Can You Use a Queen Comforter on a King Bed?

Can You Use a Queen Comforter on a King Bed?

It is difficult to fit a queen comforter on your king bed. A comforter needs to be cozy, creating a relaxing environment and setting a decorative tone in the room. So, you have to ensure that the bedding perfectly matches the mattress.

Can You Use a Queen Comforter on a King Bed? According to our experience, you cannot use a queen comforter on a king bed because it is smaller for a larger sleeping platform. It is available in 86 to 92 inches in width and 96 to 102 inches in length which is 5 to 8 inches smaller on both sides, which is not suitable. In addition, it leaves unequal overhangs on all sides, which the designers do not appreciate as all sides need to be equal for a better appearance. Furthermore, it can shrink in size after washing and makes you uncomfortable sleeping under a cover that cannot provide better warmth. 

The selection of bedding can make a difference in your room as a fluffy and long blanket can improve your sleep, while a short one can make you feel uncomfortable during cold nights.

The fluffy material inside a cover can provide a warm feeling when your feet are not out of the comforter.

What is the size of the queen comforter?

It is essential to consider the size of a comforter when you are making up your mind to get a new blanket for your bed.

Their size varies at different retailer brand outlets, so you will not get the same size every time.

A queen-size comforter is usually available in a width of almost 86 to 88 inches and a length of 96 to 102 inches.

However, the sizes available in these types of blankets include 86 to 92 inches in width and 96 to 106 inches in length.

Can a Queen comforter fit on a King bed? 

A queen comforter on a king mattress means the addition of a smaller blanket over a larger platform. A few people do not consider it odd, but it looks awful and shows your poor aesthetics.

No doubt, it can cover the upper platform of the mattress, but what about looks? It cannot cover the side areas and hangs a few inches down on the sides.

There is only a difference in width between a king and queen bed, and a former one is 16 inches wider. They have the same length of almost 80 inches.

It is not recommended to put a queen-size soft sheet on this bed as an 86 to 92 inches wider blanket on a 76 inches wide bed leaves only 5 to 8 inches hanging on both ends.

Moreover, an overhang of 10 to 13 inches can be seen on the footboard side. Overhangs on all three sides should be equal to the floor to give a presentable look.

Therefore, it is not considered suitable to compromise on the looks and comfort when you have other options to choose from.

What happens if you put a queen comforter on a king bed?

It is better to look at the size and design of bedding before making a final decision; otherwise, there is nothing except regrets.

Do not be quick in purchasing a comfort without knowing about the correct dimensions of a mattress.

Poor coverage of bed

Getting a product that can cover a full bed and gives a fine appearance is essential. However, a queen-sized blanket is insufficient to provide better coverage for a large mattress due to its small size.

A queen-sized comforter can only fit over a queen bed as it is mainly designed for it. Therefore, it can only cover the upper side of the mattress and leaves the sides with little overhanging.

Grab a duvet or blanket that can hang equally on each side from the sides and footboard. It needs to fall down the mattress and reach one-third area of the box spring.

Moreover, you can keep its height to a few inches above the floor when there is no box spring.

Reduced warmth

It provides warmth in cold weather, but there is no use in buying a blanket that cannot provide you with a warm feeling and a cozy environment.

In the same way, you have to skip the idea of putting a queen comforter on a larger bed because it cannot provide you with enough warmth.

It cannot retain your body heat inside and requires another blanket over it to add weight. Many people complain about the short quilts and their flaws that make them uncomfortable.

You have to increase its width by a few inches by adding thick lace or fabric on all sides or choose another option that can fit properly.

Overhanging fabric adds weight and keeps it on a mattress, helping provide luxury, convenience, and sound sleep.

Unappealing looks

You can look at the hotel rooms where these are elegantly arranged on a bed.

They prefer to add more oversized blankets to give it a better appearance as it allows them to decorate a bed in different manners.

Multiple layers of fluffy fabric look appealing and give a luxurious appearance. However, a short-sized blanket is not going to grab your attention as it sticks to the small portion of the mattress.

Moreover, it has been proved that large objects can capture attention better than smaller ones when searching for something visually as they can display all the features, including fluffiness, fabric design, etc.

Chance of shrinking

When you wash and dry it frequently, the fabric is a chance of shrinking. This is because the drying process involves heat that can react with fabric and cause shrinking.

It leads to a decrease in size which can make your fluffy sheets even smaller. Therefore, it is better to get a bigger blanket to afford the impact of drying.

Uncomfortable sleep

It can make you feel uncomfortable sleeping with your partner. It does not fit two persons when sharing a king-sized mattress.

Moreover, it is better to switch on a more oversized comforter rather than stretch it from ends all night.

Finally, get a blanket that can cover your body and bed surface and act as an attractive sleeping platform.

How do you choose a comforter for a king bed?

You have to choose a comforter carefully by measuring the bed’s dimensions and the mattress’s thickness.

Every mattress has a different depth that tells you about the perfect size of the comforter. In addition, the stuff, inner fillings, and size should be considered when choosing it for a king bed.

You have to choose a bedding type that can fit onto a mattress and improve its look without affecting aesthetics. 

It is essential to measure a mattress size as a standard king bed has 76 inches in width and 80 inches in length.

Get at least 102 inches wider blanket for your bed when it is 10 inches higher from the floor to get better coverage.

What size comforter is suitable for a king bed?

A king bed is big and wider than a queen, so you need comforters that can suit a larger platform.

In addition, you can search for an oversized cover that can help prevent lumps in the fabric and covers a good area.

One of my friends bought an oversized blanket by keeping the issues of washing in mind, like fabric shrinkage.

This decision helped him in the long term as it remained useful after multiple washes. A king comforter has an average size of 102 to 106 inches in width and 88 to 96 inches in length.

However, an oversized king blanket can offer a few extra inches of length to provide a sufficient area for coverage.

Is it essential to get a more oversized comforter for a king bed?

An oversized comforter is a better choice than a shorter one that can create several issues later.

A large-sized blanket allows you to arrange it equally on all sides without getting shorter in length or width. Moreover, it assures that you do not have to stretch it on either end due to extra width.

It can cover one-third of the mattress while a small part remains uncovered; that is not a big deal. You can choose an oversized blanket to get a better overhanging size to the bottom of the mattress.

However, keeping it a little higher than the ground to avoid layering on the floor is better as the dust can make it dirty faster.

What do reviews say?

I surveyed 682 people to know about their opinions and experiences of people for adding a queen comforter to a king bed.

Out of 682 people, 539 people (79%) said it does not work well because its size is smaller than a king’s dimensions and does not drape nicely on the sides to give a better look.

However, 89 people (13%) said they prefer to put on a queen-sized blanket when they sleep as one person, and it fits their body, but it is not an excellent option to consider for 2 people.

While the remaining 54 people (8%) said, they have never tried it and prefer to get a king comforter for the same size mattress because they are made for each other.

A queen-size blanket does not fall from the edges of the bed and seems to compromise a luxurious look. It is better to get a product in a beautiful color, design, and size to improve the aesthetics of your room.

“I would never compromise on my room’s appearance, so I will not choose this size as it looks odd on my king bed.”

Smaller comforters are suitable for a single person, but stretching on the left cannot be pleasant when your partner tries to move it to the right side.

“I preferred to use a small-sized queen blanket when I was single, and there was no one to share my mattress, but now it makes me uncomfortable to stretch blanket on my side when sleeping.”

You can find a matching size in different retail shops that can cover your entire king bed.

“I bought a king-sized comforter that was a perfect fit and left a nice hanging of fabric on the sides.”

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