Why Does My Bed Frame Keep Breaking?

Why Does My Bed Frame Keep Breaking?

Bed frames are part of the furniture, and these are used to provide support to the mattresses and spring boxes.

Why Does My Bed Frame Keep Breaking? Your bed frame can keep breaking due to its loose screws, bolts, uneven weight distribution, adjustment without support, and addition of excessive weight. The use of low-quality manufacturing material, old age, frequent movement, wrong size, jumping of children, absence of spring box or plywood, and loosened glue also cause this issue. In addition, the damage can occur due to improper storage, used beds, wear and tear in wooden material, and loose connecting joints.

You should check the quality of material before purchasing them and also take reviews from people that are using them for a longer time. For example, high-quality wooden bed frames of thick wood last longer than lower quality.

Loose screws and bolts

The screws and bolts are present to fasten the bed frame from all sides. These are present to join the different parts at their appropriate position.

The loose screws and bolts produce a squeaking sound when you sit on them. In addition, the shaking issue also comes during sitting and sleeping.

The shaking during sleeping can cause irritation and uncomfortable situations. The loose screws produce cracking and splitting of wooden material.

You have to tighten the screws on all the sides of the frame to reduce the squeaking noise, breakage, and shaking problem.

It is suitable to fasten them every 6 months to resolve the problem.

Uneven weight distribution

The uneven weight distribution also causes breakage of the frame from one or more sides. The issue comes when you put the weight on the bed unevenly.

The excessive weight and pressure on one side can produce cracks and breakage. Moreover, the problem comes when you use the same sitting place for longer.

You can also face the problem when you accidentally place heavy objects on them, especially on their sides or in the middle.

The weight does not remain the same in all four parts. However, you can fix the issue by attaching the crack parts using bar clamps.

You should tighten the bar clamp adequately using screws or bolts to reduce the risk of further cracks.

Adjustment without support

The adjustment to the wrong or inappropriate position is also problematic. This furniture needs some support when you put the mattresses on them.

It cannot maintain the balance without any supporting material. The problem comes when you place it in the middle of your room.

The middle of the room does not support the frame due to the absence of walls or other hard structures.

The support from the head side reduces the squeaking issue and decreases unbalancing when you sit on them.

It is suitable to place them on the walls of your room so that their head side is near to the walls. However, you should not adjust them in empty spaces.

It is also better to add them horizontally near the wall so that one side of the frame is attached to the wall.

Addition of excessive weight

Excessive weight on beds also makes them more susceptible to damage. 

It is necessary to know about the weight-bearing capacity before purchasing the new ones from the market.

You should count the weight of extra cushions, blankets, and comforters. Moreover, many people add heavy-weight mattresses, which is problematic.

You should ask dealers how much weight it can bear, including accessories like blankets and cushions.

You should not add extra weight to them than their weight-bearing capacity. Instead, buy the mattresses according to the size and weight-bearing capacity of the frame.

Low quality of manufacturing material

The low-quality manufacturing material is commonly used in markets to gain profit.

The use of low-quality material during manufacturing decreases the reputation of that brand in the market and its reliability.

Many furniture manufacturing companies use low-quality wood to make sofas, chairs, and wooden frames.

This low-quality wood can damage easily and does not last for a longer time. The cracks also appear in the low-quality wood easily.

Moreover, using thin wood for their manufacturing also causes breakage when you put some heavy weight on the mattresses.

You should purchase your furniture from a well-known brand or market and check their scoring before making a purchase.

Old wooden bed frame keeps coming apart

The old wooden furniture is more at risk of breakage than used ones. This is because the cracks appear in wooden material when it becomes old.

The old ones cracked easily due to their usage for more than a specific period. The metal frames also get damaged due to rust on their surface and can break easily from particular points.

You should fill the cracks of their damaged parts by using glue. Fill the glue in the affected area by using a putty knife.

Secure and fasten the affected area bar clamp to reduce the chances of more damage.

Frequent movement

The frequent movement of furniture from one place to another can reduce their durability and give them more chances of damage.

These frames are empty material without any support, and dragging them from one room to another can cause an issue.

Many people do this to change the location of furniture for decoration purposes. You become bored by seeing the same arrangement for longer times.

You should use the appropriate method for shifting furniture from one place to other. Use the plastic pads on the foot side for smooth movement without any jerks.

Wrong size of frames

The inappropriate or wrong size is problematic when you put a mattress in them. You should measure the size according to the size of your furniture.

It becomes difficult to adjust when you purchase small frames with fewer dimensions than your mattresses.

When you try to adjust the large-sized mattresses in small frames, it can cause damage. You can fix the problem by measuring the size of mattresses before purchasing.

Absence of box spring or plywood

The addition of a spring box provides support to the bed frame. Many people also add a plywood layer before directly putting their mattresses.

The extra layer of plywood material helps provide an additional support layer. Moreover, it also reduces the direct pressure or stress on the wooden structure.

In the case of metal material, adding spring boxes or plywood layer protects them from bending and breaking.

Loosen glue

Many furniture manufacturing brands use glue to fasten different parts. The wooden bed frames are also secured using glue from the connecting points.

The glue starts to lose its strength after a few months. Moreover, the weather conditions also affect the glue, making it non-sticky.

You should avoid this issue by checking the furniture before purchasing. It is good to accurately select the ones fastened by screws and bolts.

Jumping of children

The children jump while playing, increasing the chances of their frames breaking. The sudden jerks during jumping produce cracks in wooden material.

The jumping of children on it exerts pressure on specific points and causes their damage.

Issues during storing

Many people also store their old furniture when it is not in use rather than selling them. The long-term storage of wooden can decrease its durability and longevity.

The people also store their furniture during the renovation of their houses. It loses its strength, and cracks appear in them easily when you exert slight pressure on different points.

Moreover, many people add extra weight and other things to the frames during storage, which can also cause damage.

You should properly store them by wrapping the plastic sheets to decrease their exposure to moisture.

Wear and tear in wooden material

The wooden material is also susceptible to more wear and tears than the metal frames for beds. This is because it can break when you put extra weight on them than their weight holding capacity.

The issue most commonly comes when people purchase used furniture from the market. The used furniture do not last for a longer time and have less durable.

Many people sell their old furniture in the second-hand market rather than giving it to charity organizations. Moreover, charity organizations do not accept cracked or broken furniture.

It can cause problems for people who purchase them from the market. You should purchase the new wooden frames from the market to decrease repair costs.

Wrong welding of metal frame

Many people prefer to buy metal bed frames because they are long-lasting. These are also easy to move due to their less weight.

The major issue that comes in these types is their welding procedure. The welding becomes damaged and faulty after some time.

The inappropriate welding from joining points causes the frames to break. You can fix the issue by rewelding the damaged parts for accurate fastening.

The issue with reconnecting joints

The connecting joints are in bed frames to fasten the connecting points and decrease the risk of cracks and damage.

The connecting joints become loose when you put extra weight on mattresses. The heavy mattresses also cause the loosening of these connecting joints.

The issue of poor balancing comes from these faulty joints, which can produce cracks in wooden material.

You should tighten the screws and bolts from these connecting joints with a plier.

Broken slats

They have slats in the form of webbing to support all of the parts when you put mattresses on them.

These slats get damaged after some time and cannot adequately support your furniture. The frame is under more pressure due to these damaged slats or webbing material.

The webbing material becomes damaged when you put excessive weight on them, and children jump on beds.

You can fix it by adding new slats or spring boxes for better support.

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