Why Are Twin Beds Called Twin?

Why Are Twin Beds Called Twin?

Twin beds are meant to serve two people in a matching pair of separate beds. These are placed in a room where more than one person is living. 

Why Are Twin Beds Called Twin? Twin beds are called twin because they are identical in appearance, similar in dimensions, and come in pairs. Moreover, they are suitable for kids’ rooms.

They are primarily used in hostels where more than two people reside. However, they are better fit for a small room, whereas double beds will occupy more space.

How did the term twin beds originate?

In the late 1700s, a person named Thomas Sheraton invented twin beds, but they came into use and became popular in the 1920s. 

They were first placed in a hotel room with a piece of nightstand between both, and people started calling them twin beds and twin rooms.

They were initially used in the middle-class community as they could not afford double or king-sized beds. Moreover, they did not have large spaces to accommodate them.

Furthermore, they began to be seen as modern and versatile furniture pieces to place in big houses. 

However, their use became common among couples who wanted to sleep on separate beds and in the same room. In addition, couples who were concerned about their hygiene preferred to use them.

Why do you call twin beds twin?

Twin beds are a piece of furniture that is present in almost every household. They are manufactured to sell them together and are made to be placed together in the same room. Kids, adults, and couples can use them.

Identical in appearance

These beds are a copy of each other, like identical twin kids are similar to each other. In addition, they are like each other in aspects of the design of headboards and footboards.

They are a matching pair of two same beds identical in appearance. They are the same in size and structure.

They become more identical in appearance when they are covered with the same sheets, pillows, and blankets.

Furthermore, they are made from the same wood, and their quality is also similar. Therefore, their lifespan will also be equal, but it depends if one of them is used more than the other.

Similar dimensions

These are structurally similar and equal in size. There is no difference in their length and width. 

They are 38 inches wide and 75 inches in length, whereas a double bed is 54 inches wide and equally long as a twin bed. 

They are placed at equal distances from each other. In addition, they are put against the same wall because that is the beauty of using them.

Furthermore, placing them in the same direction enhances the view of the room. It balances the layout of the room in the aspect of dimensions.

Suitable for kids

The perfect and most common reason to use two beds in the same room is because of the kids. The house owners keep a separate room for kids to accommodate them.

Moreover, it is better to give kids a separate room as they need their place to have toys and other things.

Twin beds are preferred to beautify and modernize the look of twin kids’ rooms. The Kids want to have the same stuff as their siblings by nature.

These are a better option because the distance between the floor and them is not big. The kids can easily climb in and land from them. 

Furthermore, kids have to make their beds, so it will be easy for them to set their beds when they leave the room.

Come in pairs

They are not manufactured and sold separately because they always come in pairs. They are intended to be used together and in the same place.

They are placed in a room where two or more people are utilizing the same space. Twin beds are used specifically for a single person when they do not want to share their space.

You can use a double bed if the room is resided by one person only who wants to have a space more than a twin bed. 

Suitable for small rooms

These are suitable for small rooms as they are space efficient. They are not as big as a double bed but serve the purpose of accommodating a single person.

They are usually placed in small rooms if it is owned by two persons when they want to have their own sleeping space.

The space between them feels more than the space on the sides of a double bed. This is because they also have a storage space under them.

You can have them in two separate storage spaces in a small room. Moreover, they can easily fit in a room size of 7ft by 10ft.

Where do you place twin beds?

You can place twin beds in any kind of bedroom you want. However, they are not essentially made for kids’ use as you see them being used for kids.

However, place them in the kids’ room as they want their things to be similar. The kids love it when they share the same space with their siblings, as it can improve their bond.

Moreover, adults can use them also, but the size for them is larger than kids’ beds. The adult ones are called XL as they are 5 inches longer than small beds.

They can be placed in a guest bedroom as they do not usually share the same bed. However, it will be more awkward if a queen-sized bed is placed in a guest bedroom.

They are also ideal to be placed in hotels as they are places to accommodate every type of guest.

In short, they are considered ideal furniture pieces to put in homes and hotels. They are not confined to one style of use.

How to put twin beds together?

The XL twin beds, when put together, make a king-sized bed as it is 76 inches wide by 79 inches long. 

You do not have to separate its components or join them to make one bed. You only have to finish the gap between them and join them together.

Sometimes you want to put them together to share close space with your partner. For example, you can place separate mattresses on them.

The positive aspect of having a separate mattress is that you can place one which is suitable for you.

Is a twin bed and a single bed the same?

Twin and single beds are the terms for the same type of furniture. They are not different in any way.

They are called single beds in some parts of the world, but in America, the term twin is frequently used.

They are called single when they are separated from each other or are placed in different rooms.

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