How to Remove Alcohol Stains From Wood Furniture?

How to Remove Alcohol Stains From Wood Furniture?

Alcohol stains are common on wooden furniture, especially on coffee and dining tables. Sometimes you do not take proper care, and some of its drops fall on the surface. They affect the shine and overall look of your furniture.

How to Remove Alcohol Stains From Wood Furniture? You can remove alcohol stains from wood furniture by using cooking oil and hydrogen peroxide. In addition, you can also get the best result by using liquid soap and rubbing it with wire wool. Furthermore, a mixture of vinegar and water helps remove fresh alcohol stains.

Furniture enhances the grace of your room, so regular maintenance is necessary to avoid its ugly look. It is hard to remove tough stains but still, but you can do it with some additional effort. They will become hard to remove when you do not clean them as early as possible. 

Use Liquid soap

Liquid soap has significant cleaning quality due to the presence of several powerful components. As a result, you can use it before applying any other method to your furniture.

It is an easy way to clean fresh alcohol stains quickly. However, it can take extra time if the stains are many days older and hardened.

Take 2 to 3 drops of liquid soap and spread it well on this stain with the help of a soft fiber brush. Move it in a circular motion for about 5 to 6 minutes without applying hard pressure.

Take a clean piece of cloth and dub it in cold water to wipe out the residues.

Place it on this portion and gently apply pressure to clean the surface. Repeat this step with the help of a paper towel to complete the process.

It is better not to use warm water on the wooden surface because it can worsen the situation, and the stain will be hard to remove.

Spraying Cooking oil

It is the most common method you can perform to remove these stains. It is easy to perform and does not affect the wooden structure of your furniture. 

You can use canola oil and coconut oil to get the desired results. In addition, only a few drops of lemon oil can do wonders and do not cause a foul odor. Pour 4 to 5 drops of cooking oil on the affected portion.

Take a soft cloth and start to rub it in a circular motion. Apply gentle pressure while rubbing but do not press it hard. It will take about 6 to 7 minutes to remove it completely.

Stop rubbing it when there is no alcoholic stain left on its surface. Take a swab and move it slowly on the oily surface for 1 to 2 minutes.

Place it on this portion for about 1 minute and then remove it from the surface. You will get a clean and shiny surface after applying this method. 

Using a mixture of vinegar and water

It is the easiest way to make the furniture free from stains. Vinegar has powerful qualities to break the hard bond of the stain. It works efficiently by loosening it and removing the residues to clear the surface.

You can rely on this method because it is free from chemicals. Take half cup of vinegar in a spray bottle and add the same amount of water. Shake the bottle to mix the components well.

Clean the area with the help of a soft duster because it works well on a clean portion. Spray the mixture on the affected area and leave for 30 seconds.

It is essential to describe that you do not have to use excessive spray and soak it because it will weaken the wood.

Use blotting paper to absorb all moisture from its surface and leave it to dry naturally. Use a clean cloth to blot the surface if the blotting paper is not available.

Dip a soft towel into cold water, squeeze it well and use it to wipe the surface. It is a beneficial method because it performs its function in less time compared to other cleaning methods. 

Applying hydrogen peroxide

You can use this method if the other methods do not completely remove the alcohol stain from the furniture surface. It works equally well on every kind of stain.

Due to its strong formula, you should not leave it for a long time. It can discolor the surface, so you should take proper care while applying it. Take some cotton balls and soak them in this solution.

 Place them on this portion and apply pressure to help the wood absorb hydrogen peroxide. Leave them for 2 to 3 hours and remove them from the affected part.

Dip a cloth in fresh water and clean the surface with this damped cloth. You can apply some furniture polish if you notice some discoloration. You can repeat it to get the best results after drying the wood.  

Rubbing with wire wool 

Rubbing is the easiest method to remove any stain from a wooden furniture. It is an effective method to clean the fresh marks in less time because they have not settled.

It is an abrasive which is used in repairing and finishing of furniture. It is an inexpensive method, and you can get it from a good hardware store.

Apply wax over the affected portion and rub it with the help of a soft fiber brush for about 1 to 2 minutes.

This strategy softens it and prepares the surface for using wire wool. It is essential to select the steel wool grade according to the furniture on which you will apply it.

It will make the surface uneven when you use its high grade on soft wooden furniture. However, 00 grade is effective for hardwood, and you can use its 000 grade if the wood surface is soft.

Rub the surface in a repeatedly upward and downward motion to cut the stain. 

Keep rubbing for about 5 to 10 minutes to remove alcohol stains from your wooden furniture. You can increase this time until you get your desired results. Use a soft terry towel to clean all residues from its surface.

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