How to Attach a Headboard to a Divan Bed with No Holes?

How to Attach a Headboard to a Divan Bed with No Holes?

A divan bed consists of two parts, one of which is a strong wooden base without slats. The frame is covered with fabric and is as wide as its matching mattress.

How to Attach a Headboard to a Divan Bed with No Holes? You can attach a headboard to a Divan Bed with no holes by drilling holes in the frame, mounting it to the wall, and placing free standing headboard. It takes around 25 to 35 minutes and costs between $250 to $650 to attach a headboard.

It is beneficial to have it with your bed as it protects the frame and wall. Moreover, it can help you to support your back and pillows.

How do you attach a headboard to a divan bed with no holes?

Divan beds come without them, and you have to get them separately to attach them to the frame. 

However, the frame often has pre-drilled holes in them. Therefore, you only need to run your fingers on the fabric to detect the dent or hollow.

Frame mounted headboard

You need to choose the right type for your divan bed if you want to attach it. It depends on the size of your bed, if it is queen or king-size.

You need to get one that is 4-6 inches wider than the frame. There are some with struts attached to them already, and some are without them.

However, if you want a frame-mounted headboard, you can get premade. The hardware stores have them available. You only need to attach them to it.

In addition, be creative when choosing it because you should not compromise on the aesthetic décor of the room.

Furthermore, measure both to mark the points at which you will drill the holes. 

Take a measuring tape to measure the frame and decide how much distance you will keep between the frame and the headboard.

Now, take a drilling machine and start drilling the holes. It depends on you if you want to drill two holes vertically on both sides.

It will ensure a strong attachment of it to the frame. Next, insert the screws halfway into the holes.

The purpose of screwing them halfway is because the struts need to slide on them.

Slide the struts through the nails in the gap and tighten the screws to attach it firmly to the frame.

Mount headboard to a wall

However, it is better to mount it into the walls if you do not want to drill holes in the bed frame. It can provide better strength and stability.

You need to pick a suitable one that can be extra wide than the frame. However, it should be equal to the size of the frame if you have a twin-size bed.

Next, measure the frame from the foot to the top of it. Do the same with the headboard.

Furthermore, match these measurements on the wall and mark both areas.

Now, you need to keep this in mind while doing the measurement that it needs to be mounted higher than the top of the bed.

It is essential because the frame hides the lower part of it when you place the mattress. Also, the divan bed should not look likes it’s separate from the board.

It is better to find the studs in the wall, which are hollow parts in the walls. It is essential because the inner of the wall will not get damaged.

You can find it with the help of a stud finder and by knocking on the wall to locate the hollow part.

Moreover, there are wall-mounted headboards with two wooden slats on the back of them. They are angled at 45ᵒ to each other as they will slide to stay over each other.

You need to remove one of them and fix it on the wall. Then, lift it and adjust its slat over the one which is on the wall.

Now, you can place the bed in front of it to complete the look of the divan bed.

However, if yours is not wall-mounted, then you can use Z clippers. The clippers are used to mount things on the walls, and it provides a strong attachment. 

They are called Z clippers because they are shaped like the alphabet Z. Attach two parts of the clipper set on the sides of the back and the remaining two on the wall. 

Mount its clippers on the clippers of the wall. They will sit perfectly on each other and secure it.

Install free-standing headboard

There are free-standing headboards that can freely stand on the floor without any attachment to the frame or the wall.

Moreover, they are available in many designs, sizes, and shapes, whichever you like for your bed and room.

They can be extra wide from the frame of your bed. Most of them provide storage shelves inside the frame of the free-standing boards.

However, some are simple upholstered backs with large widths and can stand on the floor.

In addition, they have a space for fixing them into frames or in the wall if you want them more secure.

Although they do not need to be fixed to the wall or to the frame, you can attach them. You can drill the hole in the wall after finding the studs.

Pass the screw through the holes, which are already made in the lower part of the headboard. Tighten the screws, which are attached to the wall near the floor.

Can you fit a headboard on any Divan Bed?

You can fit a headboard to any divan bed according to the size of the frame. It is an essential part of the room that catches the attention at once. 

Moreover, you can have wooden, metal, and upholstered headboards for your divan bed. It is suitable for every size, whether it is a king, queen, double, or twin-size bed.

How much time and cost are required to attach a headboard to a divan bed?

Their cost varies depending on their material, type, and size. For example, the cost of a twin headboard will be less than a double bed because of the difference between the sizes.

Similarly, the cost will vary between upholstered, wooden, and metal materials. The average upholstered twin headboard for a divan bed costs between $150 to $300.

The same type for king size can cost around $300. The wooden ones can cost about $250 to $650.

The cost required to install also varies according to the type and size of the frame. The installation cost for the average headboard is around $40-$100.

The average time requires to install it is around 25 to 35 minutes if a professional is doing it. It can be more if an unprofessional person is installing it.

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