Can You Use a King Comforter on a Queen Bed?

Can You Use a King Comforter on a Queen Bed?

Comforters are an essential part of bedding that can make your bed complete and makes you feel relaxed while sleeping. It can be challenging to fit a king-size comforter on your queen bed.

Can You Use a King Comforter on a Queen Bed? According to customer reviews, you cannot use a king comforter on a queen bed because it is larger in width and keeps falling from the sides. In addition, it provides almost 18 to 21 inches of extra fabric on the bedsides that touch the floor and gets dirtier quickly. Moreover, it hides the beauty of the furniture by covering the footboard and shows poor aesthetics as it looks odd and messy. Furthermore, it requires more cleaning efforts to clean the floor under the bed, and the comforter requires frequent washing due to its direct contact with the dusty floor.

A king comforter is supposed to be perfect for a king-sized bed, but they vary in size, making it possible to adjust them on smaller queen beds.

However, some people try to find a perfect match for their beds without compromising looks and comfort and avoid more oversized products.

What is a bed comforter?

You can consider it a blanket that provides warmth and softness due to its soft material. It is usually present over a mattress to provide comfort while sleeping.

Many people confuse it with a duvet, but it is a single unit having three layers. The outer layer is of decorative fabric, while the inner layers are quilt stitched to keep fillings inside.

In contrast, a duvet has two separate units; the inner unit contains soft material while the upper cover is removable.

It helps create an inviting sleep platform when you arrange it evenly over the mattress. As a result, they are not so fluffier as a duvet but give a luxurious appearance to the room.

What is the size of the king comforter?

A king comforter is designed to match the size of a king-sized mattress. It is almost 86 to 88 inches in width and 98 to 102 inches in length.

In addition, its size varies according to different brand types as every brand introduces a king comforter with a few inches difference in dimensions.

There are no strict measurements for its dimensions because there is a margin of 5 to 10 inches difference for these fluffy blankets.

So, you can find them in a different range of lengths and widths at stores. For example, its length varies from 86 to 96 inches, while its width is 96 to 110 inches.

Can a King comforter fit a Queen bed?

When you talk about its perfect fitting on the mattress, it means whether it covers a mattress adequately or drapes down along the sides.

You need a soft blanket that can give you warmth and relax your body when sleeping at night after a busy day.

So, it is better to look for a small size for a queen mattress because it does not fit around it. In addition, it is larger in width, which allows a bigger fall over the floor.

A comforter with 102 inches wider fabric leaves drapes of almost 21 inches on both sides that are larger than the recommended fall.

Therefore, you have to switch to other options and search for the one that can fit your mattress perfectly and makes you feel relaxed and comfortable.

What happens if you put a king comforter on a queen bed?

You have to choose a comforter after measuring the size of a mattress; otherwise, you have to face problems like oversizing, frequent maintenance, and compromised aesthetics.

Oversized comforter

It is an oversized blanket for a full or queen bed. It looks odd to put a larger fabric over a small platform that cannot hold it properly.

There is almost a 36 to 42 inches difference between a comforter and this bed. Accordingly, a fall of about 18 to 21 inches on both sides looks awful.

Many interior designers recommend you to keep the drapes at a length of almost 8 inches on each side, which gives a beautiful look.

Moreover, you can observe the luxurious hotel rooms where the size is slightly larger than a mattress.

You cannot keep them to 20 inches as it can compromise the overlooks of furniture.

However, many people like to keep it at the length of touching the floor to give a cozy appearance, but it depends on your personal choice.

Poor aesthetics

The room’s interior and decoration style depicts the owner’s aesthetics and creates an image of the nature of a person.

Some people love to keep their rooms organized and clean, while others feel happier and relaxed living in a messy area.

Similarly, the use of imperfect bedding that does not match in size with the mattress shows your poor aesthetics that you even have a concept of arranging things in a better manner.

Extra cleaning efforts

You have to clean a king comfort more often when you put it on a smaller platform because the fabric touches the floor.

In addition, it gets dirty when you clean the floor, and an uncleaned mop touches the clean fabric.

In the same way, a dusty floor makes it dirtier, and you have to clean it frequently compared to the one that is at a reasonable distance from the floor.

Hides beauty of the bed

A large-sized blanket can cover the footboard or beautiful frame of the bed. However, an elegant customized bed with intricate designs on metal frames is of no use when you are going to hide it.

You cannot tuck such a large hanging fabric under a mattress as it gives a lumpy feel.

You can only prevent adjusting this comforter on queen sized mattress to show the beauty of the furniture.

However, some people put this comfort on a queen mattress when they want to hide all the flaws of their used furniture. It can cover the defects in furniture and make it look nice.

Difficult to clean floor

Oversized hanging fabric interferes when you want to clean the floor under the bed. You cannot move the mop quickly in the areas closer to the mattress as it begins to tangle with the cleaning item.

A vacuum cleaner or a brush can get stuck with the comforter hanging from the sides.

It is better to make your life easier by choosing the right size of sheets for your bed that can perfectly fit over it.

Why would you use a king comforter for a queen bed?

Some people prefer to put a king comforter on a queen bed even after knowing about its unsuitability for this smaller platform.

They want to get extra warmth by extending it to the floor as it gives a cozy feel to sleep under a larger blanket.

Moreover, you can fold it differently to make it look appealing when it is not used, particularly in the daytime.

A queen bed is for two people, so you need a larger blanket to cover both of you. However, it can spread on a whole platform, and you do not have to stretch it on either side.

What size comforter fits a queen bed?

You can search for other comforters that can fit precisely on a smaller platform with a few extra inches in width and length to provide a good fall on the sides.

You should use an oversized comforter for a similar type of bed as it has a few inches extra lengths. When you get the same size blanket, it can cover the upper surface of the mattress only.

While the interior designers suggest you choose a bigger one that gives an elegant look when hanging along the sides.

It should be 86 to 88 inches in width and a length of nearly 96 to 100 inches to adjust on a queen bed.

Look at different stores and find product matching to mentioned dimensions or is closer to them.

For example, some retailer brands provide a standard size that can fit a queen and full-size mattress.

A full-size mattress is 6 inches less wide and 5 inches shorter than a queen, so the standard one has a dimension of almost 80 to 88 inches in width and 88 to 100 inches in length.

Sometimes, you have to make compromises when you want to get products in particular color or design, but do not forget the importance of size.

It is better to measure the dimensions of a mattress before purchasing these to avoid inconvenience later.

Also, you have to be knowledgeable about the thickness of the width of furniture before going to a store because its depth can vary.

What do reviews say? 

I surveyed 643 people to know their experience fitting a king mattress on a queen bed.

Out of 643 people, 508 people (79%) said it is not suitable to put a king-size comforter on a queen bed as there is a huge difference in their widths, and it keeps hanging on the sides.

However, 89 people (14%) said large-sized bedding gives a luxurious feel and makes it look cozy.

While the remaining 46 people (7%) said they do not bother with the presence of either king or queen comforter as both provide them comfort to sleep.

“I bought a king-sized blanket that was so annoying for me as it draped on the floor.”

Choose a blanket that can facilitate two people on a full-size mattress to avoid stretching on either side.

“I prefer to sleep under a large blanket because it can cover a whole bed and gives better warmth.”

It is better to avoid a bigger blanket on a smaller mattress as it requires extra cleaning and maintenance efforts.

“I have to wash my king comforter twice a month because it directly touches the floor and gets dirtier.”

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