Can You Put a Sofa Table Behind a Reclining Sofa?

Can You Put a Sofa Table Behind a Reclining Sofa?

Sofa tables are an attractive part of the furniture, and many people put them on the sides of their walls for decoration purposes. Sometimes it is also good to use them behind the recliners to make the room look smaller and more fulfilling.

Can You Put a Sofa Table Behind a Reclining Sofa? You can put a sofa table behind the reclining sofa for a furnished and versatile look in your living room. These are good pieces of furniture to fill up the space behind these couches, which look boring and unattractive. These are also good for storing books, magazines, keys, remotes, and other accessories. You can also add chairs, small wooden benches, and ottoman tables with them to increase the sitting space when more people come to your house. The sofa tables should be shorter to make the moving area comfortable. 

Match the color of the tables with your couches for the charming appearance of your whole interior.

You can also use these to hide their rough back when you do not have enough place in your house to adjust them in the middle of the living room.

Why would you put the sofa table behind the reclining sofa?

Many people like to place the sofa tables behind their reclining couch for their ease and comfort. Here are a few great ideas to make it look cool.

Furnished look

The reclining sofas give a broad look, so many people do not like this appearance, and they want a furnished and modern touch.

You can place them behind these couches for decoration purposes. This type of adjustment is always in fashion.

You can set different things for the embellishment of the room. For example, it is good to put fake flowers with stylish pots, ashtrays, lamps, and glass jars.

You can also give the glass jars with scented candles, bubbles, and shiny stars to make them more beautiful.

It is also good to add small table lamps on their surfaces to give a furnished look to the whole room.

Finally, place the photo frames on their surface to revive memories during family gatherings.

Fill the space

These are also beneficial to fill up the space between the recliner and the wall. This empty space looks boring, and you cannot want to sit there for a longer time.

These tables easily fill up the space and make it more charming. In addition, the room will also look small and gorgeous due to this adjustment.

The addition of small ferry lights on their sides will also help to illuminate the empty side, and you feel more relaxed in this area.

The couches alone in the large living rooms also give an awkward touch to the incoming guests, so it becomes necessary to fill up the space.

Provide storage space

Many types of sofa tables have different racks to store different accessories. For example, it can provide extra space to put on your shoes after coming from outside.

You can also place wooden baskets in the lower racks to make them beautiful and place different things. People sometimes also use them for ironing purposes.

It is also an ideal place to place books because you can easily take them out and read while relaxing on a couch.

In addition, it is a better and safe storage space for the books. Some of these tables also have drawers that are good for storing office files, pens, and other essential documents.

You can also put your vehicles and home keys in these drawers for their safety and easy accessibility to every family member.

You can place the cushions in the frame when you want to sleep on these couches and needs more space.

Extra sitting area

People often place the reclining sofas in the middle of the living room for their ease and comfort.

You can add different small benches and ottomans with them for sitting purposes. It can increase the sitting area when more people come to your house.

In addition, you can also place small wooden chairs with these tables so children can enjoy sitting on them.

You can arrange food for your children at this table during family gatherings.

Place a television stand

It is also good to use them for TV stands and enjoy your favorite movies and shows. You can easily adjust your large screen on these tables.

It provides greater support if they are present on the side of the wall. The addition of a TV with different decoration pieces makes the room more appealing and stylish.

You can also make them on orders which are known as customized.

In this, you adjust the length, width, and height according to the size of the couch in your home.

It is also ideal for putting the magazines on the large screen so everyone can read and watch the news according to their choice.

Is it necessary to add space between the sofa table and the reclining couch?

It is essential to add space between both of these pieces of furniture. In addition, the recliners need some space to open their headrests and footrests.

When you do not leave this space behind them, it will produce scratches on the wooden tables.

In addition, the lines also appear on the back of the recliner if both of them are closer to each other.

You have to add the ones that have wheels on their legs so you can easily drag and remove them from the backside according to your need.

You can fix the scratches issues by using plastic pads on the legs of the recliner so they cannot slip while sitting.

Moreover, it is also good to add leg-like hurdles between them to maintain the specific distance.

How much space do you need between the sofa table and recliner?

The space between these two pieces of furniture matters a lot. The space also depends on the types of couches and their size.

Some of them are larger and are fully reclined, which needs more space for opening. The smaller types that are not fully open need less area.

You have to leave the 1-foot to 2-foot space while placing the sofa tables on the backside. In addition, you can also increase or decrease this space depending upon the above conditions.

How to hide the back of a reclining couch?

Sometimes the main purpose of many people is to hide their backside. Therefore, they use the tables for hiding purposes, which gives a decorative appearance.

The other things that they can use are ottomans, poufs, cushions, and arch lamps. They also use benches which become beneficial to increase the space for sitting.

The placement of a big screen on these tables is an ideal option to hide the backside and give a furnished and modern touch to your living room.

How long should a sofa table be behind a reclining couch?

You cannot use the larger tables that exactly run along the sofa’s length. These tables should be shorter in length and width when you put them on the backside of couches.

Their length should be less so you can adjust them in the center and leave enough space on both sides.

When their sizes are the same, it will make an awkward appearance. Moreover, people also face difficulty while moving around the furniture.

When the length is more, there is a chance that the foot gets hit by these tables and cause injury.

Therefore, you have to measure their size so that they should be 1 to 2 feet shorter than your couches.

The larger ones also give an unsatisfied and visually unappealing appearance.

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