Where Should I Put My Shoe Rack in My House?

Where Should I Put My Shoe Rack in My House?

The shoes are an essential part of your attire as the other accessories. However, they need special maintenance, like protection from dust and moisture, and it is better to place these in a shoe rack.

Where Should I Put My Shoe Rack in My House? You can put your shoe rack in a wooden closet, hallway, bedroom, and garage of your house. Moreover, you can also put it in the living room, beneath the staircase and entranceway.

You cannot put them on bare cemented floors and walls as it can cause moisture to seep into the shoes. In addition, it can attract fungus and mold, which affects the structure of shoes.

Wooden Closet

It is better to put them in a closet if your closet has enough space to keep a shoe rack. Moreover, you do not need to stack them in your closet, which will turn into a pile.

Organized shoes can help you to have an easy look at them when you are going out and need to make a quick decision.

In addition, it gets irritating when you have to go through the pile and take out all of them to get the one pair you want to wear.

However, it can be convenient for you if you put an open rack with two or three shelves in your closet. Place it on the spot in your closet where you can have easy access and light.

You will feel more at ease if you follow this method because you can pick the pair and put them back without feeling irritated.

Furthermore, you do not have to rearrange your closet occasionally if you put the rack in the closet.


The most common place to put a shoe rack it in the house is the entranceway, as people prefer to keep it within their range. It is easy for them to quickly change their shoes if they are going out or coming from the outside.

The entranceway is a small area between the main entrance door and the rest of the house. It is a common practice among people to hang their coats, hats, and scarves when they enter.

However, you can put only those footwears which are in your daily use, such as your slippers, college sneakers, office heels, or farming boots.

You do not want to put your whole footwear collection to exhibit at the entranceway. It will not look good and pleasant to the guests if they have a pile of shoes welcoming them.

It is wise to put them in an organized manner so that they are not visible. It’s your house so only you need to know where you have put them and can see them.

It is better to put them on a storage bench, and you can sit on it to put on shoes with ease. Moreover, it will look good in the aspects of décor and aesthetics.

The bench will have a soft seat on the top and storage boxes under the seat. In addition, you can put them in plastic bags to protect them from dust.

Beneath stairs

Almost every house has stairs, and you can utilize the space under the staircase well to put shoe racks.

It can be a better spot to place the shoe cabin if you think putting them in the entranceway looks weird. Moreover, your guests will not be able to see them.

The space beneath the staircase is usually dark as compared to other parts of the house. I have seen that in some homes where people have placed the racks under the stairs.

Moreover, you can place shelves in that free space and cover them with cabinets. It can work as extra storage and secure your footwear.

In addition, stairs are usually not far from the entrance, so you will not have to walk more to change them.

The space beneath the staircase is often unused, but you can dedicate this space to turn it into storage for your footwear.


The garage is the other most common area of the house you visit when you go out. Placing a shoe rack in the garage can be a feasible way to change your footwear quickly.

Furthermore, it is a good idea to place it there because your dirty shoes can leave muddy prints on the floor of your house.

You do not want to make your house dirty due to your shoes as you can have to clean them later. Moreover, it does not occupy much space so you can place it in the corner.

The benefit of putting them in the garage is that you do not have to worry about hiding them from your guests.

However, you can make your rack with the help of wooden bars and create little shelves.

It is better in this way if you do not have floor space in the garage due to your vehicle.


Most people prefer to put their shoes in their bedroom with the other items. It makes it easy for them to choose footwear for a night out with friends.

Moreover, you cannot shift your whole collection to the other spots in the room. It depends purely on your preference and comfort.

There are plenty of decorative shoe storage cabinets, which can add style to your bedroom as well as serves the purpose of placing your footwear.

You can search for any type of storage cabinet online, as you can find plenty of excellent designs there.

In addition, it is better to put them near your wardrobe or your full-length mirror where you can wear them and choose which shoe goes well with your dress.

Living room

You are thinking, how can anyone put a shoe rack in the living room? Well, it does not have to be a messy-looking cabinet and an obvious one.

It is a better option if you do not have an entranceway because the entrance doors of some houses open directly into their living rooms.

Furthermore, as I have mentioned before, it does not have to be your footwear collection, so it is not a bad option if you put a shoe cabinet near the entrance door.

You can turn a cabinet into a shoe rack and put it near the door. In addition, decorate its top shelf with tiny house plants to make it a part of the living room.

There are storage ladders that are used to put footwear on it, and it does not look weird to have it there. 


Another better location to place a shoe rack in your house is the hallway. A hallway is a long and narrow passageway between the main entrance and the lounge. 

It is better to put the rack there as it will be away from your sight. You can place a long linear storage cabinet there and put the shoes inside.

Moreover, you have the freedom of decorating it with the help of hanging a round mirror over it. You can put your door and car keys there on the top shelf.

Furthermore, decorate it with small pots of plants and lamps to add a good amount of light. Place a tufted stool beside it so you can sit there and wear your shoes.

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