Does Lowes Move Furniture When Installing Carpet?

Does Lowes Move Furniture When Installing Carpet?

Many people prefer to install carpets by themselves without removing furniture, but it does not give a fine look to the floor.

It is better to hire professionals like Lowes to avoid wasting investment on the rugs as they can fix them smoothly by using the tools and instruments.

Does Lowes Move Furniture When Installing Carpet? Lowes moves furniture when installing carpet because it is essential to remove the heavy items from the room that interfere with the carpet’s adjustment on the floor. In addition, it can help reduce the formation of impressions by correctly stretching it close to the wall. Furthermore, they can easily uplift heavy items when you want to replace the old furniture.

They charge a small amount and provide expert services to help avoid injuries when you try to move the heavy couch yourself.

What type of carpets does Lowes offer?

Lowes is an American company that provides beautiful, high-quality carpets to improve your home.

It provides easy-to-install products so customers can furnish the floors by themselves. Moreover, they also offer a service for rugs installation to their customers.

You can replace your old floor mat with a plush or textured one to give a refreshing look to your room.

Furthermore, you can get the floor mats of different brands from it or choose the ready-made mats of pattern or loopy designs.

Why would Lowes move furniture when installing the carpet?

Lowes offers dual services of carpets of different designs and materials and a team of professional workers to fix the floor matting.

Additionally, they do so to help their regular customers who do not know how to fix it on the floor.

Quick and easier carpeting

Removing almost 40 to 50% of the furniture from the room is essential for better results.

It helps the workers to do their tasks quickly and efficiently. Therefore, it becomes easy to roll down the whole mat on the floor and fix it quickly.

However, the presence of dining tables or bed frames can interfere with the application and must be removed.

Professional heavy lifting

They help their customers by providing heavy lifting services from their professional workers.

They have special instruments to lift the furniture from one side to put it on the floor.

Moreover, their team has 2 to 4 people who can remove the furniture by uplifting it and dropping it outside the room.

Protection of breakable items

They consider removing the furniture, particularly the breakable ones, to ensure its protection.

There is a risk of furniture breakage, like a table with a glass top, while adding a floor mat in the room.

So, you can reduce the risk of damage by removing the expensive and large size items from the room.

Replacement of furniture

They remove the sofas, beds, or tables from the room when you want to replace the old furniture with the new one.

Furthermore, they can not only take an old carpet for disposal; but help remove the furniture from your house.

So, you can ask them to help remove old tables or sofas in the room and put them out in the garage before adding the rugs.

Avoid impressions on the carpet

The absence of heavy furniture in the room that needs better replacement of worn-out carpet makes it easier to avoid impression formation on the fabric.

The placement of a heavy sofa on the soft mat can press the fabric down the floor and form permanent impressions.

In addition, lumps can form inside the fabric when the bed or table is interfering with the proper adjustment.

Efficient power stretching

It is essential to stretch it to reduce the risk of wrinkling and bubbling in the material.

Moreover, it is not possible to stretch it to a maximum extent when there is no space in the room. However, their professional workers have the proper tools to stretch it by the wall.

Accordingly, they know well about the tricks to remove the bubbles and creases. These faults can appear within the soft and thick fabric during fitting due to the furniture movement over its surface.

How does Lowes install carpet after removing furniture?

Lowes allocates a team of professional workers to remove the heavy furniture before installing the carpet. As a result, they can do the task minimally and save your efforts.

Place an order

You can avail their services after selecting a product from their wide collection. Choose your favorite product that can be textured or loopy, and place an order.

They will ask about hiring a professional team as it depends on your choice whether you want to do it by yourself or get help from skilled persons.

Measure the size

A team from this company visits your house when you have confirmed an order. They correctly measure the room where you want to place the carpet.

Probably, you have to bring changes in the size of the door depending on the thickness of the floor mat.

Then, they can measure every inch accurately and note down the readings for the new rugs.

Moreover, they can help remove the heavy furniture from the room.

Pull up an old carpet

You can remove the old carpet when the new one reaches your home. It can help save money; otherwise, you have to pay almost $2 to $3 for each square yard.

I paid almost $530 for a 250 square yards room when I got services of removing and disposal of old rugs from Lowes.

So, it is better to pull up the older floor mat by yourself and dispose of it away from your house.

Disassemble the furniture

The professional workers can only help remove the heavy furniture items. Therefore, you must disassemble almost all the furniture to reduce the overall cost.

You can disassemble a heavy bed or a chair present in a room and move it out to places like garages or storage places.

Disconnect the electrical connections

Remove the electrical plugs and disconnect all the wires running under the carpet. It can help you save from electrical shocks and ensure the security of the workers.

Switch off the buttons and remove all the connections before the team of installers arrives at your home to do their task.

In addition, remove the electrical appliances like TV or floor lamps because they will not deal with the breakable items.

Prepare a room

Try to overcome the squeaks and stains on the floor by screwing and painting the surface.

Clean the surface and remove the dirt and debris present on it. The floor mats accumulate a lot of dust, so you must try to wipe out the surface properly.

Install carpet

After properly cleaning the room, you can ask the professional team of installers to fix a single roll of customized floor mat on the ground.

They can firmly attach it by stapling it on the padded floor. A padded layer is present between the mat and floor to add extra comfort and softness.

So, they can use all the relevant instruments to fix the product in your room and renovate your old room within a few hours.

How much does Lowes charge to move furniture when installing the carpet?

They charge a reasonable fee to their customers who need professional help to remove the furniture from the room when adding a new carpet.

They can do the heavy lifting as per your requirement when you cannot remove them alone.

You have to pay according to the total length of distance means the distance between the point of lifting and dropping the items.

Moreover, it can cost you around $5 to $8 for each square foot of area. It is pretty reasonable as they ensure the safety and quick lifting of the sofa or bed when they cannot move them alone.

However, they can waive off the dues when you purchase a product from the STAINMASTER brand.

How much time does Lowes take to install the carpet?

The time taken to install the carpet depends on the room’s area and the installers’ skills to do the task in minimum time.

Their delivery time is about 2 days to 2 weeks, depending on the availability of the product in stock. Special products take more time than those present in the stock.

A professional team can cover almost 10 to 15 meters of the room in only 1 hour. While inexperienced and amateur workers can take 75 to 90 minutes to do the same task.

So, they require 20 to 25 hours to cover an area of almost 800 to 1000 square feet. This time can exceed or decrease according to the expertise of workers.

Where should I place furniture when installing carpeting?

Moving the heavy furniture to other house areas that do not require floor replacements or renovation is essential.

You can shift them to a garage or basement area in the house away from the rooms.

In addition, keep them safe inside a storage room so that dirt and moisture cannot damage the quality of your leather sofa or a king mattress.

Moreover, you can also drag a dining table to the corner of a room when fixing it on one side.

After that, put planks or pads to move the furniture swiftly over the floor and fix the remaining end on the other side.

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