Is Rugs USA Legit?

Is Rugs USA Legit?

Rugs USA is a reliable platform to get superior quality rugs at cheap rates.

Many people want to add floor mats and long runners in their bedrooms and living rooms to make them appealing, but they hesitate due to their high cost.

Is Rugs USA Legit? Rugs USA is legit as it fulfills its commitments and provides superior products to consumers in America and Canada. Positive feedback from customers and quick shipping confirms its legitimacy. Moreover, it offers endless designs and sizes to get floor mats for indoors and outdoors at an affordable price. Furthermore, it goes on sale often on holidays and special occasions and announces 70% to 80% discount on all their products.

Rugs USA maintains its credibility and integrity through better services. As a result, it is an authentic brand and has social acceptance by consumers.

Furthermore, it fulfills all the shipping commitments and has better policies for return and refund.

What products does Rugs USA provide?

Rugs USA is a company in New York that deals in high-quality rugs of different sizes. Their headquarter is located in New York, USA, while the warehouse is in Carolina, New Jersey.

You can get mats of varying sizes ranging from oversized to small runners. They are suitable for placing indoors like kitchen, living area, bedroom, and outdoors.

In addition, you can decorate your rooms with runners in different patterns like straight vertical and horizontal lines and zigzag designs.

Moreover, it offers free and fast shipping to its customers, making them prominent in this industry.

Why is Rugs USA Legit?

Rugs USA provides genuine and high-quality products to consumers in America. The positive response and trust of consumers in the brand confirms its legitimacy.

Endless variety and sizes

This company has many designs, colors, and sizes available in square mats and runners. It allows you to choose the best and most appropriate product according to your requirement.

You can choose an oversize carpet for your living room with 10×15 foot dimensions and more than this.

Similarly, there are medium and small carpets in the lounge under the sofa and close to the working table with 5×8 to 2×3 foot.

Moreover, you can choose a runner rug for placing in a hallway with dimensions 2×7 to 2×13 feet.

Get a beautiful floor mat with beautiful patterns of circles, linings, and zigzag design to add to your dining, bedroom, and living room.

In addition, some carpets are soft and fluffy, while a few of them are washable, which creates endless options for you to select.

Affordable cost

Their cost is usually high, making it nearly impossible to add beautiful pieces to every room.

Their rates vary according to the quality as superior products can cost you about $500 to $8000.

It goes on 70% to 75% discount always and provide an opportunity to get high-quality products at affordable price. So, you should wait for the sales and avail the opportunity to save money.

Impressive designs

You can give a glamorous appearance to every room of your home after placing stylish and traditional mats with impressive designs and colors.

Additionally, there are endless mat designs, like jute braided and Moroccan tasseled rugs.

In addition, shaggy runner, mats with birders on the edges, and wooly mats having tassels are also present.

Moreover, you can also put a Persian and vintage style rug in your bedroom. They provide different options for indoors and outdoors due to different exposures.

Positive feedback

After purchasing from this brand, the consumers claim it to be a real company that produces high-quality products.

Customers’ positive reviews and satisfaction with the products make it legit. In addition, they were satisfied with the price and quality.

One of my friends has purchased a runner mat for their bedroom that remains soft and fluffy for 4 to 5 years.

Quick shipping

It is known for quick shipping as it only delivers products inside America and Canada. They do not take and deliver orders internationally.

You do not have to wait for many days to receive your order as it reaches your apartment within a day or two. In addition, the quick and free shipping improves their credibility.

Easy to maintain

Their products do not require regular maintenance and cleaning procedures. You can clean them infrequently.

Some mats are washable, making it easy to remove dirt and debris between the fluffy furs and layers. However, you can also vacuum clean them on alternate days.

Does Rugs USA have sales often?

You can get their products at a half-price during holidays and special occasions like Black Friday and Christmas sales. For example, you can enjoy 70% to 80% off on all the mats during Christmas.

Moreover, they go on sale when the season ends, like after the summer and winter.

So you can get products with appealing designs and superior quality at a low price during sales in the fall.

They provide amazing deals and promo codes so that customers can benefit from their products.

Furthermore, you can always find 60% to 70% running a sale on all types of runners and mats every season.

Therefore, it does not compromise quality even during sales when they have bulk orders.

Many people purchase their products during a sale when it cuts down to half or more than half of their original price.

Can I return the Rugs USA product for free?

You can return their rugs within a month if you feel unsatisfied with the product. There is a possibility of delivering the wrong product to your doorstep during sales.

Sometimes, you do not get what you paid for, and you have to return it. It accepts the returned products and refunds your payment but does not exchange them for a new one.

However, you have to place a new order that goes through processing again. It does not offer free shipping for the returns, and you have to pay a return fee.

The return shipping cost depends on the size of the packaging and the courier service you use to send it back. Moreover, they can deduct the amount if you open the package and use the product.

What are the disadvantages of Rugs USA?

This company offers many benefits to customers by providing superior products at a better price.

However, its policies have some flaws, like they do not offer an exchange policy for the products.

 It can get back products and refund your dues but do not replace them with any other item.

Similarly, you can enjoy free shipping when ordering a product, but you have to pay the shipping dues when sending it back.

Additionally, the quality of every product is different from another, depending on the price. Finally, some of their products lose their color and become thin after using for a small time duration.

Does Rugs USA ship to Canada?

The Rugs USA ships products to many other countries close to America. Moreover, it is now shipping in Canada also.

However, they do not ship to other international places and provide their services only in America, while Canada is an exception.

Furthermore, the free shipping facility is also available to countries closer to America and Canada.

They do not pay taxes for a product because it is a customer’s responsibility, but they cover duties while shipping orders to Canada.

Why is Rugs USA so cheap?

A small hand-woven Moroccan rug can cost you more than you expect.

However, you can get these products at low prices, particularly during sales.

Many industries provide these delicate and small pieces at a high rate, but it focuses on a business model that offers affordable products to boost brand identity.

Furthermore, there are always 70% to 75% sales on their products that help get these mats at a lower price. Their goal is to improve sales by providing better products to consumers.

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