Is It Cheaper to Build Your Own Furniture?

Is It Cheaper to Build Your Own Furniture?

Many people find it challenging to get affordable furnishing products from stores according to budget but hesitate to build their furniture, as they think it will be expensive and difficult.

Is It Cheaper to Build Your Own Furniture? It is cheaper to build your own furniture as you can choose desired material for construction according to budget and customize its design and size accordingly. Moreover, you will not need professionals and interior designers to select the right product. You can fix the repairs and adjust broken parts after assembling them. Furthermore, it helps avoid shipping and return costs and allows the repurposing of material. 

It is better to design and build your furniture by making a suitable plan before starting the process.

Why is it cheaper to build your own furniture?

Customizing and building furniture at home can help reduce the overall cost, as you can select raw materials according to your budget and choice.

Moreover, it is considered a cheaper option than buying used, commercially customized, and luxurious products, as they are expensive options.

No shipping and return costs

You have to pay an extra amount for shipping if you are not going to pick it up from the nearby retail store or warehouse, which adds to the overall product cost.

These shipping charges are fixed for a product as it does not matter at a few stores whether you have ordered a bigger or a smaller item.

Most commonly, the shipping fees are almost $5 to $75, which will be added to the product price and increase its cost.

In addition, you have to pay the return fees if you are not satisfied with its quality and color.

So, it can help save shipping and return costs, and you have more margin to invest in the construction material.

Repurposing used material

You can repurpose used material to reduce the product price while manufacturing it at home. It feels fantastic to repurpose junk or waste material to build something productive.

Moreover, you can reuse the old window frame and cables to construct a frame for the couch and fill the upholstery material inside to provide a solid platform.

Wooden pallets can be used to construct storage racks, coffee tables, and cabinets. You can collect these pallets from supermarkets without paying, as these are considered junk material.

Furthermore, you can use recycled timber to build rustic or simple bed frames, and pallet boards can be utilized in designing headboards.

No cost for hiring professionals

Many people hire professionals at retail stores to help them decide about the right furniture as they do not know about construction materials and their compatibility with their space.

In addition, you have to pay interior designers when you need their help to choose an aesthetically appealing product according to the room’s interior.

However, there is no need to get suggestions from professionals, as you can get some basic tutorials before starting and follow the instruction to build a wooden frame for a sofa or table.

Choice of affordable material

Buying furniture allows you to choose suitable materials, and you can manage it according to your budget.

You can choose white oak and poplar wood to construct a table, as these are low-cost materials. These can cost you almost $6 and $10 per BF, while teak wood’s average cost is around $17 per BF.

In the same way, you can get affordable upholstery fabric like cotton or linen as they are cheaper than genuine leather and faux leather.

You can get linen and cotton fabric for almost $1 to $3 per yard, while leather can cost $7 to $14 per yard.

So, it allows you to choose affordable materials to decrease the overall cost of furniture.

Easier fixes and repairs

It is easy to repair the internal damages and fix the sagging sofa when you have built it yourself. However, some people do not prefer to handle the furniture and hire professionals to repair the damage.

However, constructing a sofa gives you the confidence to open it up and make desired modifications. This way, you can make special gifts for your friends by customizing the product.

So, it will help avoid the maintenance and repair costs as you can troubleshoot and repair the damaged part without help.

High durability

There is a myth about the durability and sturdiness of furniture constructed at home, as people think they are manufactured by inexperienced persons, resulting in poor construction.

However, it is not true as you never know about the sturdiness of products prepared at factories, as they manufacture a bulk of products with little care.

You can make a durable product for sure, as you are focusing on making only one product.

In addition, you can follow the best assembling practices in addition to material selection to increase their lifespan.

What type of furniture is cheaper to build on your own? 

The cost of building furniture depends on the quality and type of product, availability of tools, skills and experience, and choice of material.

It is not considered ideal for constructing cheap furniture items of less than $100 to $200, as they will not save you enough money and take time or effort for construction.

However, you can build expensive beds and sofas as they are available at almost $1000 to $4000, depending on the material type and design.

So, you can construct a similar bed frame or a couch at a low price by bringing alterations in the upholstery or inner filling material.

You can choose cheaper wood and upholstery material, as teak wood, velvet, or leather stuff are costly compared to maple, poplar wood, and cotton.

In the same way, you can avoid adding a few features that are not required to make it affordable. Furthermore, it is better to get a tool kit before manufacturing if you do not have one.

Are there any drawbacks to building your own furniture?

Customization of furniture can help reduce the cost of products and provides an opportunity to learn new skills and get experience.

However, there are a few drawbacks to building your own furniture when you do not have enough knowledge about the selection of materials and assembly.

It is not a one-day task, taking a lot of time and requiring patience and skills to manage it. Moreover, it can cost you more when you do not have the required tools.

So, you have to invest money in getting advanced tools, as a hammer, screwdriver, and glue are not enough to build a wooden structure.

Furthermore, you have to compromise on the designs and aesthetics of products, as proper finishing and attractive designs are only available in commercial products.

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