Can You Use a Queen Box Spring for a King Mattress?

Can You Use a Queen Box Spring for a King Mattress?

You can put a smaller mattress on a king frame, but it is challenging to fit a larger mattress into a smaller frame. Many people prefer a king mattress because it is more comfortable.

Can You Use a Queen Box Spring for a King Mattress? You can not use a queen box spring for a king mattress due to unequal size. It is 16 inches smaller in width than a king mattress, but they have an equal length. Moreover, it is better to avoid placing a large mattress on a small box spring because it affects durability and looks unattractive. In addition, it provides an unbalanced surface, and a mismatching size makes it unfit for use. However, you can place it on a queen box spring by adjusting the frames and extending the length of the bed. The bed frames have plates to adjust according to the size of the mattress. So, this adjustment allows you to place your larger mattress on a small box spring. 

You can also convert the small bed into king size to get an extra space that allows free movement.

In addition, it is essential to know about the size of a box spring before purchasing a new foam to get rid of adjustments.

What is a box spring?

Box spring is a solid platform between the ground and the mattress that provides support and height to it. In addition, it allows air to pass into the bed and maintains airflow to keep it airy.

Moreover, it improves the durability of the bed by absorbing stress. Finally, the box spring is good to use under thin mattresses as it provides a strong foundation.

Additionally, it involves the adjustment of springs in a wooden frame or a metal frame. You can replace it with other platforms because it is not essential to use on beds.

How Do You Use a Queen Box Spring for a King Mattress?

You can put a king mattress on a queen box spring by making minor adjustments in the bed frame. However, it does not fit on a small foundation without extending the bed frame length.

Adjustment in a metal bed frame 

You can adjust a metal bed frame that vertically contains bed rails on both ends. They have two rails usually, but some include four rails. It is easy to adjust the springs on the beds with two extra rails.

Unscrew the nuts 

Remove all the nuts and bolts on the bed rails attached to the headboard and footboard. Put them on the side because you cannot use them again to fix the rails on boards.

However, use the screws present in the packaging that the manufacturer provides.

Mark positions 

Drill new holes in the headboard and footboard to adjust the rails. Ensure that the new holes are in proper alignment with the old ones. In addition, the size of new and previous holes should be equal.

Attach queen to king mod plates 

The adjustable rails have brackets extending the width by moving them aside. These plates help extend the small box spring to a large size platform.

Attach these plates to the headboard by using the screws. Similarly, screw the brackets on the footboard and assess whether they are correctly fixed.

Fix the support bars 

Fix the bed rails correctly after attaching these brackets to the headboard and footboard. Tight the screws by using a screwdriver.

Moreover, this extended frame is not so sturdy and stable as the original box spring because of no extension.

Check alignment of bed frame 

Assess the alignment carefully after setting up the box spring. First, you have to check the central alignment to ensure that its height is equal from all sides.

Cover box spring 

Put a cover on the spring structure and close it by zipping the bag. Then, the adjustment process of the platform is complete, and you have to put the mattress on the top of this balanced surface.

Placement of king mattress 

Place a foam of king size on this extended box spring. The bed can easily fit into this platform after remodeling the structure of the bed foundation.

You have to make little effort to adjust to beds with four rails. Instead, push the rail on the outer side and lock them in that position.

Adjustment in a wooden bed frame

You can also bring modifications to your wooden bed frame to extend its width for placing a king-size mattress on it. Remove the boards from the head and foot side and note the measurement.

You have to cut the headboard from 76 to 78 inches in size for an extension to the bed. Then, attach these boards to the bed rail and put your mattress on it.

Why a queen box spring is not suitable for a king mattress? 

A queen-size box spring is not suitable for a large mattress that is larger in size to it. There are many other reasons to avoid a wider mattress on a small platform.

Reduces mattress durability

When a mattress is larger than a box spring, then its durability is at risk. It can wear and tear earlier if it does not fit exactly in the bed frame than a bed with a perfect match.

A hanging bed can bend down from the sides towards the floor, damaging the innerspring structure. So, it needs to be of equal size with the spring, or it can be smaller than it.

Unbalanced surface

A large foam keeps sliding on the box spring and provides an unstable surface to sleep on. It decreases the reliability of the bed, and you cannot lie down comfortably.

It is present below the bed, so it should provide a stable platform. A stable surface keeps you in place, and it does not slide you on the sides.

Unattractive appearance 

A mismatching mattress with the base of the bed seems unappealing to the eyes.

However, the visitors quickly notice the difference in size when it is larger than the frame because it looks odd visually.

A difference of 16 to 18 inches between the bed and frame does not look attractive. It can create performance issues, but it also looks uninteresting and uncomfortable.

Mismatching size

There should be a matching size of both the box spring and mattress. For example, you need a larger box spring if you have a wider mattress in your bedroom.

This mattress is almost 16 to 18 inches wider than a queen spring and provides an extra space to sleep with your pets and children.

You need an extension of a few inches because the king mattress is 80 inches long and 76 inches wide.

Unfit for use 

You should not overlook the box spring size while purchasing a new memory foam. 

Moreover, it will be unfit for use, and your investment in your new mattress goes waste.

Which box spring size is suitable for a king mattress?

King mattresses are larger in width than standard beds. The length of both beds is 80 inches, but a queen size bed is 16 inches smaller in width.

So, you need a box spring that matches in dimensions of your bed. First, you have to extend the length; otherwise, get a new box spring that will fit in size correctly.

Moreover, you can also use XL twin box springs for a king bed. 

Is it essential to match the size of a mattress with a box spring?

You can provide rigid support to your mattress by using a box spring that keeps it in shape and avoids bending.

A larger foam hangs on the horizontal sides, so it is good to have an equal-sized mattress.

Moreover, a box spring of equal size is perfect to avoid wearing and tearing before time. A bigger platform for a bed keeps it in place and avoids its sagging.

However, a small box spring can affect the mattress’s longevity and ruin it due to bowing on sides. You can also replace it with memory foam or a platform bed.

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