How to Fix an Electric Recliner That Won't Recline?

How to Fix an Electric Recliner That Won’t Recline?

Electric recliners use motors that give power to internal components but can stop reclining when the motor or cables get damaged.

How to Fix an Electric Recliner That Won’t Recline? You can fix an electric recliner that won’t recline by removing dirt and debris from all the connections and checking the wall socket to know whether switches are in the sockets. Moreover, lubricate the gears if you hear a squeaking sound on movement and check the battery to see whether the green light turns on after connecting to a power source. Furthermore, replace broken cables, springs, faulty motors, and transformer boxes to fix this issue.

The cost required to fix electric recliner issues depends on the exact fault, as the presence of dirt needs to be cleaned only.

However, you have to invest money in repair if there is a problem with the motor, transformer, springs, and gears, as they need to be replaced most of the time.

You can fix an electric recline in a short time, however, it can be a time-taking process for those who have never done troubleshooting.

Check main switches and plugs

Most commonly, there is an issue with the outlet connections when your couch does not respond to remote control actions.

First, you can check the outlet connections before flipping the couch to look at internal components, as there are many chances that the problem gets fixed when you assess the outlet.

Switch off the connection, remove the main switch from the socket, and put it back. Turn the switch on and check whether the system works or not.

In addition, you can also check the extension cable whether it is correctly plugged in or not.

In the same way, check all the internal plugs and connections by unplugging, cleaning, and putting them back. For example, it can help fix an electric recliner that cannot move due to loose connections.

Remove dust and debris

Sometimes, dirt and debris can accumulate within its internal parts, interfering with its functioning. For example, a greasy material can get collected on the extension leads, damaging them.

Moreover, any hard object can also get stuck within the large springs, stopping it from moving and making it non-functional.

Accordingly, you have to check the presence of any foreign object within the system by removing the cover if it is zipped inside a cover.

It is not good to unbolt the cover or damage the recliner to get access to the internal system. You can take professional help when internal components need to be assessed.

Furthermore, it is better to pay attention to frequent cleaning of the internal cables, motors, and springs to avoid dust accumulation that can affect its working.

Lubricate the gears

Recliners can attain different positions at a minor angle difference due to the gears’. These can help adjust the angle between the seat, backrest, and footrest.

The gears can become stiff over time when the metal surfaces begin to touch other and produce a knocking or loud squeaking sound.

It indicates that the gears need lubrication to retain smooth functioning and movement of internal parts. It can also help reduce friction and increase the lifespan of the chair.

You have to clean the surface before applying lubricants and drip a few drops of oil on the gears. Then, rub the surface to remove excess oil. You can also use petroleum jelly for rubber components.

Furthermore, you can find some lubricants in the market that will suit these gears.

Check battery condition

A battery is present inside the recliner that needs to be charged to control the operations. This backup battery helps move the chair when there is no electricity.

However, it cannot replace a motor and only helps bring a couch back into its original position. It remains in the charging mode when its main switch is connected to the extension’s switch.

It can stop working when the batteries are not transferring enough power to the system to operate correctly. You have to check whether the green light on the battery pack is visible.

So, it helps you identify the problem and replace the battery with a new one when the green light does not turn on after connecting to an electrical source.

Replace broken cables

Many cables connect the battery to three motors that control the movement of springs attached to the seat, headrest, and footrest accordingly.

These extension cables can break down or get trapped when you are excessively using the power recliner. In addition, the wires can heat up over time resulting in power shortage or break out.

So, look at the cables by removing the motor after unbolting the brackets. The wires can be broken if there are issues with the battery, switches, and plugs.

After disconnecting the chair from a power source, you have to replace the cables with new ones. Then, connect the wires back to the motors and fix the motors back onto the brackets.

It is better to remove cables after disconnecting them from the power source and keep the location of wires in mind as you have to reconnect them on the motor.

Furthermore, you can also fix wires using tape if there is a minor cut that is responsible for abrupt disruption in the movement. Splice wires and join them together using electrical tape.

Replace broken or loose springs

The movement of power recliners is controlled by motors that are connected to springs and control the movement of internal parts.

These springs can break over time due to corrosion if you ignore their maintenance.

They can also get loose over time due to continuous movement and slow-down its motion.

Check the springs if the system is not responding quickly to the remote control actions. Most probably, the springs get loose or broken, so you must replace them immediately.

Take the damaged spring out of the clamping hooks and add a new one having good flexibility. It can help resolve the issue and retains the functioning of the chair.

Replace motors and transformer box

The movement of electric recliners is primarily based on motors and transformers responsible for transferring power to the internal components to operate accurately.

The transformer box transfers electrical power to the motor that will operate mechanically and allow other internal parts to function.

Sometimes, the seats do not respond to instructions, which means the motor controlling the seat functioning has lost its function. This is the time to replace the motor to restore chair movement.

The transformer box can also get damaged internally when you connect them to an electrical source for long durations, even when not sitting on the couch.

So, you have to replace the damaged transformer box with another one to make your reclining chair functional again.

Reset reclining system

You can reset the power recliner if cleaning, unplugging, lubrication, and replacements do not work. Turn the switch off and unplug the main switch. You can also manually recline it.

Wait for 8 to 12 seconds after unplugging, and press the massage zone button for 5 to 7 seconds; that can help restart the system.

Put the plug back into the switch and turn it on to check whether it is working. Resetting the power system can solve the issue.

Moreover, you can also find a reset button on the remote, as the resetting method can vary according to the manufacturer.

Insert a paperclip within a hole present between these buttons to reset it. Furthermore, turn the switch on after a few seconds when you have plugged in the main switch to recline that electric recliner.

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