Do Sleigh Beds Need Box Springs?

Do Sleigh Beds Need Box Springs?

Sleigh beds are traditional or royal, with curved or bent ends from the headrest and foot side. The curved or extended end is beneficial because it can support the placement of cushions. However, these are more costly than simple ones because of their unique design.

Do Sleigh Beds Need Box Springs? Sleigh beds need box springs to support the mattress, increase durability, and prevent sagging issues. Slatted and platform-type sleigh beds do not need this additional accessory. You have to consider the size, height, manufacturing material, and storage type when selecting box springs for your bed. 

You can also consult with the manufacturers to get information on whether your sleigh beds need box springs.

Why do sleigh beds need box springs?

It is essential to add extra support and spend some extra money to upgrade the appearance of your bed.

Absence of slatted frame

Most of the beds have slatted frames to prevent mattresses from sagging. These interconnected horizontal wooden bars are essential to hold the weight in equilibrium conditions.

These slats are made of high-quality wooden material to increase their load-holding capacity.

Most sleigh beds do not come in the market with an extra frame, and you have to add the box spring to support the mattress from the bottom side.

The single frame is not enough to give complete support. Check the presence of slatted frames from the manufacturer’s guidelines.

Increase the durability of the mattress

You cannot purchase mattresses frequently because it is a costly investment. However, these can last for years with proper care and maintenance.

You can increase the durability by adding the box spring underneath them, giving them firmness and protecting them from sagging.

In addition, it also ensures equal weight distribution on all sides, and you do not feel the compressed end while sitting.

The sagging from one side is problematic because it can make you uncomfortable and tired during sleeping on it.

You can increase the longevity of mattresses by adding an extra layer under them, which protects them from sagging.

Support heavy mattresses

Sleigh beds are large and heavy beds with traditional designs and unique appearances. These have been famous since the 19th century because of their royal appearance.

You must place the heavy and large-sized mattresses on them according to their size.

The simple wooden frame with four rails on all sides cannot bear the weight of these heavy and large-sized mattresses.

It is necessary to increase the weight-holding capacity of the frame by adding box springs that are firm and ensure equal weight distribution.

Is it necessary to add box springs in sleigh beds?

Add box springs in all types of beds, including the sleigh, which has curved ends from the head and foot side.

People place the sturdy surface underneath the mattress to provide extra support and perform cushioning action.

It is a metal frame with spring and is covered with cloth, giving extra firmness to these heavy and large mattresses.

Many people also add them to increase the height and give their room a royal and traditional look.

In addition, it is also better to check the manufacturer before selecting the furniture. Some manufacturers add these sturdy frames, and you do not have to purchase them separately.

What is the other suitable option for sleigh beds instead of box springs?

This piece of furniture comes under different price tags according to its manufacturing material and dimensions.

These are costly, and everyone cannot afford them according to their limited budget. Also, you cannot use the non-slated sleigh beds without support because they become saggy after some years.

You can use the plywood frame or board to add firmness if you cannot afford them. Use a plywood board of high quality so it cannot break and last longer.

Measure the size of the mattress using inches of tape to measure the dimensions. Mark the exact measurements on the plywood for its cutting.

Cut the marked lines on the board using an electric cutter. Place the plywood board on the frame and then put the mattress on it.

Things to consider while selecting a box spring for your sleigh bed

You have to consider different things while selecting the new one from the market. These come into the market in various sizes according to the different types and sizes of the bed.

You have to purchase the same size according to your traditional furniture. Measure the frame’s dimensions horizontally and vertically.

Keep these dimensions in your mind when you are going to market for their purchase. The frame’s height also matters when selecting the box spring.

The extended ends from the sides are problematic and can cause an uncomfortable situation when you get up.

The extra height also causes slipperiness of mattresses, and you cannot adjust them well. Therefore, the selection of material for more durability and support is essential.

You can also match their material with your bed for the perfect combination. These are made up of wooden or metal materials.

The wooden type is costly because these are made up of high quality and heavy wood that can easily withstand heavier weight.

Many people also take multi-benefits from this furniture because you can purchase the storage type that can perform a dual function.

You can store your little accessories in them along with supporting the mattress. These can increase the storage area, and you can also place your valuables in them.

What type of sleigh bed does not need box springs?

There are several types of traditional furniture, and some of them need the box spring. Most of these types come up with slatted frames at the bottom end.

The slated frames are wooden bars that can work as these sturdy structures, protect the mattress from sagging, and add firmness.

In addition, manufacturers are also making sleigh beds with a platform that provides support. It is the most suitable choice because there are no visible springs.

Moreover, it also saves costs because you do not need to spend extra costs on box springs. The platform type is beneficial because it protects the mattress from slipping.

The platform is made up of wooden material and has more durability.

What are the disadvantages of adding box springs in sleigh beds?

Many people do not want to add this additional accessory because it can increase the overall height of the sleigh bed.

The heightened type looks gorgeous and luxurious, but these are not good if you have children.

The children get injured when they fall from the height during sleeping and playing on it. Moreover, it is also challenging for people to get up from it.

It is not a budget-friendly option and increases your overall cost.

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