Why Do Kitchen Cabinets Have Toe Kicks?

Why Do Kitchen Cabinets Have Toe Kicks?

Modern kitchen cabinet designs have toe kicks that offer extra space to do your work comfortably. It makes your kitchen work and floor cleaning more manageable and quick.

Why Do Kitchen Cabinets Have Toe Kicks? Kitchen cabinets have toe kicks to provide space for storage where you can place extra items. In addition, you can work comfortably by getting closer to the countertop. It allows you to do efficient cleaning that is difficult to do when the cabinets are touching the floor. It protects wood from damage and scratching when your foot hits its edges. Different types of toe kicks, like inclined shape, provide height and help maintain balance. 

I surveyed to determine whether people prefer toe kicks under their cabinets or not. Out of 591 people, 472 people (80%) said they chose to add them under their kitchen cabinets.

While 85 people (14%) have said that they do not find toe kicks a stylish element for their cabinets, the remaining 34 people (6%) added that its presence or absence does not bother them.

Here, you will know about the toe kick and its benefits that you can avail yourself of by adding a drawer or a board under the kitchen cupboard.

What is a toe kick? 

The toe kick is a space under the cabinets and between the floors that gives them a suspended look. As the name indicates, it is a space to place your toes securely.

Moreover, it has many benefits; that’s why most kitchens have toe kicks under the cabinets. Ideally, its height is between 2 to 5 inches. Furthermore, you can customize its height and width according to your requirement.

It is of two types; notched toe and leg levelers. You can use leg levelers for the cupboards having lesser weight and designed only for styling purposes.

They are added in front of the kitchen cabinets, and you can also adjust them to level up and down the cupboards for a perfect alignment.

Moreover, it is not ideal to use leg levelers under the storage drawers. They can make aluminum or plastic easy to install with cabinets using clips.

Notched toe kicks are attached to cupboards and the lower ends touch the ground. At the same time, a small space or a notch is present on its front side.

Comfortable working platform 

It provides you with a comfortable countertop to do work. Moreover, it can decrease the distance between you and your cupboard.

Furthermore, it allows you to put your feet in the space below the cabinet. Its different shapes like inclined or straight one plinth maintain your balance. Accordingly, you can do work for longer without getting tired.

Easier cleaning

In addition, this toe kick space makes it easy to clean the floor quickly. You can easily remove the dirt and the wrappers of the kitchen items.

You can clean your cooking place in a better way if the height of the cupboard is about 4 inches.

Likewise, it prevents the sagging of the cabinets when you add a toe box inside them.

Toe kicks look good

Many designers prefer to install toe kicks under the cabinets to give them an elegant design.

I prefer notched kicks for my kitchen shelves or drawers as they allow you to stand closer to the working bench and provide excellent support to cupboards.

In addition, these are integrated into cupboards and look more aesthetic in appearance.

Designers prefer kicks in black or a color that matches the drawers or doors. You can choose kick plates, drawers, or baseboards for your cupboards.

One of my friends has a leg leveler toe kick under his kitchen cabinets, but it is only added for styling purposes.

Support the feet 

Most of the modern kitchens have standing working benches. You have to work for long hours in the cooking area and you will get tired.

In addition, you can avoid fatigue in your feet and reduce pressure on your back by adding toe kicks underneath the cupboard.

It helps avoid backache because you do not have to lean over the working platform.

Storage area

Additionally, kitchen toe kicks space provides you with an area for storing extra items. For example, you can put your cleaning items like brushes and dusters in this area.

It provides an additional place to put your accessories or tools inside. Therefore, you can utilize them for storage purposes.

This area is just wasted space for a few people, but many people take advantage and use it for placing the items. It is a hidden place that provides more space to keep things.

You can easily access the tools by pulling out the drawer present below your working bench and closing it with the help of your leg.

Avoid cabinet damage

Furthermore, it allows you to secure the lower surface of the cupboards from scratch.

The wet towel or brush touches the cabinet edges and the lower area when cleaning the floor.

You can prevent the damage by adding stylish toe kicks of a good height. In this way, it does not look rough and dirty in appearance.

Moreover, it protects the wood from kicking when you pass by the cupboard and your feet accidentally hit it. 

Add lights

You can add 2 to 3 lightings in the toe kicks to enlighten your kitchen. It increases your visibility when you are searching for something inside cabinets.

You can make this place look good by adding LED lights on the lower end of the cupboard.

Can you remove the kitchen cabinet toe kick?

Yes, you can easily remove toe kicks from kitchen cabinets by unscrewing them through a screwdriver.

 In addition, you can utilize a hammer to loosen their molding so you can pull them out effectively.

Remove the joint between toe kicks and cabinets by using a pry bar and hitting with a hammer.

Then, carefully remove them to avoid scratches on the ground or the cabinet surface.

You need to remove them from the kitchen drawers to replace your floor tiles with new ones.

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