Why is Anthropologie Furniture So Expensive?

Why is Anthropologie Furniture So Expensive?

Anthropologie furniture seems expensive when you look at the price tag, but its creative designs and beautiful appearance justify its cost.

Why is Anthropologie Furniture So Expensive? Anthropology furniture is so expensive as it sells luxurious furniture targeting affluent people and uses high-quality materials for manufacturing and packaging. In addition, it spends money on outlets, employees, and advertisements that increase its prices. However, it is an eco-friendly brand providing exclusive and limited products with customization options.

Many people buy this furniture to make their house look good and appealing.

What is the average cost of Anthropologie furniture?

Anthropologie provides expensive furniture items varying in price based on designs, size, and manufacturing material.

It provides a wide range of products in table categories like coffee and dining tables and side tables worth almost $500 to $5500.

Moreover, you can get comfortable beds of varying lengths and designs for almost $1200 to $3500.

Different types of chairs are present, including dining chairs, office desk chairs, and hanging and accent chairs that can cost you around $300 to $1500 on average.

Furthermore, it sells sofas, chaises, sectionals, daybeds, and benches for one or multiple persons, which determines the cost, but you can get them in a range of almost $500 to $4500 on average.

Additionally, storage items like consoles, bookcases, and cabinets are expensive and available at $200 to $3000.

18 Examples of Anthropologie furniture with their cost, weight, size, and manufacturing material

Type of Anthropologie Furniture Name of furniture Cost Weight Size in inches (HxWxD) Manufacturing Material
Beds Pari Curved rattan bed $2158 50 pounds 64x62x82 inches Rattan
Leigh bed $2240 115 pounds 54x66x97 inches Velvet
Rosalie bed $2085 40 pounds 85x67x81 inches Acacia wood
Sofas Ashton Settee $1990 60 pounds 31x58x30 inches Cotton velvet
Irina sofa $2380 125 pounds 26x97x32 inches Polyester
Woven Modular sofa $1263 96 pounds 25x63x39 inches Cotton
Tables Amber coffee table $1280 88 pounds 28x70x15 inches Ash wood
Quillen Pedestal table $1579 162 pounds 30x85x41 inches Walnut veneer
Trestle dining table $6122 23 pounds 30x167x39 inches Teak wood
Chairs Hackney accent chair $649 25 pounds 33x22x24 inches Cotton velvet
Ellison desk chair $1040 19 pounds


33x21x23 inches Linen, Ash wood
Masaya dining chair $560 10 pounds 31x23x15 inches Polyester
Peacock hanging chair $645 22 pounds 46x35x28 inches Rattan
Boucle Counter Stool $432 25 pounds 37x21x21 inches Boucle upholstery, iron frame
Storage Fern cabinet $2630 228 pounds 73x37x24 inches Ash wood
Fern bookcase $1850 188 pounds 71x27x17 inches Ash wood
Toulouse Buffet $2250 160 pounds 30x68x16 inches Hardwood veneer
Juneau Velvet Buffet $2890 140 pounds 32x69x18 inches Beech wood

What makes Anthropologie furniture so expensive? 

Anthropologie has no good reputation regarding the quality of furniture having less durability and strength, but it is widely known for its impressive designs and attractive appearance.

Expert craftsmanship and salespersons

Anthropologie ensures the production of exceptional products with outstanding designs and superior quality as they have expert craftsmen from the United States.

These experts and professional designers pay attention to minor and major details to provide a unique product that can increase the house’s aesthetic value.

The creative designs and use of high-quality raw materials with a quick production process allow designers and manufacturers to introduce a luxurious product quickly.

Furthermore, it has a large number of salespeople at different stores that provide services to customers and help them make better decisions.

So, it has to pay a good amount to factory workers, including designers, manufacturers, laborers, and salespersons, that are the backbone of any company, increasing product costs ultimately.

Expenses of outlets

The physical stores have to maintain their outlets to grab more customers and make them attractive or comfortable for visitors.

Anthropologie has outlets that look like historical buildings to increase the flow of foot traffic inside the store so that they can look at the products comfortably.

Moreover, it works on interior decorations by adding attractive lighting and decorative pieces to the shelves for a better presentation of products.

In addition, the owners have to pay heavy bills and add store maintenance expenses to each product to meet their costs.

Environment-friendly brand

Many furniture brands follow eco-friendly practices to avoid harmful effects and control processes from production to packaging and disposal.

Anthropologie does not hesitate to invest in sustainable practices and recycles waste material to reduce carbon footprint to a minimum extent.

Moreover, it helps boost the brand’s credibility and identity. However, there is no evidence confirming Anthropologie’s sustainable practices to minimize water consumption.

However, it is following eco-friendly measures in the production process by using environment-friendly raw materials and renewable energy that help reduce the negative impact on climate.

So, these safe raw materials are more expensive than others commonly used, which adds to their overall expenses and increases their costs.

Exclusive and limited stock

Anthropologie Furniture offers exclusive products that are never seen in any other outlet, which makes them distinct in the furniture market. Their uniqueness and creativity make them different and popular.

A lot of time is required to design and manufacture pieces, which makes them limited in stock, and they have a small number of items in their inventory.

Accordingly, manufacturing a limited stock takes more time and effort, resulting in high-cost items as every batch is produced after weeks or months.

Better packaging material

Many products get damaged during shipping when loaded or unloaded from the pickup truck, making the transfer of packages from the warehouse to the customer’s doorstep difficult.

Accordingly, Anthropologie prefers to keep a budget for packaging material as it helps avoid damage to a maximum extent.

It has to face a significant loss in getting a damaged product back, so it is better to invest in better packaging.

Customers are highly satisfied with their amazing packaging, but it requires a good budget for such maintenance, which affects the cost of furniture items.

The large beds, cabinets, and sofas require more packaging material, which increases the overall cost of these items compared to smaller ones that need a small piece of cardboard.

Options for customization

It can be challenging for some people to find furniture that matches interior decor and wall paint as it takes a lot of time to find a suitable piece of furniture.

Anthropologie allows you to customize your furniture with desired fabric, color, and material that directly affects the cost of the product.

Moreover, you can ask for changes in the product’s design as multiple options for shapes are available on their platform.

However, you have to pay for the product according to the cost of the material and design, which can increase or decrease the overall price; that’s why it seems expensive to a few people.

Appeals to affluent customers

Anthropologie Furniture prices are higher as it designs and creates products for the community based on affluent customers who prefer to spend money on innovative and expensive products.

It is considered a premium brand with a sense of creativity, comfort, and uniqueness shown in its furniture products. It attracts a particular group of people due to its high price.

It targets people looking for luxurious items to make their houses look exceptional and appealing.

Accordingly, it offers premium prices, as you can get a Deluxe Drink Cabinet at $1950.

In addition, a Lyre Two-Cushioned sofa with tufted buttons can cost you around $2250; that has rolled arms and a tufted backrest, making your living room look luxurious.

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