styles and the modern design beds like Cricket and Emperor in the collection.

In addition, an ethereal and infinity beds add versatility and visual interest to the bedroom.

They provide multiple sizes like full, king, or queen size beds so that you can easily choose according to the available space.

The bed accessories like the blankets, sheets, and storage boxes, are also available on this brand.

You can decide the color of your bed from the floral red and pinkish shades and elegant blue and gray shades.

In the same way, it allows consumers to get beddings in comfortable fabric that suits their taste.

The velvety fabric adds a soft and comfortable feel to the beds, while the frames are made of wood or steel material.

Other accessories

It provides accessories like couch cushions, rugs, lamps, etc., to give a cozy and appealing look to the room. These finishing touches can help create a difference in your room.

Moreover, floor and table lamps provide a warm texture and soft light. Cushions with contrasting colors and different patterns can add to the beauty of couches.

The bolster or scatter cushions having zigzag or vertical lines pattern look amazing on a grayish or bluish couch.

The floor rugs with no pattern appear beautiful on the wooden floor, while the woven rugs have colorful patterns that add a contemporary style to the room.

Accordingly, it helps create a focal point on the floor and captures visitors’ attention. Similarly, the center or side tables and sleek wall mirrors are also present.

Are Sofology sofas made in UK? 

It is a company operating in the UK and manufacturing the sofa and other products at the same place. This furniture brand was making its couches before 2002 and selling them.

In addition, these couches were manufactured in North Wales before it started sourcing products from other companies.

However, it ceased the manufacturing and started sourcing the furniture from other manufacturing industries in different regions of Europe, including Eastern and the Far East.

Are Sofology and Sofaworks the same companies?

Sofology is the new brand name of Sofaworks that was changed due to an infringement case. This case was put forward by a competitor brand that claims to have the same name.

Accordingly, the name was rebranded to Sofology in 2016 when it lost the case against the competing brand.

This brand had got several names in the past, including CSL sofas, which was the first name when this business was limited to an auction room.

After 1980, this brand became a retail manufacturer of couches and started manufacturing its furniture.

Is Sofology owned by DFS?

DFS, or direct furnishing supplies, owned Sofology in 2017 and controlled a few subsidiary operations as a parent company.

They have purchased the Sofology brand for almost £27 million. DFS is a well-known furnishing retailer brand dealing in upholster furniture and operates in Spain, Ireland, Netherland, and the UK.

In addition, it was a fourth addition to the DFS group, where three brands, including Dwell and two others, are already providing furniture items.

It was the third-largest brand of sofas providing services in the UK, so DFS preferred to add it.

Furthermore, they provide multiple services, including manufacturing, selling, delivering, and installing their products to facilitate their customers.

Is Sofology furniture good quality?

You can get durable and high-quality furniture from Sofology, which uses superior raw materials to construct a couch.

They ensure that it remains intact for almost 15 to 20 years, and the fabric color or the foam does not fade.

It provides multiple options to the consumers with varying colors, materials, and prices to get a product according to their budget.

One of my friends purchased a Gracy Range that was a recliner for almost £1520.

It looked fresh even after 4 to 5 years of usage, and there are still no cracks or fading in the fabric.

Does Sofology make expensive furniture?

It provides furniture at a cost-effective price that allows every type of customer to grab their favorite couch from them.

In addition, their monthly installments are an excellent opportunity for those who cannot afford the payment at once.

They can divide the payment into several parts that cover a 4-year duration. So, you can pay the money in monthly installments of 4 years.

Some people find their prices high because they do not waive off their rates and rarely go on sales.

They do not manufacture cheap products to boost their sales, but their priority is to provide better quality furniture to their customers that lasts for long.

I got a corner sofa for my living room for £3150, and the price was subdivided into almost £63 for each month and got completed after 4 years.

Similarly, they have Cricket corner sofa range as recliners, 4-seater, and 2-seaters couch for almost £1050 to £1200.

Furthermore, cushions and lamps have reasonable prices and do not offer an opportunity of paying the dues in installments.

You can easily get a bolster or scatter cushion for almost £30 to £37. It depends on your choice whether you want to pay the whole amount at a single time or ask for monthly installments.

Does Sofology take more time to ship a sofa?

It takes time in manufacturing and ship sofas like all other furniture brands.

It is laborious and time-consuming to construct a couch by assembling all the components.

Therefore, it is clear that the shipping of a couch takes time because the manufacturers release the product into the warehouse even after a month of requesting an order.

In addition, the time duration for shipping a sofa is almost 5 to 13 weeks. At the same time, the bed frames require extra time and take up to 16 weeks for construction.

What do the reviews say?

It offers couches of exceptional quality that remain flawless and intact for a long time.

One of their customers mentioned: “I have ordered a 2-seater leather sofa from Sofology that is still in perfect condition and looks graceful even after 6 years of usage.”

They have a great knowledgeable and cooperating staff providing better services to customers and guiding them about making the right decision.

Another buyer said: “I was confused about purchasing a couch for my living area, but their customer service guided me in selecting better furniture.”

It delivers couches so late that they sometimes exceed over months, resulting in customer frustration and lack of interest in the brand.

“I have confirmed an order of couch in May, and it’s been 4 months, and I am still waiting for it. I wish I had not ordered from Sofology because they are asking me to wait for one more month.”

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