How to Make a Kitchen Look Bigger and Brighter?

How to Make a Kitchen Look Bigger and Brighter?

It is easy to make a small kitchen look roomier, bigger, and brighter by having awareness about some styling tips and following them in a complementary manner.

The kitchen is representative of your personality, so it should have all the necessary items but in a balanced and managed way.

How to Make a Kitchen Look Bigger and Brighter? You can make your kitchen look bigger and brighter by using small cabinets and slimmer objects. A chandelier, window, and cabinet light fixtures secure their position as a perfect alternative to natural light at your place to make it more glowing. The upstand, backsplash, mirrors, glass tiles, glazed ceiling, integrated catches for cabinets, and glass doors make the kitchen brighter. In addition, decorate the kitchen walls and ceilings with different vertical and horizontal patterns to make it appear big.

The interior designers suggest going with the organization because disorganization creates less space for the cutlery, utensils, and other appliances.

There are many options for creating more space, but a few of them are easy, and many people enjoy their practical applications.

Light color paints

The light color paints are in trend as these pigments lead to a class, decency, and stylish look for your home.

Some people want a white theme in their kitchen, and it works well in the visual enhancement of a place.

The light yellow and other pastel colors like baby blue and mauve are suitable for making your cooking area look bigger and brighter.

But do not choose those light colors which are not complementary to the nature of the place because they can bring a dullness.

The dark colors and dull shades are not suitable for this area of your home because the kitchen should have a more neutral view for the observer.

One-color scheme for the flooring, ceiling, and walls is perfect, but two light colors also perform well and enlighten the place.

Vertical pattern

The vertical lines on the wall are perfect for achieving this target, and you can have a light-colored background wall with dark-colored lines above it.

The horizontal lines are equally important in this regard, but mostly I have seen the vertical patterns because these make your walls seem large.

These vertical stripes are also suitable for low ceiling kitchens as these can make the ceiling feel higher and higher.

The vertically striped wallpaper helps make the dining area and the whole kitchen look bigger.

These geometric patterns are helpful, but their excess can provide a busy place full of stuff.

There are geometric runners in the market that are perfect for the floor if a person does not want to spend on tiles.

Avoid overcrowding

It is not a thumb rule that you should have all condiments jars and utensils in your approach on the worktop.

It is better to have a minimal counter having nothing on it because fewer things create more space in the kitchen which looks more spacious.

One can achieve this goal of size expansion by placing the cutlery into cabinets and only a few appliances.

Some people are fond of keeping old and useless articles in the cabinets, but it is better to give them to charity and fill the space with useful stuff on the countertop.

The use of integrated handles and catches is better than the cabinet handles, and this replacement also makes the place roomier and sleeker.

An opened place looks brighter as it shines with its beautiful and stylish interior, and in fact, now there is less need to go with extra light fixtures.

Use small objects

In the growing world, the population exceeds at a higher rate, and there is less space to accommodate them.

Due to this reason, the remote cities have compartment-type homes with small rooms and a little area for cooking.

It is better to have small appliances, a single drawer china cabinet, and a few cabinets for a small kitchen.

A standard-size stove concerning the family size is better because it is not time-consuming to cook food on a single burner stove.

There is often a covered sink near the stove on the same worktop that reduces the extra coverage.

You aim to have all the necessary facilities and in this regard size of the refrigerator and cooking range does not matter.

Reflective surfaces

Some people use mirrors in every room of their homes because mirrors allow visually opening up the place.

It is not surprising that even modern society is still bound to use mirrors in the bathroom and vanity areas.

The roof to floor touching mirror for the sink wall creates a striking stylish view, and the place looks spacious and big than before.

The glass door for the entrance and cabinets are in trend but usually demand more care and maintenance.

You can use glass paints, stainless steel utensils, glass tiles, and glossy cupboards as reflective surfaces for opening up the space.

Add Floating shelves

The open-type shelves give a style statement to your place if you are supposed to manage them in a balanced and organized manner.

You can have running shelves on the wall right above the cabinets below, and this adjustment will help create more place for the china stuff.

It is better to replace the china cabinet with these floating tables because this is bulky and occupies a large area to accommodate.

The copper shelves secure their position as better quality products for shelving, but you have to clean them properly.

Hide the appliances

The cabinets are not just for the dishes, condiments jars, and cooking utensils like cooker and frying pans.

These are equally suitable for the kitchen appliances like refrigerators, water dispensers, ovens, food factories, and kettles.

These cupboards provide a safe refuge to these home appliances and make your small kitchen look bigger and brighter.

I have these hiding cabinets at my place, and I must say, this adjustment works well in my kitchen but demands proper care because these are electrical appliances.

Cabinet light fixtures

By visually opening up the space, you can easily make it brighter and glowing, but the involvement of some extra light fixtures also proves beneficial.

In modern homes, there are light fixtures fitted with the cabinets used for creating a glowing environment you can easily switch them on.

You have to install all these settings at the time of woodwork at your place because later renovation can bring harm to the cabinets.

Removal of the cabinets

It is not obligatory to have the cabinets on the wall while having the same at the bottom of the counter shelve.

You can easily replace them with the floating shelves if you feel insufficient with the bottom cabinets.

A minimal look for the kitchen with the empty workspace and minimum cabinets is perfect for small kitchens.

The white color painted wall gives a more spacious and brighter look than the overcrowded cabinet wall.

Add an upstand

The upstand is helpful to fill the gaps between the worktop and the adjacent wall, but it also makes the worktop feel bigger and then ultimately your kitchen.

I have a friend who added the upstand on the kitchen whole sink shelf and the cooking counter in the middle.

It is better to have the same color and pattern upstand like the shelves tiles because it creates synchronicity for your place.

Play with ceiling and floor

The plain tiles give an illusion of a large area, and similarly, the large floor tiles bring an impression of a big kitchen.

It is better to have simple patterns and light colors for flooring and avoid having a light-colored base with dark color flowering prints on the tiles.

This pattern can create dullness and darkness in the kitchen, a frequently visited place in a home.

The dark color ceiling makes the room smaller and less glowing therefore try to have a glazed or white color ceiling.

Mixing and matching

It is better to contrast in the kitchen like dark brown cabinets with light brown counter and dark-colored cupboards with white walls.

The dark ceiling with the white walls and the white ceiling with the dark walls provide you with a better combination.

You can have a red color refrigerator for a light-colored kitchen because it helps to brighten your place due to its bright color.

Add Windows

By having a window in your kitchen at the time of construction, you can permanently get rid of the darkness because it is a source of having natural light from the outside.

The window at a proper place helps to provide brightness and shine, and you can opt for a slimmer window to have an extensive area.

You can open and close it when needed, and I have a window in my kitchen that works well for reducing the expenses of electricity.


A chandelier is an embellished light fixture, and it is helpful to beautify a place with a more enlightened and brighter look.

Its fixation above the counter present in the middle provides the person with better observing efficiency during cooking.

If your dining area is in the kitchen, you can easily use the chandelier by mounting it above the dining table.


The backsplash is the extension for the countertop and is used to fill the extension gaps but equally beneficial for giving an illusion of an extensive place.

The mirrored backsplash behind the sink looks beautiful and gives a striking look to your kitchen.

I have a light color backsplash at my place, and I must say it works well for aesthetic beauty and a brighter environment.

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