Do Sofas Come Assembled?

Do Sofas Come Assembled?

The furniture manufacturers prefer to deliver bulky items like sofas in separate parts for convenience. Moreover, it depends on the size of the product and whether it needs to be delivered assembled.

You can get a small product in a single-piece packaging, while the larger ones take more room in the delivery vehicle and are packed in a disassembled form.

Do Sofas Come Assembled? Sofas do not come assembled, allowing easier product shipping as it takes less space on the vehicle. Moreover, it helps save money on an extra shipping cost for bulky items, and they are easy to stack over each other. In addition, it allows quick transport and delivery of the product to any part of the house. Furthermore, a disassembled sofa is easy to handle and maneuver and highly adaptable.

All furniture has different requirements for packaging according to its weight and size. It is easy to squeeze an object from a narrow area when it is present in its smallest size.

Is it easy to assemble a new sofa?

You are not going to get an assembled sofa when delivered; instead, you have to arrange all the components when it reaches inside the room.

Adjusting a couch is not a complicated process; instead, it involves better attention and knowledge. You can find 3 to 5 boxes inside the main package.

A three-seater sitting platform contains 3 boxes and requires lesser effort to build it. However, you have to put more effort into setting up a large couch that extends from one wall to another.

Why do sofas come disassembled?

There are many reasons behind the shipping of disassembled sofas: it can cut down the product cost by delivering a small product that takes less space.

Save shipping cost 

The size of the product, including its weight and height, determines the shipping cost. Therefore, when you have ordered a bigger and heavier product, you have to pay more.

So, the manufacturers deliver the products in a disassembled form that reduces their size.

You can save money by getting compact, packed products that do not require a large amount of space in the delivery vehicle.

However, the assembled sofas do not allow other products to be placed within a delivery truck, resulting in more shipping costs.

Furthermore, the shippers can easily stack the different parts of the same furniture over another to reduce the occupation of the area on the vehicle.

Easy to maneuver

When you find furniture in different parts, it increases the chance of getting a custom product. This is because the manufacturers provide different colors and designs for these parts.

So, you can avail yourself of an opportunity to get your favorite couch. You can ask the manufacturers to modify or replace it when you do not like the original one.

Highly adaptable

A highly adaptable couch means you can arrange the parts in different positions while loading them on the vehicle.

In addition, you can carry every part separately when you want to place it in the room on the second floor.

There is no need to take the whole package at once, and you can easily adapt it according to the situation.

Better handling

You can handle a small package better than a large one due to the small surface area.

It is easy to be carried by 1 or 2 people; otherwise, it needs more workers to put into a particular room.

Probably, you need professional help to join all the components, but no worries, as it does not take days or even more than 6 to 7 hours at maximum.

Easy to move

You can easily move the delivered package to any house area. In addition, it reduces the product’s weight by turning it into a compact size.

It can easily pass through the main entry door or even elevators without damaging the quality of the product. Each part is separately covered with a plastic sheet to reduce the effect of damage when it falls.

Moreover, it is easy to transport while moving around the corners as large packages need a more spacious area to pass through.

How do you assemble a sofa?

Assembling a sofa is quite simple and requires less effort because the manufacturers provide you with all the prepared parts, and you only have to fix them correctly.

Remove the seat section present in the larger box by detaching the seal. After that, take the cushions, armrest, and backrest out of the box.

Keep them straight on a cleaned surface, so no scratches appear on the frame. Then, search for the instruction manual and a pack of nuts required to fill the holes.

It depends on the type of sofa, as a 2 or 3-seater couch contains a seat section, a backrest or armrest, and four legs.

However, a long sectional sitting platform involves the attachment of multiple seats, or a sofa bed has an adjustable backrest.

Therefore, attach all the components sequentially, like fixing a backrest on the main seat and adding armrests and legs.

Furthermore, add a cover on the couch frame and the cushions and place them over it.

Do all sofas need to be assembled?

All the sofas, including the large and small sizes, come in boxes, which indicates the need to join all the parts when they reach your home. It is not hard to assemble an IKEA sofa.

The separate packaging of each part helps the consumers by providing multiple benefits and allows the shippers to load the product easily to the delivery vehicle.

You can also easily take them upstairs or through a narrow entryway.

So, almost all couches having varying sizes and weights need to be fixed upon delivery. However, the number of total parts varies for each type of couch.

How long does it take to assemble a sofa?

When the furniture is complex in design, you have to fix many components to avoid incorrect positioning carefully.

Therefore, the furniture companies offer a white-collar service or professional help to adjust the delivered product.

It can take almost 3 to 5 hours to do the task yourself without experience. Furthermore, you can save your money by ignoring the services of experts.

However, the professionals take lesser time and complete the process with 1 or 2 hours at maximum.

How much does it cost to assemble a sofa?

The cost to assemble a couch depends on the overall weight of the couch and the prices of the labor you hire for this task.

The professional workers charge an extra price for their efficiency and skills, while the small companies provide people at a low cost.

Therefore, it can cost you almost $30 to $50 at a minimum and $425 to $445 at a maximum rate. You have to pay a lesser amount for the lighter and small furniture in size.

Some companies charge according to the working hours, and you have to pay around $25 to $80 for each passing hour.

What do reviews say?

I surveyed 783 people who have purchased a sofa to determine whether they like to get it delivered assembled or not.

Out of 783 people, 486 people (62%) said they should come disassembled as it helps move them through a doorway or upstairs.

However, 211 people (27%) said that it is better to get prepared furniture with all adjusted parts because they have to pay extra for the labor cost when they want to cut down the shipping price.

While the remaining 86 people (11%) said that they do not bother with the shipping cost and want to get assembled products for easier placement.

The shipping charges can burden the pocket after spending a considerable amount on the furniture.

The manufacturers understand the customer’s point of view and ease of delivery, so they pack it in a small size as much as possible.

“I have spent $1599 on buying a 4-seater couch from a well-known brand. It was frustrating to pay more for the shipping and assembling it.”

It is easy to purchase a large and bulky couch but challenging to manage single-handed.

“I have got my sectional sofa in 6 to 7 pieces that were hard to assemble, and I had to hire professional workers to fix it for me.”

A small package of the delivered couch with separate parts is easy to handle and transport to the desired location.

“I have asked the delivery boys to put the package into my room upstairs. It was easy due to compact size; otherwise, it would be problematic to put an assembled couch upstairs.”

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