What is Big Lots Return Policy on Furniture?

What is Big Lots Return Policy on Furniture?

The return policies of Big Lots are customer-friendly, and you do not have to keep damaged or defective products.

What is Big Lots Return Policy on Furniture? The Big Lots return policy on furniture includes returning or replacing defective, damaged, and incorrect products within 30 days of getting a parcel. You have to provide a receipt, instructions, and original packaging, and it has to be in good condition. The used coupons and gift cards are not refunded. Furthermore, you can get a refund after deducting the restocking fee, and shipment or handling costs are also not refunded. 

It is easy to return furniture on Big Lots as you can apply through the mail by accessing the order history page after logging into your account.

You have to click on the order number and apply for a return. Moreover, there is an in-store method for those who want to make store returns.

You need to show proof of purchase to their agent on the counter and explain the issues. Therefore, it is essential to bring all the relevant documents to avoid inconvenience.

Furthermore, the processing will start on the same day, and you will get a refund within 30 days through the same payment method chosen for the purchase.

Make a return within 30 days

Breakage of products during delivery is a common problem as drivers load a bulk of items by stacking them one over another, which can result in damage.

They have to carry a large number of products together to deliver them on time and avoid inconvenience; that’s why there are chances of damage during shipping.

In addition, some products can be defective, or their parts can be missing resulting in the return or replacement of the product.

Big Lots allows you to send back damaged furniture items within 30 days after receiving the parcel, as one month is sufficient to check its features and decide about keeping it.

It deals with refunds differently if you ask for a return after 30 days, as their policy allows complete refunding within a month except for shipping dues.

Good condition of the product

You are allowed to return a product only if it is still in good condition, as some people ask for replacement after leaving stains on the material due to poor handling.

Some experts at Big Lots will assess the condition in detail and check its eligibility to get it back according to their policies.

In addition, it has to be delivered back with all the accessories provided at the time of delivery and including the instruction manual.

Any stains and scratches on the product can affect the return procedure, so it is better to ensure that it is eligible according to their policies before sending it back.

Return furniture in original packaging

Big Lots asks for the product to be returned in the original package that you received to confirm the originality.

You have to re-pack the product in the same packaging as provided by Big Lots, then send it back to the warehouse.

The product packaging confirms its authenticity by showing that the customer has kept it with care. However, most returned items are not in good condition as their packaging is damaged.

Moreover, it reduces product value to the company, and they will deduct an amount from the refund dues for this damage.

So, it is better to keep the packaging until you decide whether to keep or deliver it back after finding it uncomfortable.

Charges for restocking fee

A restocking fee for returned items is charged for expenses paid by a company to prepare the item again for resale purposes.

It is not included in the hidden charges, as Big Lots mentions in their return policy. Moreover, 20% restocking charges are deducted from the refund amount.

Moreover, you can avoid the restocking fee by keeping the undesired product in packaged form and do not remove the tags if you have not ordered it.

It is not illegal if Big Lots asks for a restocking fee, as government laws allow business holders to deduct all the expenses for preparing the returned merchandise.

No refund for handling and shipment cost

The company does not provide refunds for the amount that you have paid for the shipping process and handling.

Delivery and handling fees are usually not refunded as they have paid for the delivery process, and you have to deliver it back at your end.

This cost varies according to the weight and size of the package, as a large sectional sofa can cost you more than a small table made of lightweight material.

In addition, the gift wrap cost is also non-refundable unless you have an incorrect item or a defective and damaged product.

So, you can only get the shipping cost back when a mistake is on the seller’s side; otherwise, you will get a refund after deducting the restocking fee and delivery cost.

No refund for used coupons

Some people purchase furniture using coupons that will not benefit them when they have to make a return.

They have clearly mentioned non-refunding for coupons and gift cards in the return policy.

In addition, the companies offer coupons and cards of $5 to $10 to their loyal customers for making a purchase.

You can claim a coupon and gift card until it is valid and you are lucky enough to return it within its expiry time.

However, you cannot ask for a coupon refund after returning the product, as they will subtract the coupon amount from the refund, which can be unfair on the customer’s end.

Make a return with a receipt

You have to keep the receipt safe as it can help you later if you want to return the furniture; otherwise, you will be at a loss.

Moreover, you can ask for help at their physical stores if you have lost the receipt, as they can help you find it in their emails and record the products sold.

Big Lots gives a margin of 30 days to find the receipts for better merchandise processing. It can help find receipts if you have used a Big Rewards account and credit card for payment.

A copy of confirmation emails related to order and shipment can be helpful, and order details can help them find a receipt in their digital record.

So, make sure to keep the receipt, email, and order details in your hand, as they can help you while making returns at the outlets or through online means.

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