What Does Costco Do With Returned Mattresses?

What Does Costco Do With Returned Mattresses?

Some people return the mattresses to Costco after buying, and the company accepts them.

What Does Costco Do With Returned Mattresses? Costco re-sells the returned mattress if customers do not open or use them. Returned mattresses of good shape are cleaned, relabeled, and added to the selling section. Moreover, the company uses these products for preparing mats and carpets padding. Costco donates these return products to charity organizations. Furthermore, these products are sold at auctions that provide an opportunity to people who cannot afford an expensive mattress. In addition, the mattress with bad odor and the poor condition is disposed of, or they hand it over to recycling facilities for reuse. 

Costco is a wholesale brand that deals with mattresses, appliances, cell phones, etc. It provides products at an affordable price that you can purchase easily.

It offers one of the most prolonged return times than any other retailer company and accepts products without original packaging and receipt.

How does Costco deals with the returned mattress? 

Costco uses the returned mattresses in many ways, like re-selling the products if they are intact. Moreover, it donates the products to people who cannot afford them.

Alternate use

It uses these products for padding carpets after their disassembly. Moreover, these wholesalers do not discard the used product and utilize it in many other ways.

Moreover, it can be employed to prepare gymnastic mats to provide a soft touch to the ground. Similarly, you can use it as a roofing material also.


The company re-sells the return products if they are in good shape and are soft and comfortable. They clean these products properly and refurbish them for a new customer.

After refurbishing, they put a label or tag on it that is yellow or red to show that it is not new. Furthermore, they add the unopened products to the sales floor.


They donate these products to organizations like Red Cross and the charities like Salvation Army.

So the people who cannot afford expensive products can enjoy a soft and comfortable bed.

Dispose of

It disposes of the product that is not suitable for re-selling and charity. The only way to remove these defective pieces is the landfilling.

Furthermore, it involves dumping the mattress deep in the soil, where its decomposition process starts.

Moreover, you can give these products to a recycling facility that will recycle them efficiently by separating their layers.

Selling to auction

Costco sells these mattresses at auctions where a person who offers the maximum product price gets it.

Many people buy products from the auctions because they cannot purchase the expensive new ones.

Why would you return a mattress to Costco?

Many people return these mattresses for various reasons. For example, you can return it if there is a satisfaction issue with the quality of the product. Similarly, you can claim the product on the spot if it is defective.

Incorrect item

There are chances of delivering an incorrect item when you have ordered it online.

However, you can return the product immediately after opening the package and finding it incorrect. Moreover, you can claim it if any accessory is missing.

Duplication of products

This wholesale brand deals with many products and delivers hundreds of products regularly.

Therefore, duplication of products is a common error in the packaging process. For example, you can return it if you get two mattresses.

Defective mattress

Some products can be defective because they pack the mattresses after rolling.

As a result, rolling can damage their quality and result in bending or affecting the quality of the product.

So, you can claim a damaged product and get a new one as a replacement.

Satisfaction problem

The experience of products varies from customer to customer, and a few of them probably give contradictory opinions about the product.

Some people complain about the foul odor from these products that does not end even after 7 to 10 days. You can ask for a replacement or return if you find the product unsatisfactory after use.

How to check if you are buying a refurbished mattress from Costco?

Every user assumes that he has got a brand new mattress and enjoys his experience. However, Costco re-sells the used products if they are in good condition.

You can easily assess whether the product is brand new or through a refurbishing process. In addition, the brands tag their products with labels of different colors to recognize them easily.

Similarly, you can check the tags present on these products and see their color. For example, a red or yellow color tag depicts that the bed is not a new one but a refurbished product.

Furthermore, a white tag on a bed indicates a brand new product. There is no need to worry about refurbished products because the company re-sells only useful and useable products.

How to return mattresses to Costco?

The process of returning the damaged products to Costco is straightforward. You can claim the product through their website if you have purchased the product online.

Click on the “return item” option available on their website and start the process. It labels the product with a return, and you can see it on your membership account.

You can also call their manager dealing with the return products and ask him about the procedure if you are new to this company.

Moreover, take the bed to the warehouse and hand over the defective product. You have to show your membership card so that they can confirm the purchase.

In addition, the company can send a delivery truck to your doorstep to pick up the defective product.

So, you do not worry about returning the process and shifting products from your home to the warehouse.

It does not require receipts to confirm purchasing of the mattresses if you are a member. However, they can track your record through your membership card.

Can I return the Costco mattress after use?

Costco allows its customers to return their products even after a long time.

However, there is an exception for some products like smartphones and electrical appliances, which you have to return within 90 days.

You do not get your money back if there is any kind of delay in the return. However, you can give some products back even after 2 years because there are no limits.

However, the company offers a lifetime return, but it does not mean that you can return the used product in bad condition after many years.

Costco accepts the used beds even if you have used them for more than 2 years, but appliances like computers and televisions are not refunded after this time duration.

I have seen a gentleman at the Costco warehouse return a used mattress after 10 years. He was not pleased with the quality and did not use it, but the product’s condition was awful.

Accordingly, the company can terminate the memberships of users when they try to deceive them by bringing a damaged product with excuses.

Does Costco refund for the damaged mattress?

Costco ensures 100% satisfaction of their customers purchasing mattresses and allows you to return them.

They refund the money after processing your request and confirming the purchase. In addition, their policy offers returns and refunds for their products after a long time.

The refunding process can take almost 2 to 3 weeks, but you do not have to worry about money because you will get it sooner or later.

 They can refuse to refund some products due to the end of the return time. However, you can get your payment for the damaged mattresses at any time.

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