Why Do My Kitchen Windows Steam Up?

Why Do My Kitchen Windows Steam Up?

The windows are present in kitchens for ventilation but sometimes they steam up due to high moisture levels. Most people face this issue of condensation and it blurs the outside view. 

Why Do My Kitchen Windows Steam Up? Kitchen windows steam up because of the poor ventilation system due to closed doors, windows, and curtains. Moreover, it happens due to excessive moisture during the cooking procedure and cooking with open lids. Condensation occurs due to the absence of exhaust fans, extractor fans, poorly insulated windows, faulty dehumidifiers, and clogged range hoods.

You have to resolve this problem because it can increase mold growth on the surface.

The presence of steam on the interior side of the kitchen window is the major issue that makes the glass blur.

Poor ventilation system

The ventilation system is the necessary part of every room which can take the fresh air inside and makes the atmosphere fresh.

When there is poor air crossing in your homes, it will cause the steam to build upon the glass of the windows.

Moreover, the poor air crossing issues will also come due to inappropriate construction, interrupting the crossing of fresh air.

You can fix this by opening the doors and windows for 20 minutes of the day.

The opening of your homes’ doors will help eliminate the accumulated moisture.

Closed curtains and drapes

The curtains and drapes are essential parts of the kitchen windows to prevent the entry of sunlight. The sunlight produces a reflection on the mirror.

People use dark-colored curtains and drapes to reduce this problem; when you close these curtains all day, excessive heat and moisture accumulate in the system.

 You can fix this by opening the curtains during food cooking. In addition, you can use outside sheds to prevent the entry of sunlight into your interior side.

Excessive moisture

The accumulation of excessive moisture will also cause the steam to build upon the surface. As a result, the outside air is cold and dry during winter, while the inside is warm.

Due to these temperature changes, the problem of steam comes and causes blurry vision. The moisture level increases due to the cooking of a variety of food materials that release more steam.

Moreover, the humidity level is high when you turn on the tap for washing dishes, fruits, and vegetables.

You can reduce the moisture level by using a dehumidifier in your cooking area while cooking and washing utensils.

Moreover, you can also use cover sheets on kitchen windows that help to prevent the accumulation of steam on their surface.

Steam from the cooking procedure

The kitchen is where people cook various foods according to their choices. During frying, the smoke accumulates in the kitchen, and steam comes on the glass surface.

It is hard to remove the steam that comes from the frying procedure because of oil and grease.

Moreover, closed doors and windows will also cause condensation problems during the cooking procedure.

The presence of steam is necessary to remove. Otherwise, it can damage the whole glass panel and cause the molds to grow on their surface that is difficult to clean.

You can turn on the fans to remove the smoke outside the area and fix this problem.

Absence of exhaust and ceiling fans

The exhaust fans and ceiling fans are present in the different rooms of your home, including kitchens and bathrooms.

These fans are necessary to remove the moisture and maintain the temperature of the interior side of the room.

These fans also help remove the warm air back to the floor and prevent moisture on the glass surface.

Ceiling fans also help maintain the temperature and help reduce the accumulation of moisture.

You can also turn on the ceiling fans during cooking to reduce humidity. 

Poorly insulated walls

The poorly insulated walls of the kitchen also cause the building of steam on the glass windows.

The poorly insulated walls are cold, and when hot air from outside comes in contact with these cold surfaces, it will cause condensation problems.

The poorly insulated walls are costly but long-term therapy to reduce the building of steam. When small patches of poorly insulated walls contact warm air, they will be cloudy.

You can fix this issue by using anti-condensation paints to provide extra insulation layers. You can also upgrade them to double glazed kitchen windows for better thermal insulation.

Cooking with open lids

Many people complain that more steam will accumulate during cooking and give a foggy touch to the glass windows.

This foggy touch is due to cooking food material with open lids. When you cook the soups and other materials that release excessive moisture into the inside.

The boiling of water with an open lid for a different purpose will also increase the humidity level. You can reduce this problem by closing the lids during cooking f food.

You can also use utensils that have closed lids and reduce the production of steams.

Absence of extractor fans

The extractor fans are the crucial part of the kitchen that is specifically placed on the upper side of the stove.

It is beneficial for better air crossing, removing heat, steam, and moisture from the cooking area. These are expensive; that’s why many people do not install them in their kitchens.

The absence of these fans will cause moisture to build up. You can remove the humidity using a cotton cloth.

In addition, you should install a range hood vent on the upper side of the stove for better circulation of air and removal of heat.

Faulty dehumidifiers

Sometimes, the dehumidifiers are already present in the cooking area, and people turn them on while cooking food and washing dishes.

These devices have specific life, and they become out of function after this time. In addition, the faulty dehumidifiers cause condensation on the kitchen windows.

They become faulty due to overheating issues and bad compressors, which reduces their efficiency to work.

Clogged Range Hood

Range hoods can become clogged with grease, dust, and debris and cannot remove hot air outside. In addition, their clogged filters cannot work, and the heat starts to accumulate on the interior side.

The presence of heat will make the glass windows foggy, and you cannot see outside and causing an uncomfortable situation.

What causes condensation on the outside of the kitchen window?

Condensation on the outside of the kitchen windows due to different issues and makes the outside blur.


Many people love to make lawns outside of their homes to freshen their moods. They also give water to the plants in these lawns to make them fresh and long-lasting.

The presence of water in these plants will increase the moisture level and produce a steamy appearance on your windows from outside.

You can fix this problem by filling the plants with water to the lower level that cannot increase the humidity.

You can also use faux plants or decoration plants that do not need water for their growth and fresh appearance.

Summer seasons

During the summer, people complain that their kitchen windows become blurred due to dew at night.

The issue will occur because hot and dry air comes in contact with the cold surface air, comes to the liquid stage, and cause a buildup of steam.

Moreover, during summer days, the hot airs hold excessive moisture compared to cold air and cause this problem.

You can fix this issue by spraying the mixture of vinegar and water on the glass. After spraying the mixture, clean it with a soft cotton cloth that cannot produce scratches on its surface.


The outside laundry is also common for drying cloths which can cause the steam to come on the kitchen windows due to condensation.

Some people utilize the place outside of their kitchens for laundry, which can cause this problem. It is better to reduce this issue because algae can also grow on the sides due to high humidity levels.

You can resolve this problem by using the dryer for drying clothes. Moreover, you can also change the place of laundry to fix this issue.


People also make small ponds on their lawns look appealing. They also different colored fish and plants in this pond to make it more attractive.

You can resolve this issue by using closed ponds and aquariums nearby your kitchen. In addition, you should not place open aquariums near your kitchen.

Nearby washrooms

The washrooms can increase the moisture due to showers and water usage when these bathrooms are on the outer side of the kitchen.

The use of showers increases the moisture and condensation on the glass surface. You can fix this problem by turning on the fans in the bathrooms after taking a bath.

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