Does Big Lots Furniture Come Assembled?

Does Big Lots Furniture Come Assembled?

Big Lots provides high-quality indoor and outdoor furniture at low cost in a ready-to-assemble form that can be easily assembled if you have the instruction manual, tools, and skills.

Does Big Lots Furniture Come Assembled? Big Lots furniture does not come assembled, as bigger packages are difficult to deliver and handle and consume more vehicle space, resulting in late deliveries. Moreover, it will be an unsafe approach and can damage furniture and increase shipping costs. However, small furniture items like tables and chairs come assembled. Furthermore, they do not provide furniture assembly service, and you have to hire professionals.

Big Lots provides multiple furniture parts inside a package with an instruction manual that helps assemble all components.

A few smaller products come assembled from Big Lots as they can be easily managed in their assembled form and do not pose any safety risk.

Why does Big Lots furniture not come assembled?

Many furniture brands deliver products in ready-to-assemble form as they do not want to get stuck in delivery and handling processes.

Assembled furniture can be a favor from the manufacturers’ side for the customers, but it can create difficulties for them as they have to suffer from issues like space, safety, shipping cost, etc.

Difficult to deliver

It is challenging to deliver a large-size sofa in an assembled form, requiring careful handling. In addition, it requires more effort to put furniture inside the truck as it needs a manual struggle.

A few manufacturers have devised techniques to support bigger packages while transferring into trucks that can help load heavier products onto trucks.

However, they have made it easy for delivery persons to haul the load quickly as they can easily put compact boxes inside vehicles.

The choice of compact boxes can also be beneficial when they have to be unloaded from the pickup trucks after reaching their destination.

You can get a small table in assembled form from Big Lots as it can be easily delivered.

Consumes extra space

An assembled furniture means a large package that takes more space in a vehicle resulting in late deliveries of the product as it needs to be transported separately.

In contrast, a smaller product is arranged in a compact box that can be easily adjusted with other packages and delivered quickly.

They do not compromise on its delivery schedules if there are no other issues related to bad weather, as it understands customers’ excitement to get ordered items quickly.

Therefore, they prefer to minimize the package size by arranging all parts of the sofa inside a tiny package, including frames, armrests, backrests, cushions, etc.

You can only get assembled furniture if you have ordered a small nightstand, side tables, coffee tables, etc., without consuming a large space on the delivery vehicle.

Safety issues

Product safety remains a primary concern of furniture manufacturers as they have to face return and replacement requests due to damage.

The wooden frames of beds and sofas can get damaged while loading and unloading the packages from trucks as it seems difficult to handle heavy items.

Moreover, scratches can appear on the fabric when it hits hard surfaces or sharp objects, leading to severe damage.

The dirt and debris can affect the material quality when you place it directly on the truck bed without any cardboard covering.

In the same way, rainwater and moisture in the air can damage the structure when they have to be delivered at a distance, as it is not possible to restrict water from reaching the truck bed.

Easy to move

You do not have to clear the entryway by removing side tables and floor rugs when the furniture comes in an unassembled form.

It allows you to move compact-size packages quickly inside the house. Moreover, you can open the package on the doorstep if the package is big enough to pass through the entryway.

All the components of beds, sofas, storage boxes, etc., are present separately that can be easily taken inside the house.

In addition, you can collect all the pieces in one place and assemble them in the room where it has to be placed.

The large frame structure made of wood is difficult to move through the doorway, and you have to drag the larger structure inside.

However, you can transfer all parts of a sofa or bed inside the living room without asking for help when it is present in an unassembled form.

Increase shipping cost

The shipping cost of the product increases with its size and weight as bigger furniture has to be delivered in a separate truck, increasing the product’s overall price.

Multiple items can be loaded into the delivery truck when there are small-sized products like boxes of chairs, tables, and lamps as they can be placed one over another.

However, you cannot place a sofa on another sofa as it can cause damage to the frame structure and fabric and reduces its durability.

Extra fuel will be consumed when only one piece of assembled furniture is placed inside a truck to deliver, and you have to pay for the fuel cost.

How do you assemble Big Lots furniture?

It seems easier to assemble Big Lots furniture as they provide ready-to-assemble products that can be arranged easily.

You can manage the transfer of packages inside the room by opening the box outside the home if they are big enough to pass through a narrow doorway.

A set of tools, skills, and patience are required to connect all the components. In addition, you can watch videos and read the instruction manual for better understanding.

Open the package carefully by placing it on an even floor surface. Remove all components from the packaging box and keep them aside.

After that, follow the instructions given in the manual to attach the backrest, armrest, and wooden frame to construct a sofa.

In the same way, you have to join the headrest and backrest with the bed rails and place wooden slats over them to provide a platform for the mattress.

Furthermore, you can hire professional workers for assembly if you have not done it before, as they have all the tools and skills to fix each component accurately.

Can you hire Big Lots for furniture assembly?

Big Lots does not provide furniture assembly services and are only responsible for delivering the package to the roadside curb, doorstep, and inside room according to your choice.

They do not officially offer any facility for constructing the delivered furniture, but you can ask for help from their truck drivers.

Moreover, it is not a part of their duty, but they can do so if they want to get paid for the task directly from customers.

It is better to seek help from professionals as they can help save time and effort in organizing packaged products within a short time.

So, you cannot hire Big Lots to assemble furniture, but you can personally ask their delivery team to organize all the components by screwing them together.

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