Do Bedroom Doors Have to Open Inwards?

Do Bedroom Doors Have to Open Inwards?

Some people want to remove inwards opening doors to increase space inside the room and make them look bigger, providing more options for adding furniture.

Do Bedroom Doors Have to Open Inwards? Bedroom doors can open inwards and outwards, depending on the size and location of the room, but these are usually kept inward. Inward-opening doors can help prevent accidental hits and maintain the flow of foot traffic. Moreover, it is suitable for a small family and helps ensure privacy and safety. Furthermore, it helps avoid obstruction to stairs and increases the space of the hall or lounge.

There are no residential codes about the swinging direction of doors, which means you can keep bedroom doors in-swinging and out-swinging according to your choice.

In addition, different options are available for bedrooms, as you can add sliding and pocket doors in rooms with small spaces that help avoid full swing.

Why do bedroom doors have to open inwards?

Installation of inward-opening doors is a common practice in residential houses as they need to be more secure and private, while commercial buildings mostly have outward ones.

Increase hall space

The hall or lounge area needs to be spacious so that family members can adjust within the space during gatherings. Its size can reduce when you swing bedroom doors to the outer side.

They will open up to the exterior wall and consume space, restricting you from placing a TV stand, cabinet, and console table.

Moreover, it is common to have inward swinging doors in the bedroom that are fixed to the interior hinges and open inside, increasing hall space.

It is better to keep it inward to create space for other furniture items along the walls and make the hall areas look bigger.

Maintain the flow of foot traffic

Outswing doors can hinder foot traffic flow by acting as a barrier when they are half-opened and divide the space into two parts.

Moreover, these can cover the space of the next room because residential buildings usually have rooms at a distance of 5 to 6 feet.

Accordingly, it can block the passage for a person trying to come out of another room, and he has to push it inward to come out.

So, it is ideal that they swing inside to avoid unnecessary interference in the movement to different areas of the house without any blockage of passage.

Prevent accidental hits

Outswing doors pose a risk of accidental hits and are not considered safe. However, you can add these doors on the entryways because they do not have adjacent rooms.

You have to be careful while moving close to the bedroom, as there is a risk of bumping into it if you are moving or running carelessly.

Moreover, you can get a forceful hit if a person on the other side closes it without knowing that you are coming outside.

Avoids obstruction to stairs

The landings at the top and bottom of the stairs are used for taking a short breath after climbing the stairs and keeping the stairs separate from the nearby rooms.

Most commonly, the bedroom doors are usually designed to open inward if they are close to the landings or stairs to avoid obstruction.

There is a risk of falling after getting hit by a person coming from inside when you have reached the landing space. Additionally, it can block space and restrict you from moving forward.

So, it is better to make them swing inward to ensure the safety of family members and children to avoid any mishaps and blockage of the landings.

Safety and Security

Public places have out-swinging doors as they are considered suitable from a safety perspective. Many people can get out of the mall or an outlet in case of an emergency.

Accordingly, there will be no such issues of massive people as people in a residential building can easily get out of the room with the inward opening door.

Moreover, it ensures the security of the residents when a robber or burglar enters your house. You can easily get out of his reach by locking yourself inside.

However, you cannot secure yourself with an outswing door because the robbers can easily unlock the room and get inside.

So, the bedroom doors have to swing inside ideally to ensure the safety and security of the person present inside, providing an opportunity to lock yourself inside.

Ensures privacy 

An inward-opening bedroom door ensures privacy when living with a large family. You can lock it to avoid undesired entries inside and restrict them outside.

Moreover, it disturbs privacy, as you cannot sleep comfortably. Children and adults can come in and out of the room without a barrier.

In addition, adult people do not want any unnecessary interference and disturbance when studying, so a locked room gives them the authority to control entries inside it.

So, an inward opening door is the best option for bedrooms because they are considered the private space of a person living there, and their control needs to be in the hand of the person living there.

What are the benefits of bedroom doors opening outwards?

The choice of door direction depends on your preference and requirement, as both inward and outward swinging have their benefits and flaws.

Most commonly, public places have out-swinging doors, which are considered suitable for high-traffic areas where many people pass through them.

It can help you in an emergency like a fire when many people have to rush through one entryway. You can easily push them outward when running at high speed to get out of place.

It takes time and seems inconvenient to pull the doors on your side when many people are running behind you.

Furthermore, it can also be installed in kids’ rooms, as they can get stuck when they accidentally get locked inside.

In the same way, parents usually want to get access to their child’s room to keep an eye on their activities, so it is considered suitable to have knobs that can be controlled from outside.

It can also increase the space in the room, as outward opening doors increase internal space, as you can see the cabinets or closets opening outward due to small interior space.

Can you change the direction of the inward-opening bedroom doors?

Some people change the swinging direction of doors from inward to outward when they want to increase space inside the bedroom.

Change the position of the hinges from the interior to the exterior side to make them move outward. Then, remove the hinges by taking the bottom caps and pins out using a screwdriver.

After that, remove the strike plates and drill holes for fixing screws to adjust them on the outer side. Finally, repair the recesses and bolt holes and align them properly if damaged.

Change the direction of its knob and striker and keep them aligned with the jamb. Fix it with the hinges and check if there is any hindrance in its swinging motion.

Furthermore, give the final finishing touches after checking whether the leading edges extend from the jambs.

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