What To Do with Space Between Recliner and Wall?

What To Do with Space Between Recliner and Wall?

Many people place recliner couches in their rooms and living rooms. These sofas take up space because of their headrests and footrest. 

What To Do with Space Between Recliner and Wall? You can add artificial flowers to the space between the recliner and the wall. It is also good to add benches and put ornaments and decoration pieces on them. You can also place tables, poufs, cushions, and floor lamps in this place. The addition of scented candle sconces, fiber strips, and an aquarium also fill up the space. In addition, you can also make shelves for books and cabinets for storage purposes on the walls. Many people also add mirrors with artwork and drawers behind the recliner.

You also have to leave some space during the addition of different stuff for decoration purposes. The purpose of leaving some areas is easy opening and closing of couches.

What things should I put between the recliner and the wall? 

Many people want to add something to this space to fill up the area. The space does not seem good and also gives a boring appearance. I have added different ideas to make this area beautiful and fulfilling.

Artificial trees

Artificial trees are ideal for decoration due to their beautiful colors and variety. The fresh flowers become dry after some time, and you cannot place them for a longer time.

In this situation, fake trees are the best option for decoration purposes.

You can use floor flower pots and place them between the wall and recliners.

You can also use different colored flowers like white and purple. Moreover, you can also select their shade according to the paint of the interior.

Place bench

You can also put a bench in this space to give it a modern appearance. The wooden benches look ideal with these types of couches.

A bench also increases the storage area to place your accessories in their racks and drawers.

You can also place different decoration pieces and ornaments on the table for embellishment purposes.

It becomes a good place to put your keys, TV, and AC remotes on their top side. The placement of wooden baskets filled with crackers and other snacks is also good.

Add ottoman

Ottomans are small table-like furniture that has multipurpose. These small tables are beautiful due to their shape and structure.

These are easily adjustable in small places due to their size. They fill up the space when you add them between the recliner couches and walls.

You can place different colors of sofa tables. In addition, these are beneficial because you can take them out and use them as a coffee table.

Whenever the guests come to your house, take these tables out and increase the sitting area by adjusting them on the sides of the sofas.

Make a bookshelf

Some people love to collect different books in their homes and want to make a gallery on a specific corner.

You can make your book gallery between this space to make them useful and fill.

Construct the wooden shelves with the wall to make it charming. The pre-constructed are also available in wooden markets, and you can purchase them.

The constructed types are also easy to adjust using screws and take less effort. In addition, paint the shelves by matching their color with the couches.


Lamps are also a valuable part of furniture to make your living rooms more modern and aesthetic. In addition, many people turn them on at night time to enlighten their homes.

Floor lamps are available in markets with different styles and designs. Place these lamps between the space to give a stylish appearance.

These lamps also become beneficial because you can turn them on while reading books and novels during night hours.


Mirrors on the walls give your living room and bedroom a broad and bigger appearance.

You can place the large round or rectangular shape mirror and add some beats on their sides.

In addition, it is also better to add small rounded types of mirrors that are decorated with wooden sticks at different intervals.

The decoration by using paper flowers and other art frames also looks ideal in this place.


The addition of cushions on the backside of recliner couches gives them a more cozy, soft, and comfortable touch.

You can add different color pillows on the head side to fill the space behind these sofas.

The poufs are a small part of furniture like cushions, and you can also place them on floors for sitting purposes.

Add brighter colored poufs to make them useful when small children come to your home with guests.

Use fabric strips

The addition of fabric strips on the walls makes the interior aesthetic and antique type. You can make different designs with these fabric strips to use the space.

Make a large rounded flower by using strips of different colors and fabric.

Use the brighter color fabric and make a rag wreath by cutting them carefully.

Hang this piece of art in the center of the wall to make this place appealing. You can also make and garland and hand it from both sides using nails.

Moreover, using the leftover fabric to make the rounded braids is also a good idea.

Upholster the wall

Upholstering is time-consuming and costly, but it gives a modern appearance to your living rooms.

You can upholster the walls that it behind your recliner couches.

Then, match the upholstery color with sofas to give a more aesthetic and charming touch.

Most people cannot afford upholstery, so they can also use paneling.

Use wheel drawers

The drawers are helpful to place in these areas because you can put your smaller accessories by opening the draws.

The moveable ones with wheels are the best choice because you can take them out according to our needs.

You can place your car keys in them after coming from the office.

In addition, also put your books in the drawers after reading them while sitting on the couch.

Place the small lamps on these drawers to enlighten your room and make them more stylish.

Add cabinets

Many people also add cabinets to increase the storage space of their homes. The wooden types are the best option in this area.

You cannot add the ones that have doors because they become difficult to open and close. Instead, add the cabinets that have sliding doors for opening purposes.

You can place different things like clothes, shoes and other extra things at your home.

Scented candles

The different scented candles are available in the market. You can use them to make the interior refreshing.

These scented candles are also available in jars like wall sconces, and you can attach them using nuts and bolts.

These are also of the wooden type you can select the best ones according to the decoration of your room.

These candles also provide light during the night when you turn off all your home’s lights.


The aquarium is the best option for the space behind the recliners to make this area more appealing and stylish.

You can place fish in the aquarium and make their water clear. Then, you can attach them to the back wall of the couches or add them to the table.

Do recliners need space?

The recliner couches need more space than the simple sofas in your homes. You cannot place them in a smaller area of your living room.

In addition, you cannot place other furniture near their sides.

As a result, you face difficulty placing them closer to other things while reclining them for resting purposes.

Some furniture is adjustable in small places and corners of your homes, but these sofas are not that type.

You can make a special and wide space to place this modern part in your room.

What does the distance between the recliner and the wall mean?

You cannot place recliner sofas near or against the walls. So when you want to open the headrest for relaxing purposes, it can cause an issue.

The improper opening and closing can damage their electric system and become out of function. The average distance between them should be 6 inches to 10 inches for safe reclining.

You can also place them on the other sides on which their back does not directly face the walls.

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