Can You Put a Futon on Bed Risers?

Can You Put a Futon on Bed Risers?

The futon is a sofa bed, and people use it for sitting purposes during the day and make their bed at night for sleeping. It is a multi-functional piece of furniture with a soft and comfortable mattress for sleeping.

Can You Put a Futon on Bed Risers? You can put a futon on bed risers to increase ground clearance, make it better for taller people, increase storage space, and protect them from dirt, insects, and moisture. You can use plastic, wooden, and cement-type bed risers for them. In addition, it is also better to check their quality, manufacturing material, color, size, and weight holding capacity.

Sometimes bed risers are visible when you add them to futons. You can use the long sheets to hide them if these look bad due to their different color. Moreover, you can also paint them the same color as your furniture.

How do you put a futon on the bed risers?

There are different methods to put a futon on bed risers. Some of them contain screws and are removable, so you can add them when you need them.

It contains screws, and you have to drill the holes under the legs for its tightening. However, most of the wooden blocks are permanently attachable.

You can add the wooden blocks under the legs and fasten them with screws and bolts. The casters also require permanent screwing to attach under the legs to increase the height.

Why would you put a futon on bed risers?

People who love to place futons in their homes live in small apartments and have congested spaces. These provide dual function, occupy limited space, and make an area for sitting and sleeping.

Make the frame higher from ground 

These sofa beds have a frame near the ground because of their dual function. You can make their bed by spreading or opening its frame carefully.

The frames are kept lower to the ground for comfortable posture when you use them for sitting purposes.

It becomes easy for people to maintain the correct sitting posture without back pain. 

You can add the bed risers under their legs to make them higher from the ground when you are using them for sleeping purposes.

Increase storage area

Many people do not have enough compartments and cupboards for storage in their homes. They use the space under their beds and other furniture to store different things.

Some of this furniture has less ground clearance and are not high off the floor. Futon frames are closer to the ground, so you can add riser racks underneath its legs to increase their distance from the floor.

It provides a greater storage area for the placement of household accessories. This way, you do not have to spend more on cupboards and drawers.

Good for taller people

Better ground clearance is also suitable for taller people because it is uncomfortable for them to sit in places lower to the ground.

Moreover, it can also make them tired because they cannot straighten their legs properly. It is also challenging for them to use it as a bed for sleeping.

Tall people find it challenging to use this bed because of its less ground clearance. However, it becomes easy for them to use the futons when you put them on bed risers and increase their height.

Protect from dust and moisture

Dust, insects, and moisture are common things that are always present on the floor. The mattress and bed sheets can easily catch dust near the ground.

It increases your effort to wash them frequently to get rid of dust. Moreover, it is also risky for you to sleep close to the ground because of the variety of insects there.

The insects can harm you and are also harmful to the mattress. In addition, the risk of moisture-related damage is more to the mattress during the cleaning procedure.

When you clean the floor, the water splashes come in contact with the mattress.

Things to consider when you put a futon on bed risers

You cannot buy them randomly from the market because it can cause issues later. For example, you have to put your futons on a leveled surface while adding risers.

The risk of slipping and rolling over increases when these are present on uneven surfaces. In addition, it is also necessary to check their quality.

Moreover, correct adjustment is also crucial for decreasing the risk of frame breakage. Therefore, the frame of these sofa beds has a partition due to its dual functionality.

You must adjust them accurately so they cannot disturb the partition of the frame and make a comfortable space for sleeping.

These are available in the market from high to low quality, depending on the manufacturing material and cost.

Always choose high-quality ones that cannot break easily and hold more weight. Check their size and height when selecting them.

Bed risers have different weight-holding capacities, depending on their material, like wood and cement, and their quality.

Check their weight-holding capacity to decrease the risk of breakage.

What type of bed risers can you use for the futon frame?

There is a variety of risers that you can use under futons to increase their height and make them comfortable beds for sleeping.


Plastic bed risers are readily available in every size and are cheaper. In addition, these are available in the market in different styles and height ranges.

You can select their height according to your comfort level. These are not durable, but people want to add them because they are readily available at less price.

These can break easily and damage the frames, increasing your overall repair cost. In addition, the weight-carrying capacity of the plastic material is also less.

They can break easily when more people sit on the couch.


Wooden types are most common in the market and are highly durable. In addition, these can also go perfectly with your wooden furniture because of the same manufacturing material.

Moreover, you can also paint them by matching the color with your furniture. These are a little more costly than plastic-type but are highly durable.

These come in a block design to provide stability to the thin tubular legs of the futon. In addition, the tubular metal frame is easy to adjust on the wooden blocks because of its diameter.

Cement blocks

These are commonly used bed risers; you can make them at home with less effort. These are not much costly if you make them at home.

These are highly durable than wooden or plastic materials. In addition, these also have more weight-carrying capacity, and you can add much weight to them without getting worried.

The stability of the cement blocks type risers is also more because of their heavy weight and fewer slipperiness issues.

You can quickly put the frame of the futon on the risers to increase its height and provide stability.

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