Can You Put Two Sideboards Together?

Can You Put Two Sideboards Together?

Sideboards were part of wealthy households in the 18th century. Furthermore, it was used to showcase expensive kitchenware items and to exhibit their collection to guests.

Can You Put Two Sideboards Together? You can put two sideboards together to cover the empty space and increase the storage in your room. Furthermore, you can use them as a cocktail station, sofa table, and media unit.

You can keep a pair of them in the kitchen, dining room, lounge, and bedroom. However, measure the space where you want to place them and how it can add more value to your home.

Why would you put two sideboards together?

The sideboards have been in use for ages as a source of storing essential things. However, they are used for multiple purposes and have not disappointed their owners.

In addition, it is never too late to experiment with putting two sideboards together to maximize your storage capacity.

As a media unit 

Almost every home has large LED television nowadays. In addition, media units started getting trendy as they can support LED and provide storage.

However, the construction of a media unit can cost you double the amount of two sideboards. The standard-size sideboard costs around $400 to $1000. 

The media unit can cost around $2500 to $14,500 to construct. Moreover, the construction of a media unit can take days to build.

I am using these for media units as it saves time and money. In addition, it occupies less space but gives you plenty of storage space.

You can use linear and shallow furniture together to increase storage. Furthermore, it will add to the décor and aesthetics in the lounge.

You can place your video game set and speakers and hide DVDs and CDs from your kids.

To fill the empty space

They are efficient in covering awkward empty areas, and they will not make the room crowded.

The empty spaces disturb the balance and décor of the room. You can trust sideboards to fill these empty spaces against the walls.

You can place it in the lounge under the windows, as the areas in front of the window are usually left empty. 

Sometimes, homeowners cannot decide what piece of furniture they should place under a window.

It will fill that space perfectly and elevate the versatility in that area. Furthermore, you can décor it with statement pieces that represent you and the rest of the styling.

Extra storage

They can provide you the extra storage along with representing a piece of accent furniture.

It will be a better option to use two same pieces of it to maximize your storage option as well as enhance the room’s stylish décor.

You can use its top as a console table and the storage to keep the stuff of daily use for easy access.

Sofa table

It can serve as a sofa table quite well behind the sofa. The purpose of the sofa table is to maximize the storage capacity in the lounge.

You can place it with the sofas, which have lower back support because a sideboard is not tall like a sofa table.

Furthermore, you can decorate it with signature decorative pieces to match the colors of the other furniture. You should never leave the top surface empty.

Cocktail station

You can turn it into a cocktail station where you can showcase your expensive vintage collection and store them inside.

Furthermore, you can choose a piece that matches your wine collection bottles to complement the whole look and vibe of the area.

Keep your favorite cocktails on it, as it will be accessible to your friends and family.

Moreover, you can décor it with fancy wine glasses and holders, which can also serve as ornamental pieces.

Where can you put two sideboards together?

You can put them together as you see fit for your requirement and space. However, you should put two sideboards of the same material, quality, design, and dimensions.

In addition, you can use two same pieces in different colors to experiment with the contrast of two colors. It can help in uplifting the décor and vibe of the place.

Dining room

The idea of sideboards mainly originated from keeping them in the dining room as a buffet table. It was used to put side dishes on it and crockery items for use during dinner.

Moreover, it was used in pairs in big halls during parties to place dishes for guests to choose from and eat whatever they want.

It is still considered an essential piece of furniture to keep in a dining room. You can place food in it to cold down and to keep it safe from the kids and pets.


There can never be too many cabinets and shelves in the kitchen. It is because the kitchen is always occupied with all types of crockery items, from small to large sizes.

You want to keep them in an organized manner in separate storage places, and you can have as many storage cabinets as you want.

It is an excellent item to keep in the kitchen as it will not occupy much space and provides double the storage. 

You can place your tea sets in it with their matching items. Furthermore, you can décor its top shelf with beautiful fruit baskets and candy jars.

Putting two of them together is all you need to maximize your storage. 


The lounge always needs pieces like it to elevate its décor and style. For example, you can place these together in the lounge against a long wall.

Many people use it as a console table or bookshelf and put photo frames on it. It looks good when you put family photos on the furniture, which is a focal point of the lounge.

Furthermore, you can fill the walls with art pieces that match them in their colors and patterns. It can take the whole décor to another level when you put matching elements together.


You can use a sideboard in a bedroom as your dresser as it has all the essential qualities to work as one.

It can give you more storage and occupies less space. Therefore, it is perfect to put it in small rooms.

Furthermore, you can use it as your study table to put your books inside it and your desktop on its top shelf.

You can choose one which goes with the décor of your room. In addition, you can keep it as an accent piece to serve as a decorative piece of furniture.


Its different styles and sizes make it a type of furniture which makes a perfect option for replacing hallway console tables.

Furthermore, you can use it as a shoe rack and keep it in the hallway serving both practical purposes and decoration.

You can complete its look with the help of a big round mirror above it. Place other small ornamental items on it, such as a fancy bowl to put the keys.


You can use it as a vanity in bathrooms for storing your bathing essentials and accessories. In addition, you can keep your hair and skin care items in it.

Furthermore, you can also put towels in it and bathroom cleaning items.

You can place two sideboards to support the sink and the other as your makeup vanity. There is nothing wrong with having a kind of storage item to enhance your home’s décor.

What size of two sideboards can be put together?

The standard size of a sideboard is 60 inches long and 34 inches wide with 22 inches of depth inside it.

However, they are available in various other sizes and designs to offer more storage space.

Moreover, it is essential to remember that you can use two sideboards together if they are smaller than the standard size. In addition, you do not have to crowd its top surface area with decorative items.

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