Why is My Wardrobe Leaning to One Side?

Why is My Wardrobe Leaning to One Side?

Wardrobes are made up of different materials; sometimes, they start to lean to one side. 

Why is My Wardrobe Leaning to One Side? Your wardrobe can be leaning to one side due to missing or loose screws, unequal distribution of weight, and uneven floor. In addition, poor wood quality, mold growth, and unbalanced alignment also cause tilting.

Several people take it challenging to make it straight once it becomes wobbly. You need to understand the reasons for its leasing to overcome the problem. 

Why is the wardrobe leaning to one side?

Several factors are responsible for wardrobe leaning to one side, and you should try to solve them as early as possible. This can reduce its durability and can even make it useless. 

Missing screws

You need to fix your wardrobe by using screws and nails properly. They work like an adhesive that keeps their panels connected. Some of them have metal joints that you can join by putting screws with the help of a hammer.

Sometimes they become loose and fall when you open its door to take out some item. It is a significant cause of its wobbly structure.

This problem also occurs due to missing screws, especially during shifting. You should keep the screws in a small zip lock packet in its drawer or any other safe place when you open its panels to relocate it.

The side whose screws are missing starts leaning more than the one that is adequately connected with tight nails and screws.  

Uneven floor

It is the significant cause of this problem, which you ignore in normal circumstances. Therefore, you should check your floor leveling when you do not notice any other cause of this problem.

Sometimes you notice that you have properly organized your clothes and other items by considering equal distribution, but still, it is tilting.

It mostly happens when you move to another rental from an old house. You can detect this cause when you notice that this wardrobe was not wobbly in the old place but becoming wobbly in the new rental.

Its significant cause is uneven floor because sometimes the floor is not leveled at the time of construction. 

Unbalanced alignments

Sometimes you notice its doors are not correctly aligned when you close the door. You can identify it by seeing the gap between the door and the lower cabinet. It happens when its hinges are not adjusted correctly. 

You have to adjust its hinges with the help of a screwdriver. Some manufacturers use glue to join some of their panels. Sometimes the glue they use is of poor quality and does not function well.

It is better to use euro-style screws because you can adjust them in more than one direction. In addition, several people prefer them because they become completely hidden when you close the door. 

Mold growth in wood

It is an alarming situation when you suspect mold growth in your wardrobe. It affects its internal structure and makes it weaken. You will notice it’s leaning due to increased mold growth on one side.

It is hard to remove once you see the growth of black mold. However, you can remove it with the help of cleaners when you find it in the initial stages.

Take all precautionary measures before applying a cleaner. It is better to call a certified professional to get his assistance in this matter.

It needs immediate repair and can destroy its internal structure when you do not get rid of it as early as possible. 

Poor quality wood

You should have a good quality wardrobe from a trusted manufacturer. Several manufacturers use poor-quality wood to make it, which becomes wobbly after some time.

It is unable to withstand harsh conditions like extreme cold and hot weather. Instead, it starts to shrink or expand according to temperature fluctuations.

It affects its shape, and you notice it leaning on one side. Sometimes it becomes swallowed and wobbly when it absorbs the moisture. 

You can identify its quality by using a simple trick. Notice its appearance carefully and check if they have any cracks or bends on its surface.

Use your fingernail and rub it with some pressure for 2 to 3 seconds on its surface and notice if it makes some scratches on its surface. It is of good quality when the surface remains smooth and scratch-free. 

Unequal distribution of weight

It happens when you put so much weight on one side of the wardrobe. For example, sometimes you hang several hangers on one side and put bags and other small items on the other side.

It does not affect its position when you do it for some days. The real problem occurs when you start to organize your items in such a way for a long time.

It weakens the structure from one side, which starts to lean. As a result, it looks like it is tilting on one side more than the other, which is carrying low weight.

This unequal weight distribution affects its shape, which does not look good. It can happen both in steel material wardrobes, as well as in those which consist of wooden material.

How do you fix a leaning wardrobe?

There are several methods to fix a wobbly wardrobe, and you can use one of them according to your ease. Furniture levelers play a significant role in preventing it from leaning to one side.

Get good quality furniture leveler to place under its wobbling side. These are a type of adjustable feet that you can use according to their condition and height.

You need to check the screws, especially on their joints. Get the new nuts when some of them are missing.

Unscrew them from the holes and again place them gently in their exact position. Rotate them with the help of a wrench in a clockwise direction until they become tightened. You can also use shims to place it in between the floor and the wardrobe.

They are wedge-shaped wooden materials that are the best choice to balance its wobbly structure. You can get them according to their size to fill the gap. 

What type of wardrobes lean to one side?

Leaning of a wardrobe depends upon the material and external conditions. For example, wood is considered the best material for furniture because it is resilient and durable.

It needs more frequent maintenance than other structural materials. In addition, it has a fault in that it is less tolerant to temperature fluctuations.

It does not withstand extreme temperature changes. Once it becomes the victim of weather changes, it loses shape.

You notice the tilting problem occurs mainly in wooden furniture than the steel ones. Steel can bear these issues and show fewer leaning issues because of its firm structure. 

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