How to Make a Kitchen Not Look Like a Kitchen?

How to Make a Kitchen Not Look Like a Kitchen?

Many people do not want a casual look for their kitchen consisting of the usual sink, cabinets, stove, and utensils because they want something unique.

Your kitchen is representative of your personality, and it should have a complete and perfect look complementing the interior design.

How to Make a Kitchen Not Look Like a Kitchen? You can make a kitchen not look like a kitchen by adding eye-catching artwork, a minimal cooking corner consisting of a small counter with two-burner stoves, a covered sink, and a chandelier above the countertop. It is not suitable to make all the utensils and appliances visible to the counter because less looks more beautiful and neat. The funky colors, floor touching drapes, decoration pieces, and rug can create a look similar to the bedrooms. A mirrored backsplash is equally helpful as an upstand in filling the expansion gaps and giving an aesthetic value to the kitchen decoration.

A few days ago, I visited my friend’s place and noticed that its dishwashing area was similar to the bathroom’s vanity area.

This styling will create a more charming view, and you will feel that there is something unique.

You can easily modify the area according to your taste and choice and adjust it with the original settings.

Eye-catching artwork

You can have artwork on the empty wall adjacent to the refrigerator or behind the countertop.

Many people want to have art trees and historical towers, but they are most common for decorating the living room.

These paintings will give your kitchen a more antique and stylish look, but some people prefer to have their family photographs at this place.

I have family photographs mixed with wedding pictures on the floating shelves at my place, and these pictures remind me of that beautiful occasion of my life.

Minimal area for cooking

It is common to have a cooking stove in the center of the counter with an oven at a side right after the water dispenser.

This assembly usually creates a mess at this place, and it is better to have a small cooking area with a small counter having two cabinets and a sitting chair.

This minimal cooking area will make this place look like a dining room.

Decoration pieces between the kitchen appliances

You can make your kitchen look different by putting the decoration pieces between the home appliances.

It is easy to have a floating shelf full of decoration pieces like a vase, an antique handcraft, and a clock between an electronic dishwasher and oven.

It will look more like a bedroom and living room because these decoration pieces are sources of decoration in those areas of your home.

I have some decoration pieces like a standing clock and a child chair between the appliances, and it looks great.

Do not add anything to the kitchen counter

A kitchen counter is a place that has to bear a lot of food traffic, utensils, condiments jars, and items of a food factory.

It is better to have nothing on the worktop for a different yet beautiful and neat look.

A rustic countertop with rustic cabinets with tiled floor and white color ceiling looks attractive and antique.

Stylish Curtains

Usually, there are no curtains in the kitchen area, but you can easily make it different by hanging stylish curtains.

You have to select the drapes concerning the size and dimensions of the windows present in your area.

The floor touching drapes can give a royal appearance, but cafe curtains are suitable because mostly there are small windows at this place.

It will present an image of the living room if there are no utensils on the counter with a minimal portion for cooking.

Make kitchen colorful

Most kitchens have a white ceiling, dark color cabinets, and light color flooring, but you can change this scheme according to your taste.

You can go with dark color walls with light color cabinets, and even it is suitable to have funky colors at this place.

It is easy to put the different colors in your cooking area, like in the bedrooms.

Black color cabinets with grey tiles, white ceiling, and the grey tiled floor look beautiful and more like a bedroom.

Addition of a rug

A rug is an item of decoration used to decorate the living room, as you can put it in front of the couch or a table.

A minimal counter with dark color cabinets and a rug in front of the counter makes it look different and more like a bedroom.

You can place it at the entrance when there is no separation between the dining area and the kitchen.

Hang a Chandelier

The chandelier brings beauty and more light in an area while it is in the center of the dining room, above the table.

A chandelier present above stove counter and sink counter with two chairs look beautiful with no need of dining room in a small house. This will make your kitchen not look like a kitchen and bring more light into this place.

It will work for extra light to your area because some people want to have these light fixtures in a row above the countertop.

A sitting corner

You perform your cooking tasks in this place, and it is the general thought that a woman spends most of the time at this place.

Sometimes, there is a gathering of the relatives and friends bringing a lot of work to do, but a sigh of relief is the need during working.

A bench or couch in front of the empty wall in your kitchen is an easy way to relax while having gatherings.

The sitting corner will give a unique appearance and looks like a sitting corner in the reading room.

Use a cover for the kitchen sink

Most homes keep the open type of sinks without any cover with full of utensils creating an unhygienic situation.

Nowadays, sinks with covers are famous in the market, and their presence does not bring a traditional look.

By covering the sink, you can hide the non-washed cooking products while removing the cover at the time of washing.

Combining it with the floor-touching drapes, a couch, and rug before the counter will look like a living room.

Mirrored backsplash

The backsplash is the extension of the countertop that extends up to the whole wall adjacent to the worktop.

It is suitable for the wall present behind the stove, but you can put it for the whole of the countertop because it fills the expansion gaps.

Mirrored backsplash presence in the kitchen gives it a contemporary look as it starts to shine and blink when light falls on it.

It looks fascinating for the relatives and friends coming to a gathering, and they will surely appreciate you.

Add flowers

The lush green ornamental and flowering plants can create a more casual look to your kitchen, and it will be pleasant for your eyes too.

The addition of greenery will give an outdoor look like a lawn, and it is easy to keep them in front of the counter.

You can easily decorate the empty wall by hanging woven flower baskets and standing plant pots.

Hide the refrigerator

Too much stuff around the kitchen can create a mess.

You can make a place for keeping the refrigerator in the cabinetry but keep it in mind at the time of construction.

You can make the adjustments for the switchboard and wires in the cabinet but make sure that there should be proper space for all the products.

Other electronic items like kettle, oven, and dispenser can also have a separate place, in the cabinets leading to an open area to stand.

Use of chalkboard paint

Chalkboard paint in the kitchen is suitable for the wall adjacent to the china cabinet and appliances.

A grocery list made with this paint will help you remember items easily.

It is the perfect place to add some quotes on the wall, and you can change these quotes regularly, providing a message that can stimulate your children in a better way.

It will look like an artwork on the wall as I have seen it at my friend’s place, and his wife used to write some enthusiastic quotes for her children.

Hanging mirrors behind the sink

Mirrors are the products of decoration used to make the room look bigger and give a style statement to your home.

These are compulsory for the vanities, and many people have them in the bathroom for double vanities.

The antique mirrors above the sink look beautiful and help a woman see her face during work.

Floating shelves

Floating shelves are the hanging tables used to decorate the walls by keeping the decoration pieces in the living room.

Their presence in the kitchen helps create a space for keeping extra utensils and decoration pieces like glassware.

You can place a tissue box, a clock, a few newspapers, vases, and handmade crafts on these floating shelves.

Minimum cabinetry

Usually, a kitchen is full of cabinets, present on the walls or attached to the worktop.

You can go for the presence of a few cabinets or removal of the cabinets from the above side with only two for the worktop.

The slimmer cabinets as the bedroom cupboards look stylish, and a rustic appearance gives an antique and classy appearance.

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